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Published on July 2, 2016

I’m no chef but I like anything to do with cooking with wood! I am using a Stovetec rocket stove and and a Coleman Campstove oven to bake Lasagna! 350 for 30min.


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  1. Great video, great visual, great sound (you have a very clear voice) and the lasagna made my mouth water . . . I bought a Coleman Camp stove and benefitted greatly from watching your video. Thank you for taking the time to create the video! Oh . . . by the way . . . the young man is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Nice work! looked delicious!
    Baking in a Zebra Loop Handle Pot turned sideways works great too! I've baked a loaf of bread,  crumb cake and cookies which all turned out great! I want to try a whole chicken next. Best of all, it's multi purpose as it's a wonderful cook pot as well as a camping oven. I have video's showing how it works.

  3. Thank you for sharing the video of yummy lasagna. Your son is charming ! 

  4. Gene B

    I am surprised I had never seen this video. I am also more surprised that I had never heard of the Coleman oven. Now I have to go get one to go with my Silverfire Hunter. I will be able to not only cook, but also bake in doors with wood.

  5. did you buy that stove or you did it? iam going to make mine

  6. use rocket stove to heat a metal oven…nice idea.

  7. ScubaOz

    Wow, sorry I missed this vid, damn nice indeed! I like the setup, and the muffler strap airation is awesome, have to try that trick on my rocket stove

  8. I have a Stove Tec Rocket stove now I need a coleman oven LOL. Just finished building a small cabin and my wood stove is going to be installed tomorrow. Have you ever used this oven on a wood stove? My little cast-iron stove has two lift out burners on the cooking surface I wonder if that would produce enough heat for the oven.

  9. I was wondering, it looked like the bottom of the inside of the dish was a little burnt, was it? Would you be able to put a small pan of hot water inside to keep it from getting burnt? I don't know, I'm just reaching

  10. ww w.!

  11. Did the lasagna have a smokey flavor, like you thought it might?

  12. I'm very happy I found this video. I purchase the Coleman oven a couple weeks ago for my Rocket stove and was hoping ti would work as expected. Nice demonstration. Thanks for doing this video.

  13. I think this oven is an awesome device, the versatility is endless. I like this model oven by the four dog stove company. I purchased a 3 dog stove model to heat my condo in the winter.

    Four Dog dot Com
    in the bushgear tab the oven is shown

  14. Have been checking those rocket stoves out. But you do know that you could do the same thing in a dutch oven right? Cheaper and with less hassle? Just my never humble opinion anyways. My lasagna always turns out awesome in my Dutch oven.

  15. what would you do to protect from a EMP is there a way to protect from on as in a whole room ??? thank you

  16. Thanks there Engineer775. I really like your videos, and this one is no exception. I have been considering the Coleman Oven for an extra cooking device, because at the present, we have no way to do any baking in case of loss of power.
    I'm also impressed with your idea for the pipe strapping for the riser. Very smart indeed.

  17. Fabulous video! Which model Stove Tech Rocket stove do you recommend? Can you tell us approximately how much wood you used?

  18. pbayers

    Its hard to tell but that metal strapping that you put between the stove and oven looks like its galvanized. Do you know at what temp galvanized steel lets off toxic vapors?

  19. I can tell your young son is your best mate. My son is my best mate too but he is 21 now.

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