Rocky S2V Survival Grenade – FULL REVIEW – A Cool Looking Survival Kit from Rocky Brands

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Home Survival kits Rocky S2V Survival Grenade – FULL REVIEW – A Cool Looking Survival Kit from Rocky Brands
Published on July 2, 2016

NEW – Rocky S2V Survival Grenade – FULL REVIEW – from – The Survival Grenade really caught my eye as I visited the Rocky S2V Booth at SHOT Show – So I new we had to tear into one and check it out.

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  1. the price is right.

  2. I thought u met like a real grenade

  3. excelente información muchísimas gracias mi única duda es cuanto ocupas de cuerda paracord gracias

  4. can use the Caribbean are on the feral Rod to start the fire

  5. Basically fiend,t swede except they come with fishing line and the jute twine/organic tag can be used with it

  6. I wonder. Do they sell weight bearing carabiners that are sharp enough to use with the ferrorod? This seems somewhat nifty for a throw away clip on a backpack sorta thing for always being there.

    Though I think i'd rather learn to weave my own grenade and change thte contents a bit

  7. Why don't they put notches on the carabiner in stead of the knife blades to strike the fire rod

  8. Mike L

    This is the first I have heard of one of these but my guess is they went with the cheapest bidder to maximize their profits. With so many paracord tutorials on here it would be absurd for a company to think that someone can't make this themselves. If your going to spend the money on something like this it better be worth it. This seems to be nothing more than chinese junk.

  9. Love this review.  I am looking at making a paracord kit, and you've given me some good to avoid items and must haves.

  10. 5-strands says this isn't mil spec 550 paracord. Are they nylon or cotton? How about something that burns? Looks useless to me. I can braid all of that stuff into a bracelet.

  11. You are the only person in the world to open this thing I don't think the company even knows anything about survival or they would have provided way more information than they did 

  12. My grenade didn't even come with the survival guide…haven't bothered opening it, seems a complete waste of time.

  13. The guide and cardboard holder would be a good fire starter. :)

  14. There is a new one with a small washer with a handle and one if the sides is a blade i did a review i give it 4 out of 5 

  15. The link swivels are useless and even the split shot are of dubious value for survival fishing..
    Realistically, you are going to be using simple set lines so the space and weight taken up by the link swivels and shot would have been better employed to pack more hooks.

    Then again, food is the least of your worries if you're in a survival situation. You can survive for weeks without eating but exposure due to being caught out in bad weather will kill you in as little as 40 minutes and dehydration will see you off in a couple of days.

  16. A kit like this is really only suited as being some sort of supplement to something else. It seriously is not a stand alone kit. 

  17. great idea poor execution. going to just make my own with some better gear.  

  18. I love the idea of wrapping the gear in a paracord 'grenade' but I only wish that it had more useful stuff! :/

  19. I used the guide as tinder to augment what I had. Love your objective reviews of gear. 

  20. Hola desearia adquirir sus productos como deveria hacer, gracias

  21. How about using the carabiner to strike the ferrorod ?

  22. If the survival guide is useless, use it ass tinder for the fire.

  23. I would buy all separate supplies from Wally world before I buy that. You can get para cord for $5, a cheap knife for $5, a pouch for $5, a mag bar or fire rod for $6-$10. Be a good emergency kit if you didn't have your good stuff or lost it, though many things from Walmart, I would use. For knives, a few, but I want better quality, like Schrade or Tops. I also carry a 180 page survival guide in my bag to reference if need be…

  24. Why not use the pack hook
    To strike the rod?

  25. this guy has a mean tv-shop voice….its like he wants me to buy that product on another level.

  26. He guys,I want to add a mini fishing kit to my altoids survival kit,but I have no experience with fishing, what should i add and where can I buy this for cheap?
    Thanks for answers:D

  27. Too bad that kit is so poorly thought out. BTW Where did you get that J.C.SUPERSTAR Hoodie?!? I did that play in High School back in '82! Thanks again for a very informative video review.

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