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Published on June 30, 2016

Congrats to contest winner Rob Barganquest!!!

A quick review of the Special edition SAS camoflauge bow, I did a more in depth review of this item 8 months back you can watch that here.

Get your own bow here
SAS Tactical Survival Bow with Multicam Carry Bag Excluding Take Down Arrows

If you already own a SAS bow you may be able to have your bow hydrodipped at a local painter

Hydrodip paint process

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  1. Morgan

    Who is the winner of this giveaway ?

  2. with a spare string and some practice I could see myself wanting one close at hand

  3. When will you be announcing the winner Canadian Prepper?

  4. This bow to would fit in any go bag or backpack…awesome!

  5. Very discreet, ideal for fitting in your Bergen

  6. Beginning prepper from Québec here, awesome bow, would love to win it. Also here's a survival tip : Us Canadian from Ontario/Quebec have plenty to forage during spring and summer, and an all round stew (made with meat, dandelion leaves and root, wood sorrel, and common plaintain) all abundant food sources, are easily put together into a palatable meal/soup. Would love to see you make a foraging video eventually.

  7. That seems to be a realy good bow but why not a more ergonomique riser ?

  8. great vid I would LOVE to own this bow! 3 things I always have in every bag: a bic lighter, chapstick (fire starting, water proofing, tent hole sealing, chapped lips) and a pencil sharpener (kindling!) best of luck everyone!

  9. This would be a great addition to my bob as it is just about complete

  10. uhm… dehydrator, prepare lightwaight meals for the backpack, save weight , and money.

  11. Nice video my survival tip is:
    Birchwood bark has an oily substance in it that is highly flammable so it is easy to rip it off the tree and start a fire with a few sparks.

  12. Love this guy. I studied a lot learned as much as I can about bows and then I went to buy a compound bow off Kijiji and got ripped off. I have an 3 day bug out bag and outfit that could probably take me a month if needed all because of this guys reviews on products. He's saved me money and probably has or will save my life. Thanks again for all your time effort I hope I win this bow Maidstone Sask Canada

  13. another good vid, thanks and as far as the weapon looks great would love one of tip is potassium permanganate you can buy it cheap it works as a water purifier and if mixed with brake fluid i will combust . makes a great fire starter

  14. I love the portability. Compact and light. Nice piece of gear.

  15. Everyday emergency preparedness tip: make sure you check your spare tire in your vehicle weekly to make sure it still holds air and is serviceable. It also isn't a bad idea to put the spare on your vehicle every now and again to make sure you know how to do it and to teach other operators how to change a tire.

  16. This is a great give away! My brother is a bow hunter and has been after me to get a bow.

  17. Liked, Facebook link, tip is…. Keep it simple, when the shtf having everything simple will strengthen your chances for survival. Love the bow reviews and thanks for giving us Canadians a great survival resource.

  18. Sainsy

    Just remember, as good as all these YouTube videos about survival/ prepping are, they are useless unless you go out and practice the techniques shown :).

  19. I bought the 55 lb black bow after you reviewed it. It fits into my pack with my Katanaboy saw. I am very happy with both.

  20. My survival tip would be try new things don't always use the same equipment because it may not be what's on hand in an emergency. Also get your wife involved less excuses when you buy edc gear lol.

  21. Thanks for the info on that bow, love it

  22. Nice bow , here is a tip from me , how to make a survival bow using an umbrella , I hope that counts 🙂


  23. About 3 months ago I have start building a bug out bag , I'm learning and taking suggestion on YouTube and try to put together a BOB that can cover a lot of thing in my region and the lightest weight possible, I live almost in the wood I have build a takedown pvc bow, when I saw that bow that will be the optimum bow for my BOB. And CP keep doing you psychological video very informative .

  24. Awesome piece of kit but It's just as important to learn skills like foraging/plant id for food/medicinal purposes. Small animals etc. will probably become harder to find after shtf…

  25. how do u enter?..give it to me fellow Canadian! always wanted one just can't afford

  26. Tip: there are $1 solar outdoor lights at the Dollar Store and $18 solar outdoor lights at Lowe's – the solar panel with these lights can be used to charge your AA and AAA rechargeable batteries, MUCH cheaper than buying a solar battery charger, plus they're small and lightweight, perfect for bugout bags. Liked and shared on Twitter and Facebook.

  27. I think one of the key survival skills that we will all need especially in a group setting is the ability to read and understand peoples personalities and how to deal with that personality type.

  28. Organization is important in a high stress scenario. Something as simple as a wrist watch with stopwatch/alarm features can allow one to keep order in a shtf situation. i myself never take of my G-shock

  29. De Nob

    Archery is a great alternative to firearms for preppers. Obviously you don't get the same range, but there are other advantages.

  30. This bow looks great. Tip: Always carry a fire starting tool (BIC, etc.) even if you don't smoke as well as a good knife. These two things have saved my ass more than a few times.

  31. Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.

  32. T

    Nice bow and could save your life in a survival situation.

  33. The internet is a great place for information, you can definitely learn a lot. As well as having all of the gear and gadgets. But your best piece of kit is yourself, so when planning and getting into the environment you believe you will have to face, as good as it is to practice with what you have, try adding new stress factors. Leave some of your favorite gear at home and see how you do without it, because what if you don't have it when you really need it. Make yourself uncomfortable and see how you react, just as when trying to build up your muscles you have to push and fight on, and over time it gets easier and you can lift more and more. Same goes for you when it comes to all this. Obviously I am not telling you to put yourself in danger, and you don't have to go from zero to one hundred right away. Just start out slow and work your way up, you may even lighten the load you would potentially carry when you realize what you can live without.

  34. My quick tip for beginners is to not focus too much on survival gear. I have made the same mistake in the past when I was first starting out and was lured into purchasing some rather regrettable equipment and gear. Instead what I recommend is that you take care of the basic survival necessities with what you own covering the 10 survival C's to start, and then working it up from there as you gain more knowledge. I highly recommend that you focus more on gaining knowledge about the aspects of survival and experience in the woods than anything else. Challenge yourself (as safely as possible of course). Focus on gaining as much information about survival in general as possible trying to cover all the basics as evenly as possible. Then I suggest you take what little gear you have and the knowledge you have accumulated to a real life situation to see where you need to improve on, whether it be a certain piece of kit or a book or simple web search. Eventually you will gain experience and confidence. Both of which are very important to survival. If I had to suggest one more thing it would be to keep calm, stay smart, improvise, keep it simple, and never give up. Survival is a brutal experience and preparedness is the key to surviving that journey. Become a minimalist survivalist

  35. Hey CP, love the video as always. My survival tip would be to learn to un derstand and deal with people.

  36. Hmmm unfortunately I have no way to share this video 🙁 … this account is solely made to watch youtube and comment on it.. So good luck to everybody else. .. as for a tip, well i would recommend building an 'evac-bag' instead of a bugout bag, esp. if you have no real bugout location to go to. This mainly because i see a lot of 'survival end of the world' type bug-out bags (where a bug out bag should, i my opinion, be just a bag to get you to your bugout location, aka. much like a get home bag), and not to many 'I'm just going out of state for a couple of days' evacuation type bags. Esp. for the starting prepper and the more 'real life preppers' focusing more on a evac type bag, instead of a 'bugout bag' INCH style (I'm Never Coming Home) would be a great tip.

  37. Mental preparedness is the most underrated skill set. You can have all the tools and gadgets but if your mind isn't right you will not thrive in a survival situation

  38. unpasteurized honey is a natural antibiotic. by this I mean ; not the crap you buy in a super market. get your honey from a beekeeper who doesn't over heat their honey.

  39. Sweet bow. My survival tip would be not to underestimate the patience it takes to hunt with a bow.

  40. Osilva

    awesome giveaway my tip will be staying fit exercise stay healthy cuz you never know

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