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Published on July 2, 2016

A excellent brand new take down bow from SAS that packs a wallop at 65# and 220 FPS! Built to be bombproof (see link below for more detailed specs), and store take down arrows inside the bow, comes will case that’s converted into a quiver and stores string and other accessories.

Check it out here
SAS Tactical Survival Bow with Multicam Carry Bag Excluding Take Down Arrows

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  1. I keep coming back to this video over and over….still comparing this to the Primal Gear. I love the convenience of how small it is to fit in any bag. I thought storing arrows inside was really cool but actually you'd still need an extra case anyways to carry more than 3. End of the day regardless of which one I get I'm sure I'll use it and love it. btw, i'm a videographer/filmmaker and really appreciate all your extra creative angles :)

  2. W Reid

    I do like that bow, recently got the Nomad survival bow, and wow..Just wow. Its quite durable, very light, and accurate all in a 2 pound package along with a 45 pound draw. I'm teaching myself how to shoot and will be taking some classes soon.

  3. survive what? your world would end if there was no internet

  4. First of all, you did not even show exactly how you fold it up and down, i assume you just fold them up and then string it? second, you said that you rather wanted the carbon arow but you understood why they picked the aluminium so it would last longer, but thats not true for the fletchlings. and i dont think you would have eny good enough glue i a survival situation to fix them up to 100%. so if you are in contact with the makers i think you should tell them to improve the fletchlings and go with a more feathery version rather than the full plastic. well still a good bow it seems and a good video from your part.

  5. 70Mack

    I'am convinced, going to order a pair of these one for myself and one for me shraftin buddy. Do they still do the 65lbs version???

  6. Nice bow, dude. Nice video! I wonder when the heck these equipment will arrive to my country! WE REALLY WILL NEED THIS THINGS VERY SOON! (Venezuela´s Preppers, beyond the law)

  7. I have the primal gear bow and I'm gonna sell it and get one of these very happy with my pg but size and pack ability have me wanting to switch

  8. How do you install the reel for bowfishing in this bow? It's not 100% survival bow if you can't use them to hunt a creature on the ground and on the water.

  9. Good review, but a couple of points…  Arrows kill through blood loss not shock, so the speed of the arrow and the poundage of the bow are not significant factors for hunting most animals. For most people a bow in the 40-50 lb range is more appropriate as they run less risk of being over bowed which can cause considerable problems with accuracy.Carbon arrows are NOT more accurate than aluminum arrows and while they generally do fly faster than the aluminum ones but the speed difference is largely a non-factor in hunting situations. As for the usefulness in hunting, aluminum arrows were the hunting standard as recently as 15 years ago. Carbon arrows were slow to catch on in hunting circles because of the risk of carbon fibre splinters in the meat from when the arrow is fractured in the animal.

  10. Excellent review. I will buy one or Two.

  11. xxentre

    Great Vid. Thanks for the comparison with Primal gear. You have answered all questions as to the differences between the 2. I think the SAS is the one to get.

  12. I must have one! This is definately going on my to-get list. Nice review, just found your channel.

  13. Ahoy amigo, thanks for the video! I've been researching some of the new survival tech coming out and this vid has been helpful so kudos to you 🙂 Just a heads up though; I noticed you refer to this as a recurve several times throughout the video but in actuality it's technically a longbow 😛 Looking forward to more vids!

  14. That warning sticker on the side is reeeeaally shiny. It was like a signal while you were walking. I'd have that off quick. Great video. Thanks.

  15. Just got my bow, I am a beginner; however the bow is very sturdy, shoots well. My only complaint is that the "new" line that is being sent out have a plastic-like bolt that screws the bushing/nut (which is metal and supports all the strain). I was just disappointed from all the videos I saw and specs I read, no-one mentioned this. I understand it is so it won't seize nor someone trying to overtighten it as well. That and me being a beginner and having questions where and how to set the notch (I'm going to bring it into the local archery place and get there two cents). I did shoot twenty arrows the day I received it and enjoyed it very much.

  16. Hi, the strings do fit correctly and it is totally normal to have to twist a string to get the brace height correct. Strings are normally sold in 2" increments according to the IBO standards so a shorter string will probably not fit the bow. If you google traditional bow string twist per inch you will see what I mean. SAS did it correctly.

  17. does the provided string not fit the bow right??

  18. does the provided string not fit the bow right??

  19. Built in shelf would be better so I'm going to choose a primal gear bow instead

  20. Where did you get the arrows from?What type of arrows are they?

  21. I like you have spent tons of money on crap and impulse buy's now I see this bow and I think it's time for another impulse buy lol

  22. Bro the rest is on the wrong way. Come on. Its 90 degrees off.

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