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Home Water Sawyer Water Filters! Awesome product!
Published on August 23, 2016

I finally get to review a couple of filters that I have wanted for a while! The amount of water that can be filtered is incredible.

To purchase Sawyer Filters, visit our website and click the Amazon Store banner on the right, and go to the Water category-

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  1. Love these.  Talked to my outdoor recreation friends about this type of filter, and they almost all recommended Sawyer products.  They are cheap, have a decent lifespan and are light and they are completely easy to use.

    Some of my friends tips were:
    –  prefilter your water (with a bandana or similar type of fabric)
    –  don't be too aggressive with the included bag (I might upgrade to a larger capacity one)
    –  don't let it freeze – it destroys the membranes inside

    I just got mine from Amazon.  Amazing little bit of technology and it's a pretty cheap bit of kit.

  2. Great review, thanks. 

  3. if you screwed that filter onto a 2liter of soda/pop, could you drink only the water contained within it? :O

  4. Gene B

    We are thinking about buying a few of these filters so that we can filter water on our multi-day white water trips. Do you have a way that we can order them and give you a little credit with our purchases?

  5. One million gallons isn't merely a water filter, it's a water filtration plant!

  6. cool vid man. reminds me a lot of the aquamira frontier pro. the million gallon capacity of the sawyer is way more though. I know my aquamira will screw on hose bibs, and also on the spigot end of a hot water heater in case you need to drain and use as drinking water in an emergency…

    p.s. I was in Nicaragua last year! lots of trips to C.A. over the years–El Salvador, Belize, and a ton of times to mexico. great surf, cheap food and cool people! -Dan

  7. Just prdered pne frpm ebay. Thanks for sharing your insights

  8. i was so shocked by the pricing (50 bucks) i bought one and installed it on my kitchen counter top earlier(use what i prep) earlier, it's soon but i am more than pleased knowing i am able to drink virus free water btw i did drill it by hand it is rather easy  to set up

  9. WOW you've got my filter, love sawyer products.found them last year on line while trying to build a pottable water system to use while prospecting for Gold, already had a pump in the creek so I just pumped water to a 20 gal drum strapped to a tree then gravity fed into another 20 gal drum, from here I ran 12 volt pump to camp sink shower ect. also added a pure filter on sink to remove heavy metals witch  the sawyer does'nt, water's so heavy hard to carry enough to last for a while. nice  video, any tips on storing and using rain water want to build a rain ketch syst for my off grid camp?

  10. wjf213

    Great video. I've been looking at these for a while, and I want a few, but I'm wondering about shelf life if it has one, and also about storing it in my vehicle for long periods of time where it gets hot. I don't have to worry about cold or freezing, just heat. Does long term storage in a hot area degrade these?

  11. Don't forget  only the higher prices sawyer purification system  does viruses.
    These only treat bacteria.

  12. Thank you very much for this review. I ordered a couple of the smaller kits. One for the 72 hr kit and one just for my back pack. As always well done. Cheers!

  13. Are you telling us this filter requires no boiling the water or adding bleach to the water at all? I was told even with Berky you had to boil or use bleach. This would be awesome and something I can actually afford to buy! Way cheaper than anything else I've seen.


    WHAT?! Thats insane!! How did they come with the math to determine the filters max capacity?

    That just sounds unreal.

  15. I'm glad I waited to buy a filter because I think I like this best so far. Lots of options and that's what I'm all about! Thanks. 

  16. Thank you! finally for showing something most can afford…. 

  17. Will it filter urine, to make drinkable water, or filter the salt out of saltwater?  In recent disasters Katrina in NO, The tsunamis in Thailand and Japan, the earthquake in Haiti, and the recent super typhoon in the Philippines, people were dying of thirst and were surrounded by water they could not drink.  A filter that could do this would be an amazing invention for people in disaster areas, and a good piece of mind for preppers as well.

  18. I have a Sawyer in everyone of my families BOB. If we get separated each of us has a barter item, water. Engineer 775 what are your thoughts on Sawyer's whole house filter?

  19. PointOne (0.1) does not filter viruses. (all the ones shown)

    PointTwo (0.02) filters most viruses. (not shown) Cost most, but does more.

  20. Eng 775 Would you do a video on ice making?

  21. Sounds good.  Like an improvement over the ceramic Sweetwater system I normally take for backpacking trips (needs to be pumped as more pressure is needed).  One should realize however that these filters will not remove hazardous chemicals like a slow charcoal based filtration system.  I imagine creative folks can simply put a charcoal pack in-line with the output to remove odors and some chemical hazards.  Charcoal of course can be made by any prepper worth his/her salt.

  22. Please remind folks that with the Sawyer or any other physical filter, pre-filtering with a bandana (4 layers) or denim (1-2 layers) _greatly_ extends the life of the filter before having to backflush.

    Studies I saw from the good foks at Benning reported a 10X increase in lifespan before backflushing.
    Logan, 68W (ret)

  23. Sawyer filters are great but they have a flaw…the bags for the sawyer squeeze just isn't up to par…I use these for hiking on the Appalachian Trail so with extended use the bags just don't hold up( a few weeks tops) and water bottles will form creases a break after a week or so of daily use..however, if you can find one of the older model platypus bags that have the right size connection it will last virtually forever…I wish Sawyer would up the cost a little bit and get a high quality bag because nothing beats it as far as the life of the filter and being so light weight

  24. I was waiting for you to finally notice this product … Already purchase the larger one … but never knew about the mini … just ordered the twin version… Thank You..!!

  25. I was glad to see you did a Sawyer review.  I have been wanting to do one with mine.  I only have the larger one.  Very cool video!  Quick question, after all that drinking, you gotta whiz?  LOL

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