Secure your own water supply through solar water pumping

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Home Water Secure your own water supply through solar water pumping
Published on June 30, 2016

Designed and installed a 2 phase water pumping solution that pumps 1500 gallons a day with solar direct, no batteries, to fill a cistern and then gravity feed 3 stock tanks. Then one 12v battery is used to supply 4.5 gallons /minute at 55 psi to the home using the cistern as it’s source. The battery is maintained by a 135 watt solar module and charge controller.


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  1. Hay what kind of power controller do you use for this system. What is the manufacturer of the controller? Please answer me. I need to make one for my mom she lives off grid.


    Hey e775
    What model water pump are you using for this well and what model well pump and what is the depth; what monitoring system is that you show at the end (the board)

  3. I have a deep water well at my home in the Blue Ridge mountains. The property is presently on grid. I would like to set up a system to continue to operate the well with solar power, should the grid ever go down.  Without surveyor's equipment, I could not tell you precisely how high up from the well the house is, but I would guess it's about 30 feet +/- greater elevation and about 100 yards from the well up the road. What would I need to operate the electric pump I have there now? I am pretty sure the system is running at 110/120 volts (ordinary household currents)

  4. This is very similar to what I would like to install on our property here in Idaho. Scott to you do phone/virtual consultation to help someone plan their system?

  5. Just wondering about what size storage tank would be needed to keep one person supplied with enough fresh water plus a decent reservoir supply(appx 20% extra?) Underground or above? Plus is there a way to purify it in order to use some for H2 and O production. I was wondering about use for running generators, furnaces, boiling water etc. Something that would be self sufficient for one person living alone on appx 5 acres in western Washington state.

  6. Call me stupid but can you use this system year round? Does the tank not freeze?

  7. 28bull

    Where can I get that float switch?

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  11. Do you put the solar pump or grid pump on top or does it matter? And the hand pump I suppose.

  12. Very nice set up but what's the reason for the pressure tanks?

  13. Mig2133

    Very cool …. Thanks for the awesome ideas

  14. Great video and information. What about cold weather Won't your tank freeze? I didn't hear about a heater. Thanks

  15. serge j

    water is life. your work is very nice thanks for vids

  16. what is the price point on the package (minus the on grid part of course)?

  17. Very cool. You do good work, thanks for sharing it.

  18. Very cool, but complex looking system. I assume freezing is not an issue at that location.

  19. TC II

    Nice set up.Is it possible to Emp proof a solar setup like this?……. I don't think so.

    A gravity feed from a tank with a float switch sounds like a good idea to me though.Love your channel engineer775.

  20. jan585

    what would happen with those panels, batteries and pumps when an EMP strikes? And what would happen with a generator? Was also wondering about that.
    Another great video !!

  21. RA59

    What would you do differently with this system if you live some place that had a harsh winter?

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