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Published on August 23, 2016

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NEW!! Seek Thermal in the Wilderness

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  1. do you know if seek xr work on galaxy note 5?

  2. I find it odd that it didn't show the corners of rooms warmer than the surrounding walls, they're usually 90 degrees ; )

  3. Is there any filters that could see through glass?

  4. Any idea if this would be sensitive enough to detect termite infestation in a 12 inch thick brick wall?

  5. at first: Sorry for my bad english 😀

    do you think that the second gen of the flir one has better thermal image quality as the seek?
    I dont like the MSX Mode on the flir. So I woud tape the visible Cam with a silky/milky Tape…. just want the pure thermal image, without any extra MSX shitty things.
    I tested the XR; but I didnt like the focal length so I decided to sell it.

    I'm not shure if the second gen. of the flir one has the same crappy Image quality as the first on.

  6. Beautiful device for the price.
    Say, at the :27 second mark on the passenger floorboard; did I see a member of the Star Wars Cantina Band, trying to hide?

  7. You think you could film a circuit board? I'd like to use it to find a short on a board, but I wonder if it will pick up the individual parts and their heat. Thanks!

  8. YAT 97

    Does this work for ANY andriod? I'm new to owning an android phone… 

  9. Have you found any zombies that give off heat? ;-)

  10. Oother

    I'm Having Fun With My Thermal Camera

  11. You mentioned two posible products for the iPhone FLIR One and I think Thermap?  Can you confirm/provide a link for the second product?

  12. they already invented a camera that can see veins.

  13. i will probably try one on my car and hook it to my tablet
    just don't know know how it will handle the cold…will probably heat the case a bit

    in you video the 9hz refreshing doesn't seem to be to nagging

  14. dogwink

    How did you overlay the optical and thermal videos?

  15. Like in the film, does covering yourself in thick mud from a jungle river, hide you from a thermal camera? ;)

  16. great video. im curious when did you order and when did you actually get it?
    would you recommend buying it?

  17. Where are the Emissivity settings?  I cannot seem to get them to come up, consequently I get erroneous temp readings.  Thanks for this video.

  18. Best video I have seen yet, when it comes to this device! Thank you!

  19. Very cool. The stud finding feature is especially practical. If it can see studs in the wall and veins in your hand there has to be a few other cool things it can do that have yet to be discovered or are too inappropriate to feel comfortable mentioning.

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