SHTF Canada: Bugging Out or Bugging In

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Published on July 2, 2016

Some things to consider if you’re considering bugging out as an option!


  1. liked the video. in or out is situation dependent. where i live, i would need to travel 75 miles or more to be isolated.

    if you bug out, security is still critical- except in very rural areas. you will have t have 'night watch' so you do not get sacked.

  2. I'm pretty sure the Maritimes could handle a "bug out" situation… there might not be the same landmass as the western region, but there's an entire ocean wrapped around the provinces.

  3. Canadian prepper is exactly the type of person I would love to sit across from him eating dinner and just let him talk over dinner and he would be so entertaining and thoughtful this young man is extremely intelligent and I really appreciate the fact that he spends his time producing these videos instead of becoming a millionaire based on his ideas is truly amazing.

  4. I'm a firm believer that "bugging out" means it is time for a Scorched Earth Protocol, same as what the Russians used in all the major wars they were involved in.
    Most times it is simply better to stay put and semi bunker in using what I call the Turtlewolf Protocol, hard defence and the ability for a swift, effective offence as well.

  5. For my part bug out it will be the worse scenario. Because i know my region and a bug out scenario in a shtf or wrol type of scenarios will be very dangerous in a unknown region. Because in desperate scenario peoples do desperate things. I will do the best of my knowledge to stay put. Energy, food, shelter, protection, medical, if one of those is compromised it will trigger without a dought a bug out scenario. So that's why it is very important to think ahead and prepare to all kinds of scenarios, for us in canada the grid goes down, snow storm, pandemic, martial law, riots, and so on. I know that we can't be prepare for everything but it's good some time to put some scenarios in practices. To see the pro's and con's. Cheers from Québec. 

  6. Whereas I do agree that one's environment would play a great part in such a decision it's not 100%. Other factors such as physical health, travelling companions, family, kids, and most of all…destination. As for resources, I know you are big on the outdoors stuff but resources for survival have a wide range and I think should be as simple as possible. A commercial paper warehouse might be overlooked by the masses and at the same time contain a huge supply of toilet paper. Might be very difficult to find machine parts in the wilderness. etc.

  7. I'm not interested in Bugging Out (unless it was just short-term). I will defend my home & community and go "down with the ship" so to speak.

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