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Published on June 30, 2016

This is a look at and review/taste test of the Valley Food Storage product line. Long term storage, generous portions, and great taste makes this a perfect option for those in the prepping community. Thanks for watching. Like Share Comment Subscribe


  1. new sub here, I'm diggin the channel playboy,if u get bored check mine out

  2. hey Van, do you think the 25 years is a conservative estimate?

  3. We used to have something like that 35 yrs ago out on the west coast. I haven't been able to find anything like it here in the Midwest. I'll have to look for this online.

  4. Sure does look & sound good. By the way, do ya think it would go well with a pint 'o stout and a shot 'o Irish whiskey? Lol.

  5. Sometimes the real test is if the kids liked it too. Thanks for sharing. God bless and stay safe.

  6. dcg44s

    I always appreciate learning of different options and if I can get a hands on review to go along with that so much the better,thanks.

  7. dcg44s

    I always appreciate seeing different options and if I can get a hands on review to go along with it so much the better.Thanks.

  8. man look into pilot cracks they are pretty good for a cracker that has 25 year shelf life which are pretty big crackers

  9. HnRe42

    Man….I just can't get use to not calling out Van….I swear I didn't watch a single vid of yours for like 3 weeks…then I said…why hasn't Van Prepper not made any videos…While all along your new channel had been popping up on my feed and I somehow had over looked the vids…I'm about all caught up though. Back to the soup…it looked pretty darn good, I'm continuing to work on preps but like yourself demand to do so on a budget…hence why I LOVE your channel. Fight the fight brother!

  10. It is a good looking soup – might have to check that out.

  11. You can never have too much food. I've never tried Valley yet, but I will. The 5 serving pouch seems like a great value though. I stocked up on #10 cans of Mountain house, and Emergency essentials foods. After some more research, I picked up a bunch more of the freeze dried fruits, and veggies.

  12. I will have to try some out for myself. Thanks for doing the review for us my friend.

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