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Published on August 12, 2016

An overview of what Crown land is and How you can use it

Saskatchewan Crown/ Resource land map

Saskatchewan PDF maps

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  1. Thanks so much for including a link to my Crown land videos.Cheers,- Martin

  2. When referring to first nations refer to them as first nations, not "whatever you want to call them".that is like referring to white people as genocidal killers, murderers, rapists, etc., or whatever you want to call them

  3. I like where this is (?was?) going. I'd advise keeping maps current too. I recently bought a Road Atlas, the first new one in years, and man. have the developers been busy. Some of the "wild areas" of my past are now almost neighborhoods. No more Whitetail there!

    Luckily, we here in the states, at least in my state, have a Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) which is pretty good at keeping their info up to date and pretty much readily available for download. I have pretty detailed info on most of the local state forests and preserves. You might want to check the northern states' websites if you expand 'cross the border.

  4. So you're from Saskatoon. Explain why after SHTF and there's no TV or Internet why you would want to survive through that LOL!!!! So you can experience winter for half of the remainder of your life? Why not move someplace more inhabitable? You could move to Mexico, and won't have to struggle to heat your home LOL.

    Ontop of that Saskatchewan is probably one of the least if not the least risky place to live in North America. The only thing that might hit you is a tornado. Why not make a real video about "aboriginals and SHTF"? Do you have an opinion on that? You're so slow it isn't even funny.

  5. My winter survival shelter is on crown land as well, that is where I do all my hunting in the fall in Northwestern Ontario in Thunder Bay. Lots of crown land here as well.

  6. There is no such thing as crown land.  How did the crown come into ownership of it in the first place?

  7. if you fold it just right, it might fit in the bug out bag or glove box lol, thanks for the tips man

  8. It would be dangerous, but that Air Weapons Range may have unexplored ordinance in it that can be harvested and put to use. It would be high quality and varied in terms of type depending on what's out there but thinking through a logistical plan  may be a stimulating mental exercise that could have practical application in the Post Collapse Environment.  

  9. Aoha CP.
    'Crown Lands' in Canada sound like 'Public Lands' in the USA.  They are technically owned by everyone, and in most cases are 'managed' by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).   Overall, 40% of the USA is Public Lands, and it varies State by State from a low of 1.5% Public Lands in Rhode Island to a high of 95.8% Public Lands in Alaska.
    Learning about these lands, and utilizing the myriad of resources available (many for FREE), should be part of anyone's planning.  The maps & databases of information available is simply staggering.

    It is also important to know about these when making plans to buy property.
    Often you will see a listing state 'Borders 200 square miles of BLM Land' or similar statement.
    This is very desirable, as it means you can go directly from your property onto that large area of 'Public Lands' without trespassing on anyone else's land.  I have been helped many times by staff at my local BLM office with things like producing custom maps with specific data layers turned on/off…..and here is a hint…..when you go in with several mixed up resources and wish to get them combined into a usable map for your needs, bring coffee & donuts  😉  The staff will treat you like their favorite grandchild and help you produce maps even more helpful than you hoped for.

    Digital & hard-copy should be utilized to the full extent, never rely solely on either one.
    Integrate as much of this stuff into your GPS systems as possible, it makes them that much more useful.
    As long as you have the maps and data stored on your GPS devices (NOT relying on an internet connection), and as long as the satellites orbiting are still functioning and broadcasting their timing signals, your GPS's should continue to work just fine even if many other systems go down.  BUT, just in case even those go down, nothing beats good maps that are laminated for protection and some basic mapping tools like protractors & compasses.

    Peace & Prepare
    Pax et Paro

  10. Maps are good to have. I need a good compass

  11. Maps and a good compass are two things I do not currently own… I need to change that. Good video.

  12. Great job CP. Thats a must have as long as you live on this planet. Great tool.

  13. You've got yourself another war for that land if a collapse may come, you just made a possible grave mistake. The more of your local plans you put on the internet, the worse off you'll be.

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