SHTF: Way of the Nomad (Part 2) (Bugging out)

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Home Preppers Bug Out SHTF: Way of the Nomad (Part 2) (Bugging out)
Published on July 2, 2016

A follow up to my original video which discussed concepts related to nomadism and the walking dead. Watch the original video here


  1. In Southeast N.Y. state area we have a legend of a nomadic hermit called the leatherman who traveled a large circle living in caves. This man actually existed. There are several caves in the area where I live that he used. I believe that moving from place to place having cached gear and supplies is a good method.

  2. iv been looking and not finding much information at all on long haul truckers that prep,i myself am a long haul flatbed driver with no home base I live full time on the road and am really getting into the prepper ways,trying to combine old world skills with our new tech for a general set of skills to handle many situations and locations…do you have any opinions or information or maybe even do a video…it's crazy that there are millions of truckers and yet so little prepper specific information in relation to us..thanks love your vids brother.

    semper fi

  3. CP, interesting video.  subsisting short term is different than living a "life" of survival, wouldnt you agree?  I do agree that its very possible with a nomadic lifestyle, and tools, but what a hard life!  colonial trappers did it.  perhaps the hardest part is that modern man is sedentary, as you stated, and his 'softness' would be his downfall in the scenario you refer to.  fun video to consider

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