Solar Air Conditioning Part 1

Home Shelter Solar Air Conditioning Part 1
Published on August 6, 2016

I am installing a hybrid solar air conditioner that will run on 800 watts of solar and 90 watts of AC power. I think this is a great a


  1. we need something smaller that's solar for tiny homes and rv's. 800 watts is too much for a typical 400 watt setup.

  2. Too sweet.

    We use a 5000 BTU window A/C pulling 450w to cool the trailer off of 750w of solar. It's not direct, it uses a industrial inverter made to handle the start up surge. it will run from 10 am to 3 pm off of the solar alone. We use it off grid and 675 Ah of battery can handle it at night. Luckily it's never hot at 10,000 feet at night.

  3. inverter units don't have a BIG start up surg. They start slowly , about 2amps, then ramp up as needed, and ramp down to MAINTAIN. You can't always have the solar in full sun so having 220 grid takes up the slack times. A SEE of 35 ain't nutter to sneeze at bro!

  4. Is this the smallest unit they make? Looking for something for a 24×32 insulated pole barn with 14' ceiling.

  5. Rob H

    Is there an follow up to this video?

  6. sir im intersted yung invention can u aad me in facebook to guide me plsss…may facebook account bok binas…thank you so much

  7. shfoot

    Does the ACDC12 unit automatically switch over to AC at night time? Is it a system that doesn't sell back to the power company?

  8. shfoot

    Great Videos. I'm just starting to learn about the off-grid systems. I see Air conditioning systems you offer on your website. How about Solar radiant floor heating to go with your AC system? I'm guessing you would need to use a solar hot water heater in conjunction with it? Or how about a solar heat exchanger system?


  10. I made it, learned on inplix website. great solutions I think.

  11. try running your condensate line across your condenser coil, draining on the coil,  this will help lighten the load on the compressor by helping remove heat off the coil.

  12. It looks well made, would you please share with us if there has been any problem with it so far?

  13. This is 12000 BTU, 890 watts.  Kingtech – 16000 BTU, 850 watts.

  14. I've installed hundreds of mini splits and residential and commercial AC units. Always evacuate the system. Moisture will freeze in the metering device and it will also react with the oil and create acid which will eat away the laminations in the compressor windings. This why a lot of new home lose their compressors after about a year or two because the installers in new construction don't always take the time to pull a vacuum.

  15. I lived on my boat for more than twenty five years, and would have given up body parts to have had an AC system like this. There should be a huge market for these in the marine industry.

  16. wish someone showed evacuated tube solar panel hvac using an absorption refrigerant system in a passive "no pump" design. and it can double for the freezers and refrigeration via valving. it's practically free ac and food storage.

  17. OK, I'm ready to hear more about this thing… wanting to know how you feel about the quality of the compenents etc.

    Air Conditioning via the sun is the Holy Grail of the South!  :)

  18. Looks sweet . Keep us posred please

  19. I wonder if this comes in a reverse cycle or if that costs too much power.
    That would be awesome if that was possible. :)

  20. Is this the most energy efficient system out there, especially if you are only going to use ac and are trying to save money???  Thanks, love the channel.

  21. Looks exactly like the A/C home units we have here in Japan!

  22. Put a vacuum pump on it and take it down to 300-500 Microns or that D.C.Compressor wont work for very long…..

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