Solar Generator Add On

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Home Water Solar Generator Add On
Published on July 2, 2016

Maximizing the use of the solar you have. Options to use your solar array when the primary purpose is fulfilled.


  1. This is the exact system Scott installed at our home. This is a killer system, filling our 1050-gallon tank in about 6 hours and providing us with whole-house gravity-fed water without any difference in water pressure. Our old A/C pump is now our backup. We are amazed at the pumping power this system has and the peace of mind it brings to us to be water independent. Not only that, but adding on the solar generator as Scott shows in this video allows us to plug in 110v appliances and even wire up a couple grid-down outlets, one in the house and one outside. That gives us incredible flexibility. When the power goes out we will still be able to run small appliances and power tools. Scott is a genius.

  2. Hi. I have had an idea the last couple of days and this video has shed some light on the situation, but I still have questions. For example, I want to install 24 * 300 W solar panels, with 3 panels in series and 8 sets in parallel. They will primarily run to a Victron MPPT 150/85A charge controller on a 48 V battery bank, this however is only capable of charging the batteries at roughly 5 kW. I know I will never get the panels installed capacity of 7.2 kW, but this way I can be running my charger at 5 kW for longer periods of time during the day. What I plan to do with the extra capacity is run my submersible pump and the pool pump during peak sun hours. That would mean I would have 3 different controllers running of the solar array, each with a built in MPPT controller, will they work together? Or will the MPPT algorithms of the two pumps (Lorentz PS 600 controller) interfere with the Victron MPPT Charge Controller? The Victron Charge Controller has the ability to limit the power from the solar array if the solar array is producing more than it can handle.

  3. Lisa L

    i sent you am email request for a wiring schematic… Will you answer?

  4. if you got your audio better your videos would be so much more watchable

  5. I'd like to be your neighbor so I could come over a check out these experiments in person. The videos are nice, but I bet it would be great to watch this going together.

  6. Wes Ch

    About how much does a system like this cost?

  7. how do you feel about the tesla powerwall units?

  8. Great topic for discussion Scott. I have wondered this exact same thing. I am looking at building an off grid house here in the next year or two and will more than likely have a direct solar powered well pump (no batteries, pumping only during the day into a storage tank). I was curious if there was a way to divert the power from the wells solar panel to my main battery bank once the float switch told the well pump controller that the tank was full. Being a single guy, I wont be using a ton of water. Just for easy figuring, if I used 100 gallons a day and the pump can put out 2 gallons per minute, the tank will be full in less than 2 hours, and then the solar panel would just sit for the rest of the day.

  9. It would be nice if 775 would take the time to answer at least some of the questions posed in YT comments.Communication is showing you care.

    Thanx Tim…

  10. Have you used Lithium Iron Phosphate for storage at all? or LIPEFPO4

  11. Would it be possible to give ball park costs on these various setups?

  12. It would by nice in areas with less sunshine if the float switch could be used to send the signal to the solar system that the tank is now full and the solar can now beused for other purposes and vice versa. 

  13. How about a video on how to charge 123A, D, C ect., batteries, on a single solar panel.

  14. As always great video.
    Could you give your take on the tesla power wall? Good deal?

  15. @engineer775

    Another great video, Scott.

  16. love it. i have a 100 ft well is there a system you would have me look at? my pump in in the well and i have a small pressure tank that feed to my home about 100 yards about 8% grade.
     Keep up the great work.

  17. I need to move to a sunnier spot… Seattle ain't exactly solar friendly with the weather and the trees everywhere.

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