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Published on July 2, 2016

A Video showing an off grid solar powered internet relay setup. After discovering internet was being broadcast from a local firetower that I can see from my property I began to ask how could I get that sent to my place. IT requires line of sight no I set up a solar battery charging and inverter on a pole in my pasture to provide power for the required radios to receive and send 10Mbps up and down. Thanks Tim Granger and than you Global Vision for the hookup!


  1. I used to be the towerdog that installed the radios and sectors that broadcast wireless wifi for a local company. I missed learning how to tune the radios, etc. but I plan to implement this on my homestead.
    Great info here. Thanks.

  2. I am pretty sure you can find good solution on inplix page :)

  3. Great place to learn how to make it yourself much much cheaper. Just google for 'inplix' website:)

  4. What I would give for this setup. I live out in a part of TX where I don't live near any WIMAX setups and the only phone service is AT&T wireless… Yes, their data cost a fortune but it's all we have. I wish Ubiquiti would start a dealer our here.

  5. lol off grid internet I get what he's doin I just think it's funny when you say it that way.

  6. 10 up would sound great, regardless of what you get from our local ISP (all the way up to 100 down) we are capped at 2 up, I would probably run a wire from the pole to the house to reduce the number out radios in use.

  7. why not bury a cable from post to house?

  8. Your download and upload is quicker than my DSL. -.-

  9. Nice setup.  If you find you have a ton of latency causing issues you could run a wired connection from your pole antenna to the house.  This may reduce the amount of latency-inducing wireless transmissions you have to mess with.

  10. Congrats!  I love Ubiquiti network devices–have them in place at work and home.

  11. GENIUS!!!  love this!  big fat happy face!!

  12. Ubiquity routers use POE (with a pretty high voltage tolerance), so get a cheap multi-port DC POE injector and ditch the inverter. Also I'd recommend some fuses to protect the hardware from surges (lightning EMP, etc). And maybe a Raspberry Pi voltage monitor to check the battery voltage from the comfort of your house. 

  13. Why didn't you use a wifi router with a booster at the pole then the radio to the provider less is better.

  14. Hi.  I would be very interested in learning more about this Off Grid Internet.  I have just found the property I have been looking for since I got out of the Army and found it in WV.  There is no elec or any other utility on the property so this would be a God send.  I would also like to speak with you about an off grid elec system idea I have.  How can I get in touch with you?  Thanks for all your videos.  I've learned lots from watching.  Lucian Dean

  15. have you seen Tim G's cool setup for riding on zwift island?  ask him about it

  16. Sounds really good. It may not be appicable to many parts of the country but, it's great never the less. Question, what is your take on the "Tesla Powerwall"? IMHO it's a total game changer. Thanks for the video.

  17. MPO

    LOL this is funny, I have been using this kind of set up for about 3yrs now. The only one I know of that can be reversed engineered "free WiFi" with the right dish you can reach 20 miles.

    It started showing up in the RV industry this year.

  18. Looks like your source of wifi is not dish type antenna ( may be it is an omni) but your receiving antenna is a dish type. Is there something?

  19. Ping wont be too good but at least you got internet off grid 😀 I'm having to look at 10mb down with 1 mb up with a 20gb gab for £40 a month but its all I can get…

  20. That´s an outrageous amount of money. At that price I would do without internet.

  21. So I am confused.  Is he getting free internet service or like free WIFI now.  Or is he paying for it at a lower price through Global Vision??? Sorry please enlighten me.

  22. Scott you always cost me money, make me work, but I sure like alot of your ideas and they make me sleep better at night.This is one last hurdle before we move out to the boonies is there is no internet except like Hughes ect.way too expensive. Especially considering me and wife are used to unlimited data(don't even pay attention to it) and I've looked at other companies around here and they are crazy expensive.Of course Hughes net was expensive also.So I'm in the market for looking on wich way to access Internet and has to be to my house.Like your setup a corner shot or two might be needed.Now I just need to find out where I could get it.Since I'm on the top I should have a direct sight in some direction (hoping one of those Internet antennas are not far if there are any).See Scott thanks for the work.Now I gotta learn so I can complete this if possible asap. 

  23. BIZKIT

    Also that probably isn't a ubiquity, not sure if it's a Motorola or something else, but they look like 4G antenna. You should be able to get 1Gb out of those unless they're limiting you. 

    something else you might consider if you know some people in teh area. You can get some good point to point radios and get them over the treetops for pretty inexpensive. You would just need to find 1-2 people near good solid internet and you can pipe it back to your place and to a few other people in the area for pretty cheap. If you keep it off the licensed bands and keep it as a kind of "coop" internet you will stay away from a lot of FCC and ISP nonesense coming in and fighting you.

  24. BIZKIT

    How much you paying for those ubiquities ? you can get 350Mb full duplex no problem with that distance LOS. NLOS at that distance should only be about 150Mb full duplex. Is the 10Mb limited from them?

    How many watt's you need for those ubiquities ?

  25. If its dc you can get a DC-DC converter to make sure its the right voltage. Unless its highly tolerant, Lead acid batteries can be anywhere between 11-16 volts. I would Get either a buck and drop a 24 volt battery to what it needs to be or a buck boost and control the voltage.

  26. Always helpful your vids! Thank you am a Big fan!

  27. Moving to Rural South East Texas and looking for reliable internet. Anyone know of a good Service to use?

  28. Great video.  I live in the rural NE Alabama mountains and utilize a similar setup.  I was only a half mile from a relay tower and had to increase the top of my TV mast to "catch" the signal but did.  My provider is Farmer's Telephone Cooperative via Boonlink.  $82.50 per month for 10Mbps down and 2 Mbps up.  Incredibly reliable service.  They also use Ubiquity equipment.  Local telephone service could only provide DSL at less than 1Mbps down consistently.  For rural areas wireless is the way to go.

  29. Good install .You will want to power that setup with DC only,heavy internet usage and inverter load will run the battery down over time.  Install a small wind turbine on that pole for the days of no sun will help.

  30. Nice lash up . This may be of interest ……. 

    …….. keeping the wolf further away from the door . Ok , so fuel has gone down this week …….. but .

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