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Published on July 2, 2016

This videos is to help with navigation of our YouTube channel and YouTube in general my friends. Hope this helps someone out. ——————————————————–
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Google+ **SUBSCRIBE for more awesome weekly videos!** here on the survival channel you will come to find topics of a wide range including but not limited to:Gear Reviews,Bushcraft,Survival gear,Bug out Bag,B.O.B.,back packing,hike,hiking,camp,camping,hiking gear,camping gear,tent,tents,hiking tips,survival tips,survival,bushcraft,bushcraft tips,Bushcraft,Survival,Archery,Hunting,Fishing,Camping,Primitive Skills,Fire,Water,Shelter,Navigation,Signaling,Prepper,Preparedness,Self Reliance,Survivability,Knives,Saws,Bow Drill,Ferrocerium Rod,Ferro Rod,Tarp,Hammock,Cooking,Trapping, and finally you may even see a zombie or two my friends but all in good fun. you simply cannot learn anything without having a little fun,when our brain is stimulated we obtain knowledge my friends. to in other words i hope you can learn something here on our channel and still have some fun and laughs doing it.
Our overall goal is to introduce and encourage our audience to have a survival mindset and to be practically prepared for anything.
Remember: If you’re not always prepared, you’re never prepared!


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  3. 10 I have been watching your videos non stop for 2 days, and I can honestly report, that you really do have something for everyone 🙂 Good job!!!

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