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Published on August 1, 2016

Sensible Prepper Presents: The “Spool Tool”. This ingenious tool is the perfect for taking Paracord into the field or for all your Paracord projects. It store, cuts and fuses your 550 or Paracord in one organized bundle.

Spool Tool Website: http://www.spooltool.us/

Nolatac Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/NOLATAC

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00


  1. How would you like to have a clone of this wonderful tool costing less than 50 cents in materials and less than 10 minutes of time?

    I have published plans and photos of an easy-to-make home made version of this tool. I invite your viewers to take a look at. Search for "Plans for a home made paracord spooling jig/fixture".

  2. this is the most fantastic useful durable paracord handy tool i have seen before , in my opinion this is a primary survival tool must every one have it in his inventory , great video thanks for the advise

  3. A bit pricey for me, good review though, thanks

  4. DSketti

    Cool item, just ordered one on Amazon, thanks!

  5. I watched a youtube yesterday on how to keep paracord in used water bottles.  Works like a champ.

  6. Ei Pi

    i have a metal one that weights too much for backpacking

  7. Such a shame that the supplier will not ship these to the UK especially now that Amazon has them on offer. The only available dealer in the UK wants crazy money for them (the equivalent of around $33.00) for one.

  8. We can't keep these in stock! Great product to add to your preparedness needs. Great video! Thank you Sootch.

  9. Great product, beautiful design, but at that price I will try to make one from a wire coat hanger.

  10. Buy? Never. Make? On it. Ty for posting.

  11. I really have enjoyed your videos. I live in Waynesville

  12. Great video.  I carry paracord on a kite string spool.  I will certainly be looking into one of these since it has some other great features.

  13. Great product ……. but at $20 and no cord no ty its a peace of plastic and a normal razor blade most likely it costs less then $2 to make. When it goes down in price say around $10 for the tool I will be getting one. If the Tool included even 50ft of Cord I would buy it for $20 but not at this price.

  14. Good Review.  Thank you, saved me some money.  To me this looks cool, but for the price this is kind of a waste of money for what it does. They say it holds a 100 feet that thing would be huge.

  15. I definitely dislike putting plastic on the tip. If you know what I mean. 

  16. I have a couple of these and love them.  Love that it is US made by a veteran!

  17. Just got one of these from a local tac store and I have to say, it's a pretty good idea.

  18. I generally carry my parachord in thirty to fifty foot hanks, I found a way to make each hank self contained and handy to unroll- but to be honest it takes too long to roll it back up each time just right, its tedious and time consuming. So i saw this thing and decided to make one- there are super easy to make with just a little ingenuity. I used a piece of red oak about a half inch thick, I cut it to shape and cut the little keeper grooves on the sides. Then I bought one of the little caribiners that has the line cutter on them, they cost less than fifty cents generally, and installed it on the side, and a little rubber sleeve for a lighter on the opposite side- whole thing costs less than three bucks to assemble and works great. Of course these are so cheap making it is more of a hobby than anything else, I just like making stuff. 

  19. Bic lighters?  I understand they are contributors to the anti gun movement.
    Perhaps we could plug another friendlier brand,

  20. Just make one from a 1X4 or 1X6 piece of hardwood with handles to use with your tactical kite. HA !       OXIIIIXO

  21. Got one for Christmas! I am super stoked to use it !

  22. I am looking for details about products! can find and paracord 

  23. Okay… that works! Nice tool. I'll be ordering one. Thanks for posting. Brum

  24. Nice item and review. I've made similar out of left over plywood. These are nice with the holder for a lighter, the blade, etc. I make paracord bracelets, dog leashes, etc… and this would be a great item to hold my various paracord. Sure, it may not seem cost effective to some-who don't use paracord on a regular basis-but I think in the long run it will pay off for me.

  25. Very useful, but not cost effective. I cut up a kitty litter plastic bucket. and made something similar :)

  26. cap6888

    Concept is great. Kudos for the inventor for coming up with a cool idea. Too bad the price is ridiculous. I wouldn't pay more than $5-$7 for this. I find it hard to believe that the cost to produce this is more than $5.

  27. I really like this video. I do want to get a couple of these. Where can I get these at? Please get back to me when you can. Thank You. Great job on this video.

  28. Thats cool, i need one for my bug out bag. Check out my edc vid maybe?

  29. Great idea, thanks for showing us

  30. Great idea I wanted one until you said the price

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