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Published on August 2, 2016

The DCF390 15 Cubic foot freezer.


  1. So about $30 to run (grid eq.); similar to one of those mini-fridges.

  2. I've heard a lot of bad reports on these units not necessarily your size ,,,, ,a lot of people that own the 5.9 or 8 .0 cubic foot models have reported the freezer working good for a little while longer than it would if it was used as a refrigerator something about coils developing leaks or coolant lines other people say these won't last no more than two to three years how long have you had your unit and how does it work ,,,,where there problems if there were truly problems did they truly fix these problems cuz that's a lot of money to spend on something like that,,,,, how many years should you expect to get out of one if you bought like a 5.8l cubic foot unit how long will that last,,,,, are they truly a three or four year deal and then catastrophic failure is a catastrophic failure because those who have reported issues out of warranty swear up and down they cannot hardly get them serviced at all so what's your take on all this since you're Hawking them

  3. Solar electric sucks! I want to see solar thermal panels in place of compressors on refrigeration units and air conditioners and provide hot water at the same time and cold thermal storage so it still works at night! Commercially it has been done, but needs to be residential now!

  4. Would it be possible to use a voltage regulator to insure that the 48v appliances stay at 48v instead of having to turn them off for equalization?

  5. Ok that wall look like Star Trek engine room

  6. I realize a regulator in the circuit affects efficiency, but instead of just shutting off power to all feeds for -48 VDC devices in a  VDC overvoltage situation, why can't they develop that it instead switch from direct connection to going through a VDC regulator that will keep load voltages below damage levels?

  7. As a Journeyman Electrician, I have to compliment this(solar) installation. It is one that does not make me cringe, in looking at the overall job… I have seen some that I would not go to sleep in the building, for fear of fire………………………….

  8. this is so awesome if I could just afford a set up like this I can't afford to pay you guys enought to get in truck to think about come over lol

  9. Guys I'm curious how much moe power a standard chest freezer will use?? These things are $1500 and a standard freezer is under $500 and can be found used for even less.

  10. That seems like a lot of power to keep things cold. Making things colder (or hotter) than ambient temperature is like rolling a ball up a hill and takes a lot of power. But once you have something at at a desired temperature it should take very little energy to keep it there (kind of like keeping the ball at the top of hill). I guess better insulation in the freezer would help. But another neat thing that could be done is using the waste heat generated by the cooling process to help heat water. This water could be used to keep watering troughs for animals from freezing in the winter for example. This would have the added bonus of making the freezer itself run more efficiently.

  11. Harry M

    you familiar with propane fridges? i wonder how hot the generator (the part that is heated by the flames) has to be to make it all work, and if that temperature could be reached with solar heat collectors…

  12. I have a 15 foot cubic foot unit. Amazing unit, i went with it because of the reputation. Chinese units exist but they honestly cost just as much. Only feature I wish it had was a digital temperature gauge. Can be shut off and hold cold for days.

  13. I looked up this freezer on your website as well as SunDanzer's site, can only find 12 / 24 Vdc. What is the up charge for the 48 volt model?

  14. That is one slick set up…well done. I am glad you did a video on this. Happy new years!

  15. I have been an electrical engineer and have spent many years at sea also, so I am familiar with all the wonderful technology and it is great to see how advanced it has become.
    there is something that bothers me, these systems are complex, the component count is very high, nothing is user serviceable.
    I have the simplest system I could put together one I can service and repair down to component level and enough spare components to fix every thing, so fare i haven't had to repair any thing, (touch wood).
    what happens with a system like this if the shit hits the fan for what ever reason, and replacement devices become unobtainable for a long period.
    I am not saying don't do it, what I am saying is really think about how you can build systems in the simplest way possible. because that manual DC isollator is asking for trouble. the safest way is to have a latching relay that drops out at the first hint of over voltage, and only resets when the voltage has returned to normal parameters.

  16. I looked that freezer up when I saw it in the last video…. Those are some spendy units… i can only guess instead of R410a they use unicorn tears for refrigerant

  17. If the sun knew it would be surprised

  18. Is all this kind of gear subsidised in any way?

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  20. tsx3214

    You guys do great work! thx for fsharing

  21. rchopp

    Is there anyway to have an automated shutdown circuit in the event of a voltage spike? just to protect those 48 volt units. How often do the batteries have to be equalized.

  22. thanks for info. got a couple offgrid projects coming up

  23. WLK1965

    A full freezer uses much less power than a empty one. I would definitely add this to my home. How much will one set me back?

  24. Can you do a whole house on DC voltage and save the power in the transition from DC to AC … Thanks and God bless …

  25. Just checked it out, you have to let us know how it works out for you.

  26. Cool! Thanks I was just talking about putting my freezer on solar. My freezer is smaller than yours though.

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