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Published on June 30, 2016

I discuss some interesting things I have learned from watching the Season 2 of Alone so far.

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  1. Good video. I came to the same conclusion about tapping out once boredom set in as well, I wonder though how the ability to tap out plays inside the minds of the contestants. It's a little like sitting in a room after not eating for days and there right in front of you is a perfectly cooked filet minion. I'd also like to see the show to not stop when there is only one remaining I think it should continue until the last one finally makes the call to bring them home.

    I wonder too about the phycology of knowing that there is this world outside your camp and so many things that are being missed. Knowing that the modern world is continuing its feverish pace without you must be a bit of a mind fuck.

  2. I do like your channel and the different situations you see people getting themselves in as in a mentally state. I believe a person would have to be like water,as you pour water into a container the water takes the shape of that container or water takes the easiest path of the least amount of resistance, people should learn from a legend that spoke these words. Wolfs are never alone they are family oriented animals,they leave the tribe,pack,family to die,that is the only time they are alone. For long term survival in Mother Nature alone one must have a faith base in something a higher power like god,creator,life force or in Mother Earth or father sky, that you talk to on a daily for guidance and support,this will keep you from going insane for awhile. Living with nature is a learn thing,no one just gets up and moves into the wild and lives without a knowledge based foundation of living with Mother Nature as one,if one doesn't do this he/she won't survive even for the prepper..

  3. Nice angle…
    We are definately a social and emotional animal too, we need to share experiences.
    I often wonder the ways around this as a loner. Perhaps – Routine | Projects | Development of equipment resources and structures??

  4. as i hear this program from u i started watching it. By the second i watch i see that they make very big mistake: in a zone full of predators, they never let a fire going all night for protection. And also lambs that have a opportunity cost. Animals i dont fear from head lamps like fire and they never use hand held fire torches to move at night. Even a guy go to check his net after tide (cough a fish & and carry it to his camp) with a head lamb. Is the most dangerous move i have ever watched with the smell of the somon it is a dead wish. He must carry hand held fire torch…

  5. I like to think that if your relationship with God is strong, it is easier to live in solitude.

  6. Pretty good anyalisis. I'll be doing more videos explaining my experience after the show is done airing. Good video man.

  7. A good analysis. Technical skill alone is not sufficient. When I was training in Baggotville we given a copy of the RCAF book called Down but Not Out. The first chapter was not about guns or fire or shelter. Rather it was about psychology. The first chapter is super relevant given what you have said about the show Alone. You can find a copy of it here:

    There is a guy talking about this book here:


  8. With Mike I agree 99%, but I would like to add that he could have been insecure with his relationship – I am probably wrong (I hope so), but its anther factor that is quite common in allot of people. The devil whispers "She`s probably having a great time". Maybe his relationship with his wife wasn't what we initially all thought from the first episode (The happy cheerful couple saying goodbye to each other).

    I would put Randy in the same category above unfortunately. His mind was never with him to be honest.

  9. 6:27 Now that is a handsome fellow.
    You know what is frustrating? Anyone who grew up with grain to protect or some basic sustenance upbringing would know that Larry has a perfect mousetrap on him and he is sitting on it while making complex not as effective figure traps. That bucket.
    'Strayan style mouse trap variant of the bucket trap. So utterly frustrating. Not hard to make that bucket into a MASS calorie collector for zero effort. What's more you can hear it when you get one and get the meat fresh. Maybe I was taking it for granted but if you have ever had to deal with vermin for your very food, you would know at least how to do some basic anti vermin. No mental fatigue would ever make it difficult. Put some bait into a precarious position over the bucket and gravity and time does the rest. And you don't have to reset it.
    For me a 500k paid vacation into a place where water falls from the sky and all that wood is more than enough. Injury or sickness would send me back, nothing else.
    I am more and more impressed with David because he's finally pulled some food.
    748,937 people on Vancouver island. Where i grew up? Less than 400. Over miles and miles. I know isolation and with that kind of money on the line you know what I would DO with it? buy land, THERE.
    When I first heard season 2, I thought "oh finally the episodes are going to get to 22 or something." Love the lady with her over abundance of fish and cool shack so far. She's eating so much she could afford to let a fish go. THAT is good stuff. I hope her back doesn't act up though, that would feel very cheap. Jose and his canoe I hope will get some distance. David having eaten I hope will hold out. He change my mind that's for sure, I reckon in the back of his mind he's thinking 500K for me and my kids = go time.
    That's the other thing no one talks about, there's this button which is always tempting sure, but there's also this huge incentive. Hell I'd do alone for 200k, never mind over twice that.
    I reckon a few of them come from comfort, as in they can afford to give up. Ever notice that the military type tends to drop off the moment they have to sit still? Jose Ex Spanish legion though as well as living aboriginal. 50 percent of the remaining have tribal living skills which I find great. Literally, Living skills. as in they use it day to day. Now we get to see the difference that makes.

    Personally I wonder why none of them take a shovel. I'd be digging all the time and making log structures + pit shelters. That's all the first days would be on my check list. Get a solid, stockade up.
    The thing with being alone is simple(but not easy),Remember it's not forever. You just go have a private walkabout, cool off, practice. The struggle is the building, the collection, the setup, the shelters and economizing your effort.
    I personally hope wins.
    Nicole has MS, she's GOT that challenge already.
    There's never enough time in our day. Especially in sustenance living. There's always something to clean, build, fetch, dry, collect, stack, cut, scout, find, forage and otherwise.
    Spare time is a myth, downtime isn't.Bored just equals not working on shit that needs to be done.

  10. yeah, a mouse can be a terrorist.. just watch the movie "of unknown origin" with robocop, peter weller. i've hated mice ever since lol

  11. If you want to see a stubborn, son of a bitch survivalist, get yourself a honey badger. "Honey badger don't give a …"

  12. I think your right ,your brain needs to be pushed so you forget that your alone.

  13. Canadian Prepper Love the show and the different preppers ideas you introduced. I'm in California near Big Bear mountain. And yes there is a reason why they call it Big Bear. I have been out in the outback for a month in a half a couple of times. When you get to that point that you become part of nature. Things can get a little boring. Truthfully in the end, the real problems I had was when people were around and wanted what I had. Also Rangers get in your face if you camp in a place for that long. What i have learned is a " Bug Out Plan " is not a realistic or stable plan to me for several reasons. I my opinion from conversing with Preepers and hardcore Militia folks they would end up eating each other in no time. I have no doubt that your show would be a great for them. But what I have seen is some people turn strange they run out of things or get stressed in the outback. Some people can just fall apart when they cant get a cellphone signal. And they also can get a little out of control when they know a cop isn't within 50 miles. I believe If a real disaster happened and all my neighbors bugged out to the local woods. And clashed with the local residence over food and resources. It would be like someone opened the cages in the local zoo in no time. I believe your show covers allot of this and will help allot of people. But im the "Bug In" kind of Preeper now that i have lived on the wild side. And that's coming from a guy that grew up in gangland Compton CA as a child.

  14. Alone, isn't about survival. It's about Wilderness Living. This is why Jose, isn't showing any sign at all of folding. He's coming at it from the right point if view. It's not a military one. They aren't really asking you to survive out there, they want to see who can live out there. One thing that has surprised me about all of these people, is that it really doesn't seem like any of them (with a very few exceptions) have done their research on the flora and fauna of the area. Be interesting to see who goes next…

  15. Excellent video! After this season of Game of Thrones is finished, I really need to binge on Alone. Loved your analysis, as always.

  16. As you know I live on Vancouver island and when the show was on two years ago I stopped watching it for a few reasons.
    For one their is no shortage of food or water unless your high up on a mountain.
    Wildlife like coons and other small animals including ducks and geese are also over populating the island.
    Being Alone which I did myself for 4 months isn't to bad if you have imagination but if your seperated from a loved one sure you would try and get back to them if you can. I have a friend who runs a fishing camp from May to Oct. without his wife and kids every year, that he finds toughest being seperated from the children

  17. Saw that show on American TV called ALONE……one guy quit first day at about 4:00pm.  I think they dropped them off at about 7 or 8 am…..guy lasted 8 hours…..what kind of screening process do they do for the show.   Only one that has excuse is the woman who cut her hand.  I watched the show where two guys folded because they were lonely and wanted to see their loved ones: WTF kind of screening process are they doing for this show…..It is not like the participants were not aware going in what was EXPECTED of them…..All I saw were quitters.   THESE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE THAT WILL TALK A GOOD GAME WHEN THINGS ARE GOOD…BUT AS SOON AS THE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD….THEY ARE QUITTERS…..AND THEY WILL QUIT ON YOU…..BEWARE OF THESE PEOPLE.   And if you want to troll my statement that is fine; but remember…these are people that were told the GAME before it started….they went in prepared….they went in knowing what was going to happen…they watched season 1 and had an idea….these are people that quit while the LIGHTS in the world were still on…..stores were still open, people were still going about their business and the cars were still running….yet they quit…this was a game show….these are dangerous people to be around when the actual SHFT happens….BEWARE.  Being bored and comfortable is not a reason to quit….they will quit on you.   I disagree that you are holding up these people in some light of praise for quitting…..that one dude quit the first day after talking his Big Game.  It is a freaking SHOW….and they quit….they KNEW what to expect….    Don't justify them quitting by using this SENSITIVITY as an EXCUSE or their excuse….they Freaking QUIT….the SHOW is CALLED  – –  ALONE – – .  How many spots were taken by these fails because they TALKED THAT GOOD GAME during the screening process….they took SLOTS away from people that really wanted to do the ALONE thing….and perhaps actually NEEDED the money…which was IN FACT the reason they were there in the first place.   THEY WERE QUITTERS….these are DANGEROUS PEOPLE to be around….they will quit on you when the times get rough…and they will justify it any way they can in their minds.  Of course they will never agree with me….but that is why it is important to stay away from these Smooth Talkers and recognize them now so when the time comes you will see them for what they are.

  18. I know there is a lot of inequality in the US, but even the worst off among us are way better off than some people in other countries.  I wonder if SOME people are rebelling against the system here (for one example:  SOME of the social justice warriors) are doing so because we do have everything we need (and some are GIVEN everything they need) and people are just getting bored like you said in the video.  They are turning energy that would have been used to survive towards other things, creating problems that don't necessarily exist, just to occupy their time and feel like they have a purpose.

  19. I wish I could watch every episode with you. You're a great analyzer.

  20. i would say you are wrong at least in part i have told ya of my 1980 visit to V.C. Island 10 week stay the part i have not told ya is why i left it was not boredom i had an appointment y to give away the bride 2 weeks after pick up that was why the pick up was planed as it was if i had had the money id have gone right back i still wish i had the single greatest time in my life the time i felt most alive was that 10 week on the island ALONE iv not known a moments pa peace since returning to quote civilization un quote i suppose my first nations heartige plays in to that and CP i didn't just survive i thrived i came out 40 lbs heavier and that was all mussel with 200 plus lbs dried jerked meat i went in 20 lbs over weight (fat) with 2 meals of rice and venison jerky that id made my self a week before i went in that ma means 2 cups of rice and 8 oz of jerky that was all i took for food

  21. Very cool perspectives. I'd also like to see the statistical prevalence to see if a significant number of people would give it up while having all resources at hand. Your theory makes sense, but again walks of life, environment, upbringing, etc. (as you know) all come into play and definitely have an effect on outcomes. Great vids.👍🏻

  22. true but also this tv show isnt the end of the world. in shtf there will be need to survive from other people.

  23. Enemies of survival loneliness is what got them to tap out but also they lost the will to survive. Which is kind of sum up your excellent vid

  24. Interesting I am living under a similar yet different circumstance.

  25. @CanadianPrepper idk if youve done a video but a spider bite in shtf can be life or death as today just take some medicine.

  26. Schopenhauer’s great intuition: human existence is a constant vacillating between pain and boredom. The existence of boredom is more than just evidence of a disagreeable state; it is proof that man is fundamentally unhappy

  27. Nate, Psychology and Philosophy in one DNA twist if you will. A great combination. As in the book.
    "Gorilla Mindset" A very good read indeed. Another great video, Nate. Cheers, Mate.

  28. Acts 14;22 ….that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.

  29. You can have all the survival and bushcraft skills in the world but unless you spend a lot of time alone in the bush, you will always get lonely and crave for human companionship. Its in a way training your mind the longer you spend time alone because its human nature to wanting to be part of a community, you actually start speaking to yourself after awhile but there is also no better way to get to know your true self by spending a few days alone in the wilderness.

  30. Seems like they picked a lot of co-depend people. Many of them seem to be well off and don't really need the money.

  31. your mind your worst enemy it bring up things you forgot about or makes problems that are completely irrational ive tried camping out for two weeks by myself couldt last more than a week one of my biggest problem is my scopophobia cause fuck my brother for knocking at my window at night

  32. Nice vid, though as usual some critiques or rather some things to consider 🙂 … I think you may have overstated the 'will to live' thing, when you have the things you need. And seeing you bring up the Matrix yourself, the choice to 'tap out' is actually more akin to choosing to take the blue pil … Now in the Matrix Neo gets the choice for the pil thing quite early in the movie, can you imagine what the movie would be like if they had waited say 3 weeks or so? (quite possibly exactly the reason why the pills get offered quite soon after being released). It isn't for naught that the betrayer does so just to get hooked back into 'the system' … being able to 'tap out' is thus almost just the same as giving people a lot of red pills & one blue pill, and tell them to take one red pill as long as they are 'want to survive', but that they can take the blue pill at any point to get hooked back into the system… That is not an 'end of life' choice, it's a choice for more convenience with less work to achieve it. I am fairly sure that a SHTF situation could turn out into a 'red pill' situation, and the only 'blue pill' is CO poisoning or a gun to the head. That choice is a lot harder to make then just taking the blue pill and be hooked back into the system and life continues as b4 … … … Another thing I want to point out is that besides being tribal, we were also nomadic. We had to be seeing the seasonality of wild plants and migration of animals, as well as exhausting our surroundings. This nomadic lifestyle meant (and might mean) that we were confronted with different situations, and more over, different surroundings. Seeing I like to be on my own, I somewhat notice that the most 'mind numbing' thing of being on your own, is doing so in the same surroundings the whole time. After a while I just 'need to get out', not so much to see or talk to other people, but just to get into a new surrounding, see something different. And that is even with all the tech in the world at my fingertips to communicate with all sorts of people from all over the world. After a while the walls just start to come at you, and maybe that's some biological trigger that evolution has build in and tells 'us' it is time to move on. We been in this spot for 'so long' that it's likely we would die from a lack of resources, so some people with some restlessness had the advantage in survival because they moved to new places with a renewal of resources … When considering this I feel that 'survival' is a double edged sword, at the one side you need to be pro-active to get set up, but after that you pretty much need to be as lazy as a bastard as they come. The reason for pro-activity is then to be lazy sooner… But lazy people also like to be convenient, and thus again pro-activity kicks in to continue to make life as convenient as you can, so you can enjoy your laziness even more. And when you get to bored, or just feel like your shelter walls are coming at you, move! Pack your stuff (leave your things up) and try and see if you can find an even better place…

  33. From 5:00 to 5:20….. That is me. But i never heard it like this before, thanks man that made me understand alot more of how i am feeling so i really want to thank you!

  34. Maybe this is the problem with modern society, we are so well off that there is no longer risk and challenge ,so we destroy are selves in self indulgent ways.

  35. Once you've hit the "been there, done that…got the mug, the shirt and the mouse pad" stage of things, all you are left with is "rinse and repeat". Entire civilizations have fallen prey to this same problem. Choices were to either spread themselves too thin in search of challenge or succumb to decadence, opulence, and debauchery. Now we can add the pitfalls of FOMO to that list.

  36. I rather be alone. I love being alone. I love being in the woods. I go weeks upon weeks with out talking to another person. So it's not to bad. Lol

  37. Zorn101

    I am not Alone in the Woods. I have a cat horde to keep me company!

  38. Were you on the east side of the island? I think the show was filmed on the west side and it seems more gloomy and foreboding. It's a beautiful place but far different than what I'm used to.

  39. BTW. If you want to read a real account of a man alone look up Tom Neal and his book "An Island To Oneself". A New Zealander that lived alone on Suwarrow Atoll in the Cook Islands for 16 years.
    He started in like 1952. While preparing for his life there in Rarotonga gathering supplies he refused to take a radio and even though plenty of island girls offered to go with him he refused. His stages of hunger and the effects of a diet with no fat is riveting. He had nearly starved to death from no fat when to his luck a large turtle came on his beach. The fat from the meat and steaks he made from that turtle was heavenly to him.

  40. This show would certainly be different if all the people were homeless and had nothing to lose, wouldn't it? How these people think their going to leave their spouses or family's and go with out them for a long period of time was a fail from the start. Personally if I had nothing to lose and nobody left behind then I would go for it and do everything I can to get the money. Kind of like what an oil worker does they move to the middle of nowhere and do nothing but work. Yeah, their not alone but it's no picnic and I don't think there's to many women around.. But they make allot of money and that's why they do it. I considered doing it myself when oil was up. With a job 500 grand is allot of money that you could stretch out for a long time, especially if your used to living pretty frugally. And I don't understand how you get bored when you can always be improving your situation and building your resources. I suppose the government wouldn't like it if you starting building a cabin and homesteaded there. Witch is part of the reason why the show is nonsense is they are limited to what they really can do because it's not their land. If I I had the spare time and energy (witch I wouldn't) then I would dig for gems or pan for gold if I was a bachelor Mike. Great video CP, I'm not a fan of the show but do enjoy your discussion of it.

  41. I don't blame Mike. Him being an orphan would srew with his head in ways we can not imagine. If I had to guess, I'd say Mike was more worried about Barbra changing and moving on without him than the reverse. I completly understand and support why he would not want to risk that. He has my total respect. He knows what the most important thing in life is. Family and loved ones.
    And I'm betting Larry wins the whole thing. He's as real a man as they come. He's spent years in a job he hates to support a family. That guy has staying power. He's about as far away from generation snowflake as you can get.
    Speaking of snowflakes, I believe that describes at least one of the quitters. I won't name names though.

  42. Really needing the money is a big motivator. I remember a guy who survived a small plane crash in the Sierra's. He walked out on the desert side, when asked what drove him to survive he said he didn't want his ex-wife to get everything. He got fixated on the right thing "what ever it takes". Jose is focused, too focused on that canoe. He has fallen into a mental trap and when that canoe fails him he will break. Now the remaining women? She is a winner! All the skills and knowledge to make it plus she knows what a half million will do for her. She too had so much food she put that big ass salmon back in the water.

  43. Your videos, especially the Psychology of Survival series, have caused me to rethink a lot of my life and how I live it.  I manage solitude very well.  I have an issue of being in crowds or groups.  I prefer to be alone.  BUT, I will never leave my wife, my best friend.  I am always there for her even to the point to going places she prefers and I feel uncomfortable. Your words have helped me deal with these situations a lot.  My wife says I am the first one you want around in a disaster and the last one you want around after things have calmed back down.

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