Survival Skills 101: Food Storage, Can the Government Confiscate it in Martial Law?

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Home Food Storage Survival Skills 101: Food Storage, Can the Government Confiscate it in Martial Law?
Published on June 30, 2016

In the video we misspelled the word Confiscate…..So sue us.

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  1. If you did not already know the common sense things this guy talks about, you are in trouble

  2. Take your food and give it to people who did not earn money to buy their own goods.

  3. I'm seriously thinking about joining the Libertarian party. I like their ideals. great info, thanks

  4. not unless that fat ass course or sharif wants to die, very, very badly……

  5. they will do whatever is necessary to put fear in our hearts ND let it be known they are in control

  6. there is an Executive Order (#?) that specifically says that he can control all food & water whenever he deems it necessary.  he's also claimed all livestock & farm land & natural resources & all YOUR resources…basically, he can take ANYTHING he WANTS> or, should I say, he can take it if we don't prevent it from being taken.

  7. this is pointless..THEY write laws according tho THEIR wants.. it's paper and ink all for them their agenda and what suits them..

  8. The government can do whatever they want especially if they have a big gun in your face. In the 30's the government confiscated peoples gold; they burned acres and acres of farmers fields in the midwest claiming that there was some disease they were trying to kill; what they killed were hundreds of people who died of starvation.

  9. So what is wrong of be a good person and you care for other human being. I think you are being very about Wrong about Not helping your Fellow Man and Women

  10. If you study what has happened historically in wars then you will be smart and hide your food in more than one place. I'm trying to think of any war in which soldiers did not help themselves to the livestock and food of citizens.

  11. 85Damix

    The can take only commercial storages, shops, warehouses, commercial farms, etc. The point is to distribute the food in state of emergency.

    They will not sweep houses to take food from people and then give it back in redistribution. Also sweeping streets for food, cost government food, energy, gas, time… etc. It is not worth to do so.

    Of course if you are some kind of insane hoarder having thousand tons of something then they may take part of it…

    Also you are entitled to 700kcal per day and 900ml of water as the most basic supply in emergency situation. So if you are family of four that makes 2800kcal per day x90 days … even if they went trough regular preppers stash they would walk away only with few cans of beans…

    You real problem if telling regular people that you have huge stash, that is the kind of people that would rip you off…

  12. when everyone goes shopping for too much then there will not be enough

  13. While I found 98% of this video extremely helpful I can't help but feel a sense of em pending doom for anyone who would go any where near an FEMA camp for any reason NO matter the reason. I don't care WHAT the situation or reasoning is.

  14. exactly do all this prepping on the down low**..don't let too many ppl can make you a target..

  15. over my dead body they'll take one fucking crumb, vehicle, or any fucking thing else of mine or my family's. The sheriff can fuck off too. This is all bullshit. Look at "The Biggest Game in Town" by Walter Burien Jr. He'll tell you what CAFRs are and how much money our POS government actually has and is hoarding. It's enough to piss off the pope.

  16. The bastards will do whatever they can get away with.

    Don't talk to anyone about your food storage, your firearms or stash of cash.

    Hide all of it.

  17. Thats EXACTLY what my thought are, and what i'm planing to do and already have done! subbed!

  18. The 3rd Amendment puts restrictions on quarting armed troops, without permission from the owner. So they cannot just come and get what I have. and if they don't come in they will not know if I have anything. So if you think and want to take over and then leave me alone you will be like a lot of others.  You or whoever wants it (guns, food etc.) can come and try to get it. there is no way I will stand there and just let it go without doing something.

  19. Your 'federal government' can do what it wants. If you're looking for compensation, you can sue them if you have the time and money. If you need to bury food like it's gold, you've got much more serious problems. Thanks for a useless video for views.

  20. when the Martial law goes into effect it eliminates other laws look it up people

  21. When you go to those FEMA locations, look as bad as you can look. Looking well fed will tip the authorities off.

    Excellent video and subscribed.

  22. Very well said dude! Subbed thank you!

  23. ceseme

    Except that FEMA may require you to get chipped to be able to get any food they are passing out.

  24. ive always said these preppers are messin up a 100 mph.

  25. Just found your Channel….Love it!!!

  26. "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33 All these things are interesting, but I could not live by them! If I had food I could not eat it with a clear conscience, knowing that my neighbour is hungry! Do we really believe, the Word of God? Did He not feed the Israelites in the wilderness for 40 years; did He not feed the multitudes with two loafs and five fish? Did He not keep the jar of oil and the flour, for the widow and her son, through the three years of famine, just because she had faith to share the little she had with Elijaj? What you are teaching is selfish survival! "Me first, and I don't care about the rest!" We forget, that actually Our Heavenly Father is in control, and we want to control our own lives! How sad! As for me and my house, we will trust in the LORD, who created heaven and earth! He did not give us a spirit of fear, but of wisdom and sound mind, and He also gave us hope in the future

  27. Thank you ! for the info. good to know !

  28. Its the same as with guns, don't have all your eggs in one basket. If they loot your house and grounds, they shouldn't be walking away with everything you have, get my drift…..

  29. if they can find mine ill let them take it mines in a cave so deep under ground they need be cavers then ill blow it up when in there its set to blow if they dont know how to get in

  30. I read awhile ago that Hawaii passed a law allowing the confiscation of any food you have beyond a 2 week supply. Other states also have these law, and I found a newspaper article from the first world war about a man who had his food storage taken and he was imprisoned. This was a long time ago, but it will come again. In Katrina, the government did all sorts of  illegal things. Do you think they will not next time? When the unprepared neighbors, rioting homies, and hungry cops want your food, they will take it. This video is correct hide your stash outside of your house. Bury it, hide it far away. I use to be an aircraft mechanic at a repair facility with periodic federal inspections. When they came to inspect, we had some broken tools we put out for them to find. They would write up these minor infractions and go away happy. They could prove to their bosses that they were doing their job. If they didn't find anything, they would tear the place apart until they did. ALWAY make sure you have something they want to confiscate readily available, be it guns, food, whatever they are currently looking for. The government is not your friend. The videos where people proudly display their giant food stash show how foolish people can be. When the homies on welfare begin to riot for food, the government will take the food of the prepared to placate the rioters. Eventually they may force you to take in homeless into your house like they did during the Russian revolution. They will eventually drive out the prosperous in favor of these useless eaters. Make sure that you have hidden guns outside your house in case you have to fight your way back in. I advise you to live far away from cities if you can, you can defend yourself and dispose of the bodies with no one the wiser. I know I sound insane, but it will come to this. When the transport stops, every grocery store will be empty in 3 days. This according the US Army General in charge of military supply. Be ready for the unrest.

  31. The vast majority of my preps are hidden inside my house and Cachéd in various locations away from my property. If they can't easily access or find it, they won't get it. Out of sight, out of mind (theirs, not mine). Get creative and you'll be amazed at all the places you can hide your preps in your house!

  32. just make sure u pee in it before they take it ;)

  33. Basically they are going to do anything they want.. another point is I am always baffles me when folks do videos of all their food storage..

  34. Third Amendment of the Constitution of the United States: "No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war; but in a manner prescribed by law." The Founding Fathers placed that in the Constitution as a direct result of the British army taking over people's houses in the Revolutionary War, and turning them out into the street so that they could set up a military barracks in their home. The Founders expressly forbade the government the ability to seize your property, without due process. Meaning? Meaning: Eminent domain [as per Fifth Amendment] can sometimes happen, but the matter has to be adjudicated by the courts [with the citizen being afforded due process, as per Fourth Amendment] and the homeowner paid a fair-market value. . . . Call me crazy, but Obama's executive orders do NOT overrule the Constitution. The Constitution is the highest law in the land. Where a law contradicts or violates the Constitution, it is illegitimate and can be set aside as a non-law.

    "No one is bound to obey an un-Constitutional law, and no courts are bound to enforce it." 16th American Jurisprudence, Second Edition, Section 177.

    We've gotten into a lazy, passive mode worthy of serfs and not free men, where we erroneously assume that any executive order trumps our Constitutional protections. Executive orders are non-laws. Especially the way they've been grossly abused by modern presidents. An executive order USED to be where a President saw the law written by Congress, and he wrote in the margins how he best determined to carry out that law. Like when Prohibition was passed, and the President said that he'd create the FBI as an institution to help with inter-state enforcement. The executive order was NOT written to contradict the written law, or to annul it. Modern presidents, by contrast, have started using executive orders to declare their contempt for the law, and started using them as "parallel laws" to supplant the REAL laws. Constitutionally, the President doesn't get to write laws. Period. Any President who thinks that his executive orders overrule the laws that Congress writes [or the protections that the Constitution affords] is an enemy of the Constitution, and a threat to the People. We can rightly disregard any of his extra-legal ploys. [See: 16th American Jurisprudence.]

  35. Irene C

    Great point about standing in FEMA lines.

  36. That's a problem with society they don't know how to shut their mouths.

  37. echowit

    Good advice about garbage. If you're not using dark bags your garbage man knows more about you than the NSA.

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