Survival Tabs: Are They Worth It?

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Published on August 12, 2016

An honest review about the pros and cons of survival tabs and how they compare to the competition.

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  1. Very good review, I just have to compliment your very Canadian accent, coming from another Canadian :)

  2. They taste exactly like a glass of reconstituted powdered milk, with strawberry Quick added. Not bad

  3. Great review! I agree that the proper role for Survival Tabs is probably the same as Datrex lifeboat rations; a survival food not a preparedness item. The compactness makes them very attractive to keep in your day pack or survival kit.

  4. As a backup to my bugout bag (which is heavy, so I don't tend to take it wherever I go), I have a 15-pocket Travelsmith travel vest which I have turned into a mini-survival pack. It has just enough of the most important things to keep me alive if I break a leg while hiking, get stuck somewhere overnight when out in a small open boat, etc. I find a couple of bags of these fit nicely in a pocket, and I can have a few of them with me all the time for emergencies when I was not expecting to be away from "real" food. For this purpose, they are excellent – portability is their number one strong suit. But I would not use them to stockpile for lengthy emergencies in a shelter-in-place scenario, there are just too many much better options. Their real strength is as a "just in case" insurance when you don't want to be carrying extra weight and bulk.

  5. Just fill the bottle with cooked rice in vacuum sealed bags and its better

  6. I think I need those tablets. Thanks for the review.

  7. Yes they are. 20 years ago I had to survive on these the after I lost my better paying job. After 6 months I got a good job I replaced what I used. They are great in a pinch,I personally think they would work better as meal enhancement product. After just about 2 weeks tree bark was beginning to look good. By their selves I don't think so, but backing up a lite meal I think so. Also you should think about fiber tab to boot.

  8. Fantastic review. Very well balanced and honest review. Thanks.

  9. waste of money. I bought some and ate 12 and an hour later I'm starving. my head gets light sugar gets low and I start feeling weak

  10. thanks, Great review I really appreciated the unbiased point of view. I will be buying some of these as a backup emergency supplement.

  11. To be honest, the only worthwhile use I've found for survival tabs is to stick in your pocket when you're going to be out in the deep woods for a period of time.  This is when you need a supplement.  If you're out on a long hunt, or on an exploration trip, will be out for several days, and have to live off the land at any point,  these things are wonderful.   Anyone who thinks living off the land is easy, or always possible, has no clue.But if such times as this are never on your list, forget these things.  Eat real food, and take a one a day vitamin, if you have concerns.  But, really, they are wonderful for pocket carry on longer trips when you have to live off the land for any period, and certainly for a survival situation.

  12. Any survivalist isn't going to buy this product because the amount of berries / mushrooms / bugs / animals etc found in the wild will provide much more caloric intake and overall benefit then these will in small doses. I agree with some of the comments below. If your in an URBAN environment and stuck on a rooftop and couldn't leave the vicinity then these would pass for food. But as CP noted, I wouldn't label this product as "survival tabs". More so meal supplements. You want 2000 cal a day, you need about half that to be at least functional and not pass out, these can't provide that without bloating or fear of vomiting due to taste. Recommend this company needs to rethink this product and at a minimum figure out how to boost the calories per serving to be of any use.

  13. So, would these be best as, say, an additive to whatever emergency food rations you have? A good "snack to hold you over"?

  14. It is not a survival food. Survival is where you need the best. These tabs are bullshit.

  15. I could see using these for home made MREs. Lets face it. Ramen and Knor pasta is a bit light on vitamins. Vacuum seal a hand full of these tabs along with the rest of your rations will help boost your vitamin intake.

  16. Just from my perspective I can see another pro, gluten free. As someone who has celiacs disease there aren't many products that store for any length of time that I can eat. That said, I love canned beans!

  17. I use these when I'm really sick & loose my appetite, so I suck on a one for SOME energy, better than not eating at all.  BUT BEWARE; will constipate you better/faster than MRE's do!!!!  chocolate malt pretty good flavor.

  18. Interesting, I bought an assortment of the small packets after Wayne did his review / commercial over in the UK. I haven't had a chance to try them yet but I'm looking forward to it.

  19. Not in the Netherlands to buy. And indeed to expensive for me anyway. Great review man enjoy your day!!

  20. I'm thinking get home bag , car kit or maybe to supplement or stretch out your food stock; like MRE one day tabs on the other day, if food supplies are low. I agree it's to pricey and not made to thrive on. 

  21. Great information!!! I have always wonder about this and how they would work, thank you for taking the time and reviewing them, awesome!!!

  22. Another great review.  The world of supplements is disappointing in itself, let alone substitutes.  Different nutrients seem to be processed and absorbed at different times and locations within the digestive tract, prompting time release aspects by certain manufactures.  Then we have to address the issues of potency itself in regards to the quality and type of each nutrient.  Once all of that is addressed, the price skyrockets and the shelf life plummets.  That makes it difficult to find a win-win situation in the supplement world.  We end up with pills that cannot be combined into the same pill, must be individually or small group packaged, and divided between daytime/nighttime regiments.  Even then we are lucky to get a six month shelf life.  What a nightmare for advocates of simplicity.  As a joke one spring, we labeled our gardens, not by plant name, but by vitamin/mineral content.  Surprisingly, by the end of summer we had at least committed to memory what fruits and vegetables provided what vitamins and minerals.   It was a good exercise to allow us to realize what was lacking in our diets.  To date, we have found little that is worth recommending in the form of supplements or substitutes.

  23. Cool vid, had always thought that you'd be much better off eating rice, beans and multivitamins.   I think that 'unless' you meet close to the RDI's we're not really talking about true survival foods and this goes for many of the main brands which are generally below the Calorie intake/day.

    Rice is closer to 3500cal/$   
    Rice [in Australia] is about $1US/kg, and 1kg of rice =~ 3500cal.  [14900kj]

  24. so its mostly powered milk with vitamins?, I need something for my auto immune kid, very low salt is critical also low sugar, non dairy and gluten free.. he's basically screwed…. almost everything is loaded with salt and sugar

  25. I have actually not heard of these. I feel like this would be more of a supplement rather than trying to use it as a meal or some sort of replacement. Not sure the pros outweigh the cons, though. I don't know. But this is a great comparison, thank you for your honesty!

  26. hmmmm. idk about supplements. its like robot starvation food. i even hate the idea of canned food… but id like to have these as a back up food for other people that didn't prep so i didnt have to give away my food.

  27. Great review. Thanks

  28. Gee, notice how good looking and perfect the people are in their ad? Hmmmm..maybe if I purcchase$$$ some I will look that good, too!

  29. I appreciate how you focused on pros and cons. You have obviously done your homework. It's nice to see an honest review of this product.

  30. Well done review and I agree. It could substitute for traditional "life boat rations" but is definitely not a good value. I prefer the cost factor and non-thirst provoking attribute of the traditional rations.

  31. Originally, It was design as food tablet for downed SAC pilots and security teams, you are right it's a "Survival" food to be use for short periods of time. In the 70's, the bottle was kept in a extra canteen cover on web gear. Yes, they taste like shit and they change the mix a couple of time. I do miss the oat flour from the Original tablets, remember the Survival tablets- today, are half the size of the old ones. I use them when I was in SAC and had two bottles in my war bag. Good video.

  32. ok so I had an opportunity to try this product a couple months back at a gun show (yes I'm American). I tried the chocolate or mocha flavor and I thought it was surprisingly palatable. With that being said if I was dehydrated or otherwise lacking in my daily water intake they may be a bit rough to choke down. Now the way I would use these would be supplemental based on if I had other food to eat in a grid down situation. Now I did not purchase these at said gun show but the vendor was selling them for $35 for the large container. If that vendor is there next show I  will probable pick up a couple and add them to my preps. I think integrating options into your shtf meal plan would be a good thing to say the least.

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