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Published on July 2, 2016

In this video, I take my Taurus Judge Public Defender Poly to the range for a little overview and shooting. I purchased this gun recently in order to take with me backpacking when I am in black bear country. Just a little something to get me off the menu, so to speak 🙂 This gun holds 45 long colt rounds as well as 410 2.5″ shotgun shells. I wanted a gun that was lightweight and versatile for backpacking, but could also possibly be used for small game hunting and, of course, home defense. This gun was the closest that I found that would be the most versatile in those various scenarios, so I went with it. I am new to handgun shooting and before purchasing this gun, I had only ever shot 9mm handguns.

I have been pleasantly surprised at how little time it took to get used to this gun. The recoil isn’t bad at all, and I can so far hit a bulls-eye at 25 yards. With the 410 shells though, I have to be within 12 yards to get consistent patterns on a 8.5×11 target. Even then, I found that Federal Premium 410 handgun 000 buckshot rounds work the best. The vicarious spread is due to the rifling of the barrel. In this video, I use these for demonstration purposes.

I love almost everything about this gun so far. My only beef with it at this point is that the rear sight has gotten loose too easily which can be a distraction, but that was an easy fix.

In terms of backpacking, the gun weighs in at just over 23 ounces by itself. One of the lightest, if not THE lightest of its kind.

Looking for a holster for this was a challenge at first due to the poly case of the gun. The poly makes it a bit bigger, and many standard holsters just don’t cut it. I eventually found an Uncle Mike’s nylon holster at Gander Mountain that was designed for a semi-automatic pistol that worked well.

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Thanks for your views, and please feel free to comment with any constructive insights you may have regarding the things you see in my video. I am a lifelong learner and love learning new things from people with more experience than I.

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  1. Ive been chased by a bear before and neither your 410 or the 45 are gonna scare a 600lb bear away. Just a thought…

  2. +David's Passage You do not want to use 410 shotgun shells for bear. Lehigh extreme penetrator would be better or some sort of pointed round nose. Solid. 
    You're not going to get away from a bear unless you hit it right in head through the skull. Remember, 45 acp can deflect off human skull at the right angle. Most commercial loaded non +p ammo is almost geared into "low recoil" target shooting uses. 
    You want the hottest fastest round with the most amount of penetration when it comes to pistols vs bears. No hollow-points. 
    Don't expect a pistol to drop anything instantly dead though.

  3. Very informative and answered my questions. I'm buying one. I've been looking for a good concealed close range handgun as a store owner, living rural and travel at night. You helped make my decision. Local Gun stores $399. seems average. I recommend the Crimson Laser grips $299.pr. Pricey but efficient. Thanks! Arthur 

  4. Thanks for the video. I've had great luck with Taurus guns.

  5. the original..  with the 5 inch barrel  is the way too  go………your not gona hit shit with a 2 inch barrel …..its light weight  yes…but its still worthless

  6. PDX1's may work a bit better. Out of my Judge magnum, 3" PDX stay in a much tighter group than what you are shooting. At 25 yards I was getting a 4" group. But it does shoot about 8-10 inches high at that range and the 16 BB's go everywhere.

    Have not tried the Federal 000 buck yet as I can't get a hold of any.

  7. not quite sure to be honest. It shoots 45 long colt rounds as well as 410 home defense rounds.

  8. does your judge shoot point of aim with federal 000 buckshot

  9. I have the judge public defender ultra light at 21 feet the federal 000 buckshot shoots high and to the left as well the hornady critical defense 185gr 45colt I have to aim down and to the right to hit center of the target

  10. "Maybe stop a black bear" … I prefer "will stop a black bear," and I'm not sure the Public Defender is the weapon I'd want to rely on to do just that. Any moving bear within 20 yards is simply a scary thought … I want terminal firepower, like my 10mm. I like my PD-Poly,except that the 410 recoil after a quick 10-12 rounds is a bit much, and the 410s against a bear … I'd prefer a dedicated 45, or at least have it for backup.
    Thanks for the video.

  11. So far it has been very reliable and I would highly recommend it for any shooting up to 10-15 yards or so depending on how good a shot you are. I've hit a bulls-eye at 25 yards, but I was sitting at a shooting bench.

  12. how reliable is it and would you reccomend it?

  13. The recoil is not bad at all. If your purpose for it is only for the range, you may want something with a longer barrel. In all honesty, this is a close quarters gun. Although I've hit a bulls-eye at 25 yards, it was while sitting at a bench. It is holding up great. I bought it for backpacking in bear country, so the durability of it was a big seller to me. So far it has held up wonderfully, and kept me warm one night hearing a cougar scream near my campsite 🙂

  14. How is the recoil on this weapon? looking at getting a model of the judge but im worried with it being poly that it might be "too" light and make it less fun to shoot at the range. also, seeing as this video is pretty old how is it holding up?

  15. Great spread for the distance i think out a of a such a small barrel

  16. Thanks. I intend to use it for HD and as a car gun. I am leaning towards the birdshot, and maybe a round of PDX as a follow up.

  17. I'm sure you will not be disappointed. The only bad thing about it is the price of ammo for the 45lc.

  18. Well done. Good review. Putting mine on layaway this weekend.

  19. @blackandgold978 Thanks for the advice! I will definitely look into those rounds.

  20. Also, Winthrop Custom Gunholsters makes some excellent inside and outside the waistband holsters for the Judge PDP. You can find plenty of holsters on Amazon.com, or just check out their site right here on youtube by doing a search for them……

  21. An excellent choice. I too, have a Judge PDP. I use it for my off-duty carry firearm, and I also backpack in bear country. I recommend that you carry .45 LC using American Eagle JSP rounds when you're out hiking; it will give you deeper penetration to get through their fat lair if you have to use it, plus a little expansion. (Hopefully you won't ever have to.) Plus, those rounds won't lead your barrel up too badly. Federal .410 is a good choice IMO; consider using Winchester PDX1 also.

  22. Sure 🙂 Check my channel for an updated video I posted today, YouTube won't allow me to link to it from here.

  23. Is it possible that you can do another video on this weapon using a standard blue silhouette (coke bottle) target, and using a max distance of 21 feet which is 7 yrds. I am a retired LEO and the average personal firefight distance is within 21 feet; so I am looking for a video that is based on that yardage and closer. The distance can actually be even closer in a home defense situation which is what that weapon is made for. Thanks!

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