Tent Repair – How To Repair Tent Mesh

Home Preppers DIY Tent Repair – How To Repair Tent Mesh
Published on January 21, 2017

Tent Repair can help you save money that you’d otherwise be spending to buy a new one. Watch to see how to repair a hole in tent mesh with tent repair tape. This simple fix will get you back up and running and keep the bugs from getting inside your tent.

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  1. Looked promising until the last shot where it's all wrinkled. I'm looking for the best mesh repair option and haven't seen a video yet where the user actually showed what the mesh looks like after the patch or glue has cured.

  2. I have a roll of this. Forgot buying it till I saw this. I guess you could also use Gaffer tape in a pinch. Thanks for the vid.

  3. Great tip! Tenacious tape is great on sil-nylon to.

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