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Published on June 30, 2016

I made this video only for those seeking motivation to self-improve, if you are comfortable the way you are then so am I. I had doubts about releasing this video, be


  1. Leigh C

    great vid. your words are really motivating to me. I started a resistance training program (of my own design) back in December. I would do 20 min cardio and lift weights for 2hrs. not trying to lift for that long, just took me that long at first… then I saw your last vid about weight loss & training in late February/early March, and switched to 2hrs cardio (pre programmed treadmill, interval trainer) & 1 hr weights… I journaled my cals with "my fitness pal" and got stronger and lost 25lbs… could have lost more mass, but all that fat is still gone. then I downloaded C25K and you wanna see something amazing? a 34yo 275lbs man running RUNNING like a horse! that shit is something to behold. lol. so I will just take a moment and say thanks for the inspiration… I am always looking forward to the next Canadian Prepper vid!

  2. i saw A 600 pound lady on the tv.
    good points CP

  3. you dont want to lose weight! you want to turn fat into muscle so eat whatever when ever you want while training hard every other day ;)

  4. The mistake many people make is they go to the gym or jogging 1 Saturday and do it till they're in pain the next three days and don't do it again for a month, aaaand repeat. You're better off starting small but persistently. Walk for 1,2,3 hours every other day, put 2 litres of water in your backpack for resistance (and as water!) and up the amount as time goes on. Start small at the gym, cut out 1 bad habit at a time, find small ways to cut out the lazy, bike to the local store for milk, shovel snow from the drive, rake the leaves yourself. CP makes a lot of sense but…you don't build a decent house all at once and you don't get rid of a lifetime of bad habits overnight.

  5. i've lost 30 pounds be beating the hell out of my self in the gym every day and i'm still loosing weight and putting on muscle .

  6. There are studies which indicate that overweight people are protected from the higher rates of mortality that underweight and obese people are subject to.

    Furthermore, when the tribe hasn't been successful for a week, the guy with slightly more belly-fat on him will fare much better than the guy with < 10% body-fat as fat confers more energy per gram than muscle does.

    Become strong and capable is quite important but being irresponsible about it and pushing harder than one should is also not good, as my back can attest.

  7. I haven't read all of the comments so I apologize for being redundant. Your workouts need to be functional. If you're playing football you have to workout with strength and conditioning exercises that will translate on the field…you cannot train like a bodybuilder. Same concept needs to be applied when training for when the SHTF. Here's an example how much does your bug out bag weigh? Let's say it's 40lbs, then you need to train with a 40 lbs weighted vest on while doing daily chores. If it weighs more than add another 20 lbs vest on for a total of 60 lbs. How much do your ammo boxes weigh? You need to figure it out and start doing walking around the block with a weighted vest on and while holding on to a pair of 10-30 lbs dumbbells. You need to wear all that weight…carry those dumbbells and start walking up a flight of stairs, doing squats, dead lifts, to start conditioning the body. Little by little!!! Do not over do it on the first day. Start with a 20'lbs vest and 10 lbs db

  8. Having lost 56+ lbs so far since January and in the process gained some unpleasant experience with portion control, calorie control and maintaining a basic activity level, my take on this is that it is always easier to consume more calories in a day than you can possibly expend in a day. For lasting weight change, one has to stop seeing food consumption as a pleasurable social activity and view it just as a way to minimally fuel the body. Also I have learned the hard way that every restaurant meal or fast food item contains far more calories than you would guess and has far less dietary fiber than your body needs to help your feel full. Most people I dine with have no idea how small a single portion size really is or how to choose food items for a balanced diet or how many calories are in a single serving of a prepared food item. It is also much too easy to be inactive and waste hours sitting in front of a computer screen, TV screen, iPad screen, etc. Walking is a great way for those of us over 40 to exercise without getting an injury — especially if we bring bottled water but no snack food on that long walk. My experience is that unless you look up the calorie content of a food before you eat it you will not be able to judge whether the food is "worth" the amount of calories it will cost you on your day's calorie limit. Also unless you write down the calorie amount before eating a food, it is very easy to get distracted and forget to add those calories to the running total of the day's allowed calories. Sadly dark chocolate candy, Cheeze-It crackers, salad dressings and any type of alcoholic beverage contain way too many calories to be "worth it" and can be consumed much too quickly. On the up side, meat jerkies are relatively low in calories and the really dry ones take a good long time to eat.

  9. Ah Fitness. The most perishable asset lol. The elephant in the room that comes up wherever I see overweight preppers. They'll spend 100 bucks on a fancy new bag and won't take an hour to just jog in the morning.
    Take care of your joints, take your rest days and make sure to drink enough.
    If you are disabled,, say a bad knee from some past action, make the rest stronger.
    If you can't carry someone out of a building, you aren't fit enough. if you can't walk all day, there's an issue. If you can't run without a rest for 5 mins, then you just plain can't be depended on. PT is a crucial part of training.
    That's not to say, do roids, take meth and or carb up while banging down health shakes while bodybuilding, But do eat some fresh veggies once in a while and make sure you can actually do something as simple as move.
    People also say there is no time. No. There is always time to have at least an hour a day to do SOMETHING. Enough to not carry a spare Michelin anyway.
    Another thing is to be able to move when all else fails. it's your body that will do the work upon which nearly all other tasks are based. Don't be willing to spend 400 on some amazing AR and not be able to walk 30ks with it. You know who you are.

    On the other hand I guess Marauders like in Doomsday Preppers will keep dreaming that they won't have an equivalent disability in living off what has to be nothing but macdonalds and coke.

  10. Reminds me of a saying that you used to hear from the military guys all the time. Train hard, fight easy.

  11. If you are losing more than 1lb per week, you are also losing muscle mass which cannot be easily regained. In addition, fast weight loss causes the body to think it is starving which causes your metabolism to slow down substantially. You NEVER lose fat cells. Fat cells get smaller, then divide. That is why people who yo-yo diet, put on more weight when they rebound, eventhough they are eating less. Depending on your age, there are certain exercise routines that are appropriate and those that are not. If you are over 50, forget pumping iron or jogging. Light weights, such as dumbells are fine. Aerobic exercise should include walking, biking, or swimming. Jogging puts tremendous stress on the bones and joints and is much more harmful than helpful. If your diet is primarily simple carbs, complex carbs, or vegetables, you need to take a vitamin B supplement in addition to your regular multi-vitamin. The B complex is perhaps the most vital and most older people are chronically deficient which can lead to a host of psychological and physical symptoms.

  12. I am over 60 and there is no way I am going to get "jacked" at my age. For those in my age category and if you are male, first, be sure to have your testosterone levels checked. Hypogondism or low T is an overlooked problem that is responsible for a host of physical and psychological problems in many post-andropausal males. Your levels should be about 500-800 ng/dl of free testosterone. Oral supplements are all but useless. Topical applications are better than nothing, but injectable testosterone cypionate 200 mg/ml once a week will make all the difference in the world helping with physical energy, mood, and libido and will keep you from losing muscle mass and gaining fat.

  13. Physical Fitness is easily my weakest prep, and it's something I've been working on for the last few weeks, and will continue to work on as time goes on. Thanks for the video!

  14. I can understand the mental toughness aspect of it all, but I'm have trouble reconciling the need to get really bulked up or even using non-body weight exercises with weights or machines. During SHTF you are going to want to conserve every calorie, you won't be able to continue your artificial exercise training regimen, and for the most part you'll be at the mercy of your natural environment and other people. Survivors aren't going to be able to go to the gym and lift weights all day, your muscle mass will atrophy in a matter of weeks if you don't sustain it with the necessary calories and routine.
    If you do have the luxury of being able to exercise outside of surviving, you'll probably only be limited to body weight exercises due to the fact that weights or machines may not be in your vicinity. So if you were trying to get fit, it would make the most sense to do strictly body-weight exercises because they can be preformed in basically any environment and you'll more easily be able to transition back to that routine once you acquire more stable accommodations during SHTF.

  15. ess gee

    oops meant shot in the arm lol!

  16. ess gee

    Excellent video-one of my fav quotes was by Steve Prefontaine "Somebody may beat me, but they are going to have to bleed to do it" this video was the shit in the arm that I needed thanks.

  17. Great vid. Good info. Really most folks can lose on just a 400 cal per day caloric reduction. And really you get used to it pretty quickly. People sometimes say im obsessed. obsessed is a word lazy people use to describe the dedicated!! Its correct eating and training over a long span of time that gets is done. A lot of people start out too strong and get burned out. Slow and steady gains win the race. A journey not a destination! Train on…..

  18. Prepping is not an excuse for taking roids… 

    I also like my wavy curly hair too much!

    Btw do not starve yourself by cutting calories, do not eat less, you just stop eating garbage. No refined sugar, salt and flour. No more starchy food either. Raise your activities and in a few years you will have lost alot of weight in a HEALTHY progression. You wont have done your organs harm, you wont look aged and you wont lose gains if your training.

    Fasting is totally different. One defining difference is you don't fast to lose weight. You fast for its proper purposes….. 

    The best activities for strength are compound exercises like push ups, pull ups, dead lifts, squats etc

    Beginners need to work on #1 their core #2 their back #3 their shoulders. Work these areas safely and you will be heavily protected from injury. 

    Do not cut calories (unless your a pig), it is based of a foundation of bullshit. Just do the REAL thing and clean up your eating lifestyle. And remember there is no such thing as "dieting" this is complete bullshit marketing that every mug seems to subscribe to. It's bs.

  19. I love this, so many video's like "what if I can only have 15 guns?" But dude couldn't climb a flight of stairs hahahaha

  20. It's hard, it hurts, it takes effort and commitment. But even if you are not half as fit as you have been in your younger years, the secret is to actually start doing something – don't keep putting it off or thinking that buying some fancy kit is a substitute. 'Fight or Flight' – how far could you run? If you do something regular your body will respond and so will your mind. Once you get in shape it's easy to maintain your fitness. You don't need a gym or expensive equipment – just stick some 2ltr water bottles in your backpack and walk up a hill 😉  atb Lee

  21. Ian C

    Totally agree! I have been I.F. for 3 years or so now. Only eat from 2pm-10pm. Found i was never hungry in the morning, and my appetite always kicks up in the evening. This way, I have a full stomach at night and sleep better, never hungry in the morning.

    The real trick is cutting out the sugars:(

    I started counting calories a few years back as well. I could care less now! Its to the point where if it doesnt come out of the ground, or you cant take it from an animal, I dont eat it.

  22. Esbee

    Hart can take 3 weeks to recover from intense exercise

  23. Esbee


  24. Esbee

    afterburner training  short intensity  Bern 1 pound in sleep over night .. and you Bern most fat when in recovery from exercises .. not in exercising .. to be at 2% body fat

  25. I watched this video right on time…..I'm currently sitting at 230lbs….goal is 195 by the end of Summer!!! Cleeeeeaann eating and Smash the gym!!!! Sucks Ass but there's no other way!!!

  26. Verde

    When is that new workout/getting jack/apoc-a-talk motivation video coming out! Lol

  27. My step father's family grew up on a 3000 achre farm in North Dakota. My step father had the strongest old father I ever saw and he and his 7 brothers were all very strong men. They were all skinny but strong. I don't remember ever hearing any stories about them going to bed hungry. That farmed even produced during the depresion. They almost never went to bed hungry. That is unsound advice. You can train hard and not go to bed hungry and still be lean and fit. When your body burns fat it also burns mussle unless you replenish the calories. That is just a basic understanding of survival. No military training course has the soldiers training undernourished. You are wrong about going to bed hungry.

  28. Many people either don't understand or are in denial about the fact that it doesn't matter WHAT you eat or how much you work out. It doesn't matter your body type or your "metabolism". Those are excuses and empty justifications for failure. The only thing that matters is a calorie deficit. The show Naked and Afraid illustrates this process perfectly. Starvation isn't exactly healthy, but it won't kill you either. That pang in your stomach…that means you are losing weight. Just embrace it and don't sit there counting calories or thinking about creative low fat foods and dieting gimmicks. Continually run your body at a calorie deficit and be in a constant state of low level hunger. You will lose all the weight you need in short order. It's a physiological fact.

  29. j johns

    If you're in your mid 40's + go slower. This video is from a young man, who recovers quickly, and he's telling other young people that you need to go after it, "don't worry about going too fast" and it is totally wrong for someone who's older and out of shape. Don't hurt yourself, it takes significantly longer for a older person to get in shape than a 20/30 something. Eat 1/2 the plate size you do now. Get off the white food, bread, chips, rice, and taters. Don't drink liquids full of sugars or artificial sweeteners( it's hard for your body to tell the difference). I've got enough grey hairs and experience to know that you can hurt yourself by trying to do the stuff you did when you were 30. Work hard and smart according to your age.

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