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Published on July 2, 2016

Hey Youtube, thanks as always for watching!

In today’s episode we discuss a method of preparedness that our group started instituting a few years ago called “The 1 Year Plan”. This is a standard plan that will allow you, your family, or your group to overcome any obstacles that life may throw in your way for a full year.

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  1. truer words were never spoken   it wears me out and kinda depresses me because i never feel like i am ever prepared enough and always feel like i fall short because when i feel fairly confident in being prepared in one area of my preps then some other event is brought to the forefront in world events and i feel like i have to prepare for something else. i try so hard but there is so darn much potential shtf situations rearing their ugly heads almost daily its a fulltime job just to keep you head above water. and being the only prepper in my family makes it doubly stressful,

  2. 200 good men?? If there are more than 3 in your group, one will be an fbi informant.

  3. Another great video.
    As a novice prepper I found this video full of outstanding info.
    Ty Fss.

  4. Thanks fss. I find this video of particular value.

  5. actual silver bullets may be good since they'd have multiple uses…. great video.

  6. Thank you! Good tips for "just in case".

  7. Mr. Mertin, thank you for your comment, I am sure that you can understand 3000 rounds of ammunition would be a great re-sale item even in today's economic climate. Ammuniation is going for (on average) 30% more than it's 2011-2012 purchase price. Making it a great investment with little risk of deflating prices.

  8. ok so this plan is for 1 year right
    why do you need over 3000 round of ammo are you going to be firing 100 rounds a day

  9. that is a great point to bring to light. I literally was exploding at one point, it fell on deaf ears and felt soo terrible. the few times that i felt great were where the info was relative to the time and person..i think i experienced an intense meaning of the word Patience. it was quite hurtful to the point of traumatic….I would think "how can someone not care at all????" i see the prevailing societal values as a possible factor; Respectfully, maybe even probable and likely. "fast food"

  10. BTW, i can Bearly handle to drink regular bottled water anymore, even my dog prefers the taste to fresh rain water V.S. Tap water

    Drinking water that was in a plastic container V.S. a Glass Container Has that hint of plastic taste to it, my Red Flag goes up with plastic constituents like BPA and Phthalate….the documentary called "Plastic Planet" is on Netflix and Youtube, its very informative

  11. Well keep fighting the good fight Alpha – You will be surprised at who comes to you with questions down the road and when… Everyone has their own internal need for knowledge and they each need someone to give it to them when that happens.

  12. i feel kinda full filled that i was able to share this knowledge with someone.
    why only kinda?
    well, my close friend doesn't really care much about this kinda stuff, not improtant to him at the current time (i totally get it too).

    after my, driving force to accumulate health knowledge was rooted in my own illness..

    also, my family members are a bit slow to catch on….big BUMMER! 🙁

    nevertheless, Im happy to seed the knowledge with people who are in need!

  13. Yeah the door to door tactics did give some larger scale insight into possible future events. Thanks for adding ISW!

  14. Thanks so much Alpha! Great info and thanks for caring about the community!

  15. The recent events in Boston has made me think ,those that live in this type of Police State will prob have to give up their food storage,not everyone but,i believe The Ninja Turtles will go door to door to check on people,and see who has food,matter of fact i can almost guarantee it.

  16. Jim N

    Really enjoyed the video.

  17. "Avoid "empty" filtered water" means to avoid drinking water that been de-mineralized.
    Reason – some minerals serve as electrolytes

    Empty water – is water that is not a good thirst quencher
    {reverse osmosis and Distilled}.

    Optimal Electrolyte levels in the body also improve Cellular communication giving a boost to the bodies overall efficiency.

    How do Cellular communications improve? Electrolytes improve the electrical conductivity of H20 the body, giving the exchange of cells a boost

  18. i was very happy to read your response! thanks!

  19. "meds should not be considered when searching for a long term remedy"

    there are many physiological reason that could trigger a head ache…

    1st – statistically, 50% of Americans are dehydrated
    2nd – unhealthy dietary choices, nutrition is very important in maintaining a healthy body…25% of USA people get Heart Disease, diet is now known as one method of reversing it.
    3rd- stress from a typical diet

    add all of them together and we got a disaster waiting to happn

  20. Thanks brother, wishing you all the best too and hoping you had a chance to catch up on some vids.

  21. Good you guys are still there! Great tips as always, amigo, I like the one year plan idea. Had to catch up on your vids, all the best!

  22. Will do brother! Thanks and glad to here things are going well (as long as busy is well) for you.

  23. Been very busy! Thank you for asking. I see you and yours have been busy here on this channel as well. That's great and really look forward to your future productions. Please keep it going.

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