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Published on August 17, 2016

The Dead Man Anchor is an extremely effective technique for securing your tent when camping in moderate to deep snow. This method is often used by mountaineers under some of the most adverse conditions that can be encountered in the outdoors. Common tent stakes (and often even snow specific stakes) are very ineffective and prone to failure in the snow and severe weather that we sometimes face in “the 4th season”. By utilizing this simple technique you can be assured that your Winter tent (or tarp) camping experience will be a success, and your shelter will remain standing even through the nastiest of Winter storms.
* This technique is also very effective for use in sand as well.
IntenseAngler’s “Tip Of The Week” – Episode 32
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  1. What do you sleep in when your camping in winter??

  2. we could have used this anchor. Next time we will know!

  3. in a emergancy where you got snow and no trees..rock…nothing…bring plastic wal mart type bags..put a few togther dig your hole..fill the bags with snow attach yur guide outs and bury them in the great.

  4. What model Kelty are you shewing in this video?

  5. What if I don't have a stick? Will a fish or chocolate bar work?

  6. Meant to say thanks a while back. Used the dead man tip on a hike up mt. Lafayette in New Hampshire with my friends where we camped on the mountain! Worked great and saved me from purchasing new stakes. Just used my abs 9" tent stakes and packed the snow. By morning needed my forest axe to dig them out. Thanks for your vids! Keep'em com'in.

  7. Thanks! I'm a little late on viewing this, as it is almost summer now, but it's great ammo to put away in my brain for next season's treks.

  8. What a simple but very effective way to accomplish this! Great tip

  9. Great info, I have not had the (dis)pleasure of camping in the snow, I would not have figured this one out for a while. I have seen a similar method used for rappelling in snowing terrain, pretty neat stuff. Thanks!


  10. Do u put ur aluminium foil on ur guy-lines…. Lol…

  11. from UK man love this stuff! keep up the good work, im a bush craft team leader and drop your youtube site to all my students, saves me work (don't ask me for commission you cant prove nothing 🙂 lol

  12. Intense angler… What kid of cold weather cloths are u using in this vid. I need help of good stuff to buy for cold whether and waterproof stuff. Thanks. Jeff

  13. Very smart idea John. I remember reading about dead man anchors in Chris Bonington's books.

  14. Thanks, Kurt, for the info. Those mountain climbers are some brave adventurers!

  15. Thanks for the tips John. I'm planning a trip to San Jacinto for some snow camping in a couple of weeks. Liked your other snow camp video on how and where to set up your tent. Keep up the good work!

  16. they'd use their axes or ski poles, or fill a small stuff sack with snow, or use rock if the snow pack is shallow enough in places

  17. As usual another excellent tip. Keep em coming!

  18. Great TOTW, as usual! Did you leave Kado at home this trip? Or how did you keep the dog out of this video? LOL

  19. love your channel bro

  20. Awesome channel John, I just subscribed…..but you need a better quality video image.

  21. John, Quite interesting, indeed. Do those guys who pitch tents way, way up on the mountains (there's no trees) carry sticks with them to bury in the snow? Don

  22. Anytime my Brother. Hope the weekend's been a great one so far!

  23. Thanks Brother. It's definitely one of those simple little "tricks" that have come in handy over the years…

  24. My pleasure. Thanks a bunch for watching & commenting, it's much appreciated!

  25. Thanks my Brother. Hope all's well over in your neck of the woods.

  26. Certainly works great, that's for sure. And I agree 100% about the Ribz Pack btw… never leave home without it!

  27. Thanks my friend. Hope all is well over your way!
    P.S. Going to have to contact you soon about one of your blades… your craftsmanship is top-notch!

  28. Thanks Ed, I really appreciate that. It's funny how it always seems to be the simple things that tend to work the best sometimes, isn't it?
    All the best to you and yours!

  29. Thanks Jim. It's certainly one of those "simple" tricks that are handy to have in your back pocket for tentin' or tarpin' 🙂
    All the best to you and yours buddy!

  30. Yeah, it's amazing how well this simple technique works for establishing rock solid anchor points.
    And I agree by the way… Dave really outdid himself with the awesome intro!

  31. Thanks Brother, I really appreciate that.
    All the best!

  32. Thanks 🙂
    Hope you two are having a killer weekend!

  33. Definitely!
    Thanks for watching and commenting Brother. Hope your weekend's been a good one!

  34. Yeah, Dave's a great guy to say the least. In fact, his were some of the first backpacking trip videos that I saw when I started watching YT, and immediately loved his down-to-earth personality and humility… a huge inspiration without a doubt!
    Thanks a bunch Karen & I hope your weekend has been a great one so far 🙂

  35. Definitely.
    Been plenty of times when camped out on a sandbar while on a fishing trip that I've used this method… works great!

  36. Right on Brother. Hope you're having a great time out there!!

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