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Published on June 30, 2016

Introducing the monowalker fatmate, carry large loads ANYWHERE easily. This is one of the most rugged, ergonomic and capable hiking trailers that will hit the market later this year.

Monowalker website (select English (EN) setting at top of page)

Monowalker Fatmate

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  1. I hurt my spine and had 7 operations. this would allow me to go camping again and I want one!!!!!!

  2. Nice unit -But you should have a Goat Bell hanging underneath it just in front of the wheel to let bears know your coming .

  3. Good idea ! Congratulation. Please, follow our social networks, we are MUNDO MORRALES, and you can see, in our BLOG, advertising backpacks, the new way to boost your brand, all kind of brands. We sold to many companies, wholesale.

  4. Air filled tire? You know how many stickers are out there? imagine towing a cart with a flat tire? How about solid rubber?

  5. A wheel barrow.
    I will make one of these and add some of my own hacks.
    Thank you!

  6. Terrible name, should be called the Centaur- your welcome :-)

  7. that thing looks like a huge pain in the ass for the places I hike at least.

  8. Please do not use the imperial system (pound) and the metric system (kilometer) disorderly. Choose either the metric system (+) or the imperial system (-). I like the metric system more, but since most of your viewers are probably from the US I don't mind you using the imperial system. But don't say: "I carry a 75 pound bag for 14 kilometers" because that just doesn't make sense.

  9. Nah, for offroading get a donkey. Proven by 1000s of years.

  10. could even carry your broke leg fat mate down off the hill, great vid. as always nice product too…x

  11. Thanks for a great review. I used to backpack and cycle when I was younger, but injured my left knee cycling. That injury made those activities difficult, painful and risky. I can still hike without a load, but been very reluctant to pick up a pack and carry any amount of weight. The monowalker looks like something I could manage.

  12. What about trek poles? Do you feel like you no longer need them; because of the added stability of the walker? Would they just be in the way? thx …. Great Channel BTW..

  13. Ladies and gentlemen, the extreme wheelbarrow.

  14. The chinese used the same idea during the Qin dynasty made of wood 221BC.

  15. Golf club cart with a big tire.

  16. Maybe trail behind a bicycle.

  17. CP I was looking at your fatmate video.  Nice innovation .  I was thinking for a guy in good shape and of good age living in the back country , this is great way to carry heavy loads. However ,  Being in the big city with lots of hills and valleys , 85 miles away form the forest. I use something similar as an option .  That item is a aluminum  kick scooter with big wheels , for roads.   I noticed for smooth roads in a hilly city,  it works great.   Cost =$50 on amazon black Friday special.  Weight is 8lbs. Weight load limit is 220lbs.  ON flat surface or inclines , I will place my pack on (20lbs) it,  and push it up hill,  or flat surfaces.   On down hills or slight declines I will just ride the scooter.  It works great.  I got 6mph for 1 hour with 20lbs pack in my city .    Walking without my assist scooter I can do 2mph with a (20lbs) pack.         Due to the fact I have the body of a 15 year old kid . lol 150lbs.    Conclusion the 8lbs $50 scooter helps me to move 3x faster  with bugout bag .   From 2mph to 6mph.     When using my edc bag (5lbs)  I can get up to 7-8 mph.  In conclusion,  it is a simple kick scooter , which is a perfect gray man item.  With my  physical outline shape  and size of a 15 year old and a hoodie on a kick scooter  it would be the perfect gray BOY/man  escape.  lol .    Few if any , would look at a kids kick scooter and say ,"hay that child is bugging out".   Nice video as usual

  18. Brian

    Add an electric motor, remote control set to follow yourself, and solar power. Then you will have something.

  19. Still haven't seen any videos from all of the "I'm gonna make my own" posters here….sure, I could make my own also, I have a welder, metal working tools and years of shop experience…my own years of experience tell me I would probably spend more time and more money trying to equal this already engineered and developed Fatmate. Yes it is expensive but it is not made in China for millions, it is a small market and low volume production of a high quality product and I really doubt the developer is living a wealthy life style because of it's sales. If you personally would benefit from a product like this then the price is affordable..that is my 2 cents.

    Thanks to CP for providing these videos as there really isn't much else out there that talks about the Fatmate.

  20. Sara B.

    What is the distance between the "handlebars" beside the hips? Will it be adjustable? Thinking about a big guy who is 6' 5" and about 285… just wondering if his hips would fit in there with wiggle room, like you seem to have.

  21. I made a bug out cart out of a bag boy golf cart and p v c pipe it is very Handy for old guys I carry two scabbards and my inch bag I can send you some pictures if you wish .thanks for your channel .kim

  22. Yet it is illegal in most US parks. Dumb rule! But if it still interests you, try the Dixon roller pack first. I have one. And it cost around $300. Converts to a backpack as well.

  23. its a fucking wheel barrel i could pull the bin off a wheel barrel add a bike tire and boom same thing

  24. Darn I saw a photographers custom 1 off camera bag years ago now which had maybe 12 inch bike tires and thought to myself why isn't this a thing?

    I envisioned more of a traditional luggage design with a collapsible handle at the top but instead of the crappy rollie wheels to use bike wheels to either side just a size larger than the body of the hard case or frame with which to strap your pack.

  25. Idomake

    looks like something for the military

  26. oh how about a bike could you tow it

  27. rather have two wheels more stable

  28. This reminds me of an article I'd read in Marine Corps Times , about a proposal for a two-wheeled version for machinegun units, to hump their M2s and Mk 19s. I don't know if HQ Maine Corps gave the idea any thought.

  29. Its a single wheel on a simple frame…lol…I could make this in my shop in about 4 hours and can readily think of 2 small improvements on it to boot. Why does every new product like this have to be aimed at BMW driving duel income no kid couples who are stupid enough to part with that chunk of cash?

  30. mate! I just finished a 3 day trek along Assateague island on eastern USA. u have to take in all supplies including water (no freshwater supplies on the route). this proved to be ridiculous with the hot climate that its impossible to carry it all. the last day hiking I was thinking "hmm I wonder if there is some sort of rack with a wheel that can carry much more gear easily"… this is it. its perfect for the trip I just did. my back is damn sore now carrying a 22+ kg pack all the way

  31. for the price i can see people making the own based on this construction of the moonwalker or Fatmate

  32. It's a great idea, needs improvements, thinking toughness. I can see a big future in this design. I personally don't back pack heavy loads. I use a 5.11 rush 12 day pack, it doesn't carry much but that's how I roll. I prefer to have a base camp and hike out and back, hence the choice of a day pack. But in a SHTF scenario, I could see great value in this design. A couple of these could carry a family worth of gear off the beaten track and away from the hords. Also, I like the idea of using it for a carry out after hunting. Meat gets heavy after a couple kms. Be great for whole Deer and Pig, would make it much easier.
    Great concept, I will keep my eyes out for this in Australia.

  33. Not sure where does it say its payload is 50 kg. I get it like 40. Like 2 bagpacks at once. Have you tried to transport an adult human (e.g. pretending if the human could not walk)?

  34. Just one more feature that could make the Fat Mate complete would be to add some kind of device to hook it up to a bike, I guess!

  35. Great review, and timely for me as I've been considering various methods of moving gear and supplies recently. None of which are as promising as this.

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