The Wilderness Fuel: Spruce Resin.

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Published on January 28, 2017

Spruce resin is one of nature’s best fuels, it burns even if it is wet, remember to also check out my other video where I make bushcraft glue by using spruce resin.

Please contact me if you have any wishes on what i sould do in my upcoming videos, anything related to survival and wilderness.


  1. This could also be used as a special effects movie prop. It could be used as melted metal or something.

  2. Would it be possible to craft a makeshift mini-stove using resin as the fuel? If so, well imagine that, no alcohol needed for an "alcohol" stove! 🙂

    Also, not trying to be rude or annoying or anything, but… I wouldn't recommend setting a living tree on fire like that just to demonstrate the effectiveness of spruce resin as a fuel, in fact the demonstration at the end would have been much better to illustrate just by itself. I mean, you could have endangered the forest in that earlier example of yours… it would definitely not have been cool D:

  3. For some reason i cant find any resin. Do you have any suggestions

  4. Yeah I figured as much. I just thought it could be the call to arms for the "thumb downers" 🙂

  5. It was just the resin burning, the tree took no harm.

  6. Maybe because he sets a living tree on fire.

  7. Can't figure out why 5 people would dislike this

  8. UTK16

    Thanks for that my friend! 😉

  9. I agree, that is the best way to get it.


  10. As with anything that bleeds: Yeah, it's possible. But I would recomment that you find an older tree, that has bled before. Otherwise you'd have to wait for the resin to harden and it's way easier to handle when dried out that when it's still sticky.

  11. Kanzee

    Oppps, Forest fire coming up in the next vid??…LOL..ahh man!! ☆★ I think Smokeythe Bear gonna spank you for showing the kids this video…lol
    ☆★☆Cheers : -))

  12. @UTK16
    Yes it is possible to do so but it will take a very long time before it comes out and you can get any amounts to burn with, the ideal is to find an old spruce that has lots of wounds that has leaked out resin during a long time and formed resin lumps on the wounds, then it's just to break off the resin-pieces as I did in the video.

    Have a nice weekend.

  13. UTK16

    Is it possible to make a cut or stab the tree to get some resin out? or does it have to be a old injury on the tree?

  14. Jag är från Kanada. Jag har varit i sverige, Älmhult.

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