“Tip Of The Week” – Fire Steel Tinder Lanyard (E8)

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Published on July 2, 2016

IntenseAngler’s “Tip Of The Week”, Episode 8. How to make a tinder lanyard for your fire steel, ferro rod, or magnesium striker that will serve as emergency firestarter in a survival situation.

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  1. Ei Pi

    i treated 1 strand of twine (VERY LIGHTLY) w/ vasoline b4 weaving….after a few days the untreated lines soaked up any leftover and now the vasoline is undectable but still burns longer   you can speed up the process by rolling the twine between your hands like using a fire drill
      Thxs for the heads up! neat trick…something else i do is make my own ferro rod holders using fatwood as the handles

  2. . . . he tied a granny knot. <facepalm>

  3. How does this autistic gentleman have nearly 100K subs?

  4. why not combine your straw storage tip with petrolium jelly? it does not take much to soak that twine and it will burn much longer lol and a straw full will get you quite far :)

  5. Great video! I use this tip with the chapstick tip for one great combo!

  6. I want to apologize to you for forgetting to give you credit in a video I did about a dental floss pack pocket fishing kit. I used your ear plug bobber in it and if I were better with "technology" based knowledge I would edit it it give you props for the idea. Anyway thanks for sharing

  7. I have the melted wax on jute in my wallet. After 2 years of being in my wallet, wet, sweat, etc. I took it out to test and frayed it. Lit right up with my emergency fero rod I keep in my wallet. can't beat that Waxed jute.

  8. nice tip man! 

    have you ever though of a wax dipped core with like a cobra weave over the outside?  you would have the best of both worlds. 

  9. Very cool tip 🙂 As to using (or not using) wax on an item, such as the lanyard in this video, have you tried beeswax? It is nowhere near as brittle as paraffin or soy, adds a waterproof layer of protection, and still adds to the flammability of your tinder. It's another possibility if you want the waterproofing protection or added flammability without sacrificing flexibility, and without the mess of petroleum jelly.

  10. nice one, I love Jute but this has given me inspiration to use it for more creative things, really like the stuff for building primitive shelters with a big plus that its biodegradable, obviously Para cord has its place but to be honest for most of the applications ive seen it used for Jute twine is a perfectly good substitute! hopefully my channel will be going live next spring basis being adventure on a budget. Anyway keep up the good work brother, big respect from the UK.

  11. what a great idea. why didint I think of that!

  12. WOW didn't even think of this, thanks again

  13. great tip, just got a firestarter hadnt got a clue how to use it, thanks !!!

  14. Love it. Looking for a few opinions on why fire steel or mag instead of coated matches or a lighter?? I've never needed/used them in 10 day back country trips. Stay in leanto's for max 3 days and once fire started we keep it going with coals (been able to even thru deluge downpours…) Are the alt ignition sources more for long term living out in the woods??

  15. That was a quick fire. I hope you can start some twigs.

  16. now wait until the leak break crack get soaked lost run out of fluid or flint ect.
    … then tell me what is the best

  17. and it is a five stand braid with a candle wick in the middle

  18. i put a pill fob w/ wax petroleum jute and cotton on mine that helps with day 2 day tinder

  19. I think you could do something similar to this but soak the twine in wax then pull the twine into gutted paracord to keep the wax from getting everywhere. I havent tried this yet but it seems like it should work. This would also make it so you would still have a lanyard if you use up the jute.

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