“Tip of the Week” – Homemade Firestarter (E3)

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Published on July 2, 2016

How to make a completely waterproof, long burning, and easy to carry fire-starter. This awesome fire starter works perfectly for wet and cold weather conditions, whether in a survival situation or simply for easy starting of a campfire. Due to its long burn time it also makes a great stand alone fuel source for a small “pocket” type stove. Best of all, it is very packable and clean, and will not leave a mess in your pack or survival kit.

About “Tip Of The Week”:
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* I got the idea for this fire starter awhile back from another YouTube user, Keister12. He has a very comprehensive video showing the making and demo of this great method. I have included a link to his video below.
“Waterproof Fire Steel Friendly Fire Starters (Homemade)”

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  1. Great video! Do you prefer these or the Vaseline soaked cotton balls inside straws as a fire starter?

  2. Why laugh, I think it's a great idea. Thank you for all your hard work sharing your knowledge. God bless.

  3. @intenseangler Hi, have you ever heard of Dax Wax? A product for your hair? I checked it up recently and it's all made of different types of fat. Including "vaseline", mineral oil, and lanolin.
    Do you think it would be good as an ingredient to a cottonball firestarter?

  4. Lot of work. I just bought a box of  duraflame firestar 48 count for 19.99 at target. They burn 30 minutes. you could easily cut them in 2 or even 4 to start anywhere from 48 to 192 fires.

  5. When i saw this video i couldnt resist to try  making some of those… 15 minutes later im typing this coment and realizing it's 23:58 PM. I hope they dont crack while drying!

  6. thanks man, this video really helped me. in my country we use charcoal to cook so this is usefull to us. i'm ganna start this tomorrow.

  7. Didn't go through all the comments, and this has been up for awhile now. That said, I usually make these when doing some dehydrating, and putting them in there dries them quickly. Not cost effective maybe, but if it's on anyway or you need them quick it'll do the trick.
    Love your tips, you're a good host and stay much more focused during your videos than many out there. Thanks for your effort.
    To the other folks who commented: Thanks for the garlic press idea; I'll have to try that.

  8. Hi, looking all your tips for the first time +1 !!!
    I prefer the "rest" into the dry machine, because there is no ink in it 🙂
    More "bio".
    Thx so much from France !

  9. Great vid, I made some and they work great! Awesome idea, but when I was cooking the newspaper, my dad asked what I was doing and freaked out. Next time, please say if it will hurt anything. Great idea though 

  10. I bet placing a few in the bottom of a muffin pan would be a great mold. Great Vid and Great Idea!

  11. Just to save money, I used the candle wax from the tea light candle. I just popped out the wick and metal peice

  12. Amazing.  Thank you!     Youtube is our frieeend.

  13. Just wondering-"haven't really seen it used anywhere" but use a cardboard TP holder and stock it with burning materials "any kind" your preference, such as cotton dipped in Vaseline or a little TP and some twigs inside and out to cover it-. Have some timber to pile on top- light it and you got yourself a great fire starter and the best thing you can flatten it in your backpack. You can use any items to start fire in this. Sure it can be used in so many ways… Thought I would throw that out there.

  14. Pro-tip, use garlic press to make perfectly formed pieces, with great density and uniform shape, and get much of the water out

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