“Tip Of The Week” – Self-Igniting FireStarter (E16)

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Home Preppers DIY “Tip Of The Week” – Self-Igniting FireStarter (E16)
Published on July 2, 2016

A compact and waterproof firestarter with an integrated ignition source. These easy to make fire starters are perfect for survival kits, or simply for those hard to light campfires. The total burn time for these “all-in-one” firestarters is between 4-7 minutes (depending on match size and amount of material used for the wrap); more than enough time to start a fire in adverse conditions such as wet and cold weather. A windproof (or “storm proof’) match can be substituted for this application to allow for an increased initial ignition time. Other accelerants or tinder may be used for the wrap as well; such as jute twine or cotton pads. The potential variations are many.

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  1. Super idea. I am making these!

  2. Dang, I thought I was an original thinker with that. My wrinkle is to wrap vaselined tissue around a strike-anywhere match plus a UCO storm match. Then jam that into a plastic straw, and heat-seal the ends of the straw. I throw a few of those in various packs. It makes a stubborn flame.

  3. Long pinky nail = cocaine scoop

  4. boy, if that were me behind that tree they would need a Sequoia Redwood.

  5. does cotton work as an alternative for tissue paper

  6. Would melted crayon wax work I wonder?

  7. These are the best fire starters on the face of the planet.

  8. IntenseAngler,
    — Why is your pinkie nail on your finger so long? That's so irregular looking on a guy. What's the point?

  9. IntenseAngler, What do think of this?
    — What about dropping the strike-anywhere match into a piece of a drinking straw (one end heat-sealed) and filling the gap in between with wax? Would that be a good use for your straw video AND this video as a fire starter?

  10. Thanks for the video and your time to upload, looks like it works fine.

  11. Thanks man, good idea. Where can you strike the match other than a match box? I would be concerned with striking when everything is wet. Of course if you have a lighter, that would be good. Maybe a rock. Maybe flint and steel could ignite it.

  12. I've been playing around with this idea and found, an overcoat of 'Bottle Sealing Wax' (home brew supply store) extends the burn time dramatically, and makes them a whole lot less likely to melt together. Thanks for the idea!!

  13. if the match is wet,then the match box which is used is also wet and can not light the fire…

  14. I like to tie two "trick" birthday candles to the match. If a wind blows them out, they will self ignite and keep the fire going long enough for the tinder to burn.

  15. LOL. Why don't you just wax the matches and buy a candle instead of wasting your time and energy.
    You people must be really bored.

  16. Great tutorial but please oh please, stop saying "go ahead"!!!

  17. wonderful !! thanks much, one more thing for lil man and my self to make :)

  18. CreQ

    What are your long pinky nails for Mr Crackpipe? J/K =p

  19. Birthday candles from dollar store. You already have the matches.

  20. I made some of these, And they work great ! Thanks for the " Tip Of The Week "

  21. I love this guys videos but cant you just use basic birthday candles instead of going through all this work? They around 20 for $1.50.

  22. This is really cool & I love his videos, but i'm getting sort of freaked & grossed out with his pinky nails. They're longer than mine. Growing up, when someone had long pinky nails it was only for one reason. Hmmm?

  23. Yes!  Most excellent.

    I modify wooden match sticks (with knife or razor blade scalpel) into feather or fuzzy fiber sticks.  You can make these with/without match heads.  They make superb fire spark starting material.  Spray on, multiple times, WD40 or alcohol, and allow to thoroughly soak in.  Then spray on PAM, or dip into olive or corn cooking oil, and dry.  The cooking oil dries into a waxy waterproof surface for the wood and match tip (no crumbling).  The inner wet solvent/alcohol and outside dry cooking oils make a superior firemaking product.  Package them in tiny airtight ziplock baggies.

    Make mini wooden match feather or fuzzy fiber sticks.  With knife or razor blade scalpel, feather stick or scrape the surface making fuzzy fibers.  These can be match head or garage wood splinters (plywood, veneer, scrap) firemaking material.

    If you have fatwood, then make a large number of the same feather or fuzzy fiber wooden match sticks at base camp.  These are very impressive firestarting products.

    Other small fire starters are tiny spiral birthday candles (and those that are self-relighting).  Cut them down to 1 inch.  Slice the end, and shave off the mini 1/4 inch wax splinters, leaving the wick (and self-relighting metal thread).  Keep the wax splinters for mini tinder material (to lay out or waxy rub on the other tinder) .  Flay out the wick fibers, and lay on a spark or flame.  The mini candle is waterproof, (better than charcloth), will burn for a very long time, and the self-relighters are almost windproof.  Repackage them in the same birthday candle box, all nice and tight in your fire kit tin.

  24. did buy them firestarters at a shop once. but i do not think they make them anymore .  i think i will try to make some but useing them life boat matches you can find them on e bay with black head .or with red heads i think the matches you can use to light any where .Stormproof Match Kit 100 Lifeboat Matches Waterproof Windproof BCB Survival Gear ebay or EMERGENCY WINDPROOF WATERPROOF STORM MATCHES 40-200 LIFE BOAT SAS SF TA UK POST  ebay from the uk

  25. Where did you learn how to roll like that? Just kidding! A great idea that works!

  26. intro in all your vids are so loud

  27. cool ideal, basically a strike any where candle cool

  28. e1n3r

    Put it in your allso shown Drinking straw ;)

  29. Good video, thanks. I'll never understand why so many Americans have to preface every 2nd sentence with "go ahead" though.

  30. YouTubers, or rather Internet Trolls in general, never cease to amaze me. Here this guy comes up with a simple, yet ingeniously effective idea, and yet all so many of you can do is bitch about his nails. I can't imagine how miserable you people must be.
    Well thanks for this idea John! I've been using them over a year and they NEVER cease to amaze me! 

  31. This is an excellent fire starter.  I add 3 matches and do the same thing.  3 matches insure success every time.  The one match has a high failure rate.  3 matches goes almost all the time.  Thanks for the great idea!

  32. ka sta

    what  happens if the strike pad gets wet??

  33. I do appreciate your videos, their great! I just wanted to ask a question, it's not a criticism just a question. Can you really call it self -igniting? I mean it does not start by itself because it needs your help to strike it, I'm sure I will get a bunch of unkind comments for asking this, thanks again for your great videos.

  34. nice cocaine nails…you don't seem to be the type, why do you grow those two nails that long?

  35. awesome idea, and light weight and small for micro packing camping!

  36. I just made about 60 of these and I'm averaging 4 min burn time while being held and not burning yourself. 5 minutes just flaming on its own till it goes out. The flame is easily 5 times the size of a normal stick match too. I used high temp wax, melting point of 200f, to make sure that the worst summer conditions in my pack will still not degrade them. After testing about 20 normal stick matches I never got one to burn beyond 35 seconds so this is a pretty huge increase for such a simple process. $35 worth of high temp wax would easily make a few thousand of these so if you know others that would use it, this tutorial adds pennies to the cost of a normal stick match. 

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