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Published on January 31, 2017

Sensible Prepper’s “Top 3 SHTF Budget Guns”. If money is tight but you’re concerned about self defense and the safety of your family, here are 3 guns you should consider for SHTF.

Personal Safety
Home Defense
Long Range Capability

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  1. Actually with practice someone can get out to 200 yards with a handgun and with a rifled barrel and slugs up to 200 or 300 yards with a shotgun. Also I get that single shot shotguns are cheap and all but in combat most people will be nervous and shaking a lot so a pump or semi auto would be better

  2. If I were on a budget I would buy
    SKS- about $300
    Taurus g2 24/7- $200
    Single shot 22/12 guage that switch barrels- $150
    Thankful I have a nice AR many good quality handguns and tons of others

  3. Ray C

    If you study  economics.. SHTF is close. Better prep now while you can

  4. Want something inexpensive,reliable,And perfect for self defense. Hi-Point Firearms Model C-9 9mm Is the way to go. At this price point Nothing can beat it,Here is a link
      You can probably get a good deal at a pawn shop and or buy it used and pay even less. A buddy of mine Got one for 90 bucks Works like a charm.

  5. i want to buy a mosin but i cant find any near me if i do theyre over priced and i dont feel comfortable buying online so i guess no mosin for me :(

  6. Prepper: A gun shop/Army-Navy store owner's wet dream

  7. I have single shot and pump both being 20 gauge

  8. I think the mosin nagant is a substantially horrible rifle for a shtf situation. You want these to protect your life. Spend the money

  9. Awesome video!!!! Thank you and I suscribed. I'm on a serious budget and am a new gun owner. So many great keypoints for how much ammo to have and shtf situations. God bless!

  10. the nagant is cool but isnt it pretty heavy

  11. don't think you can buy/sell on Facebook anymore.

  12. i paid 300 nzd for a brand new sks

  13. In the country- shotgun, in the city- handgun. The range you have to reach is different.

  14. Excellent video. The only thing I would do differently is that I would get a shotgun before I got a pistol. My shotgun has always been my "OH SHIT!" gun. In fact, if I could have only one firearm, it would be my shotgun. I can see how a pistol could be a priority gun, though.

  15. what about the SCCY CPX1 or CPX2? They both run around $280-320. 10+1, accurate, made in America, and works well with all brands of ammo.

  16. Never in hell would I get a Mosin for a SHTF/prepper gun. Something i .308 would be my choice, a 12 gauge shotgun, maybe even .22LR 5.56 for a rifle and 9mm for pistol simply because they are plentiful and affordable.

  17. Great stuff for the zombie invasion we are having

  18. dawson

    kahr is crap

  19. Why are you repositioning your left hand after every shot. Hold on to that handgun.

  20. the taurus millennium pro g2 is the best budget handgun out there.

  21. Is that a shed you are using to keep your gun stuff in? I've seen others with similar. I'm interested. But nervous about putting things like that in a shed. And keeping it secure is an issue. Thanks.

  22. For home defense, hard to beat a Maverick 88 12ga or 20ga (brand new) for $190. No where close to the best for home defense, but still good for survival is…..a 22lr rifle the Marlin model 795 for around $150.

  23. hey Don , great video but a little out dated . right now hipoint pistols and shotguns are the cheapest on the market . mosin's are hard to find and no longer the cheapest rifle you can buy .

  24. Dude, I just love your videos!! All your stuff is pretty much my favorite.

  25. Years ago they did away with what were called "Saturday Night Specials" in the on going tacit class war that deemed the impoverished as unworthy of self protection. This in spite if the fact that in reality they were the most at risk. This is what happens when others decide what is best for people that they presume to be of less value than they are.  So where are the most deaths by violence committed (?), among the disarmed poor. These folks cannot afford to drop two months rent on some over priced bit of hardware. Some of those guns were 'junk' and dangerous, but not all.

  26. Hey SensiblePrepper, what do you think of bolt-action shotguns? That's about all I have right now, and it's fairly effective, though not as good as a pump gun.

  27. Another option is a pistol caliber carbine. I have a 4095TS because I wanted a carbine, and I couldn't get my hands on a Glock configured S2K. I ended up getting a JCP40 just to match up with it.

  28. I really like your video's and your personality. I want to give you the perspective of an Australian, who does a bit of prepping.
    If I was in America, I am certain that I would own many guns. I liked your 380 Hellcat as an EDC. I would tune in fast to your Mossin, having cheap rounds. Ideally I would also want a Scar-H, this, I would put a good telescopic sight on.
    I grew up with a Crossman Air gun in Sydney and at school I was in Cadets, every Friday we would dress up in Australian Army uniform, spit polish boots and brass as shinny as. We shot .22 in the handball courts sometimes.
    I really like all gadgets, especially those associated with the outdoors. I currently own no guns, my dad has one of those general purpose combo guns (as he lives on the land), shoots .22 and shot shells, but he has never shown it to me. I used one of my parents neighbors, 410 mag single shot (Brazillian) to hammer a brown snake, couple of years back, as it was hanging around the sheds near the house.
    Part of my prep (but also because I really like learning it) is Wing Chun, Kung Fu. If the SHTF i have a regional place to go, in a Valley, were all neighbors get on and could band together to defend. There are some rifles in the valley. I have stored seeds and relevant books. I am pretty sure I will end up having an Australian Policemans Glock 9mm and a shot gun, I am not going to kill anyone to get it, as a long distance cyclist, I am an opportunist. I just some how know this will happen.
    Anyway, hope I am not rambling too much for you's.
    My point is, I like our highly restrictive gun laws, it is a good thing that we do not enter an arms race against our fellow citizens. I know this will upset some people, or be difficult to understand. I am jealous of you guys, but when I let my greed go, I know I am lucky.
    Best wishes to you all.

  29. My three choices for budget new firearms would be:

    1) Maverick 88. I've purchased two of these and recently picked up one new at Dicks for $169.. Excellent, reliable shotgun.

    2) Smith and Wesson SD9VE: Add an Apex trigger kit and you have a Glock 19 for $330. Lifetime warrantied and totally reliable.

    3) Marlin 795: Super accurate and a receiver design that is tried and proven (it uses the same receiver and bolt as a Marlin model 60). My sister picked one up recently for $137 (on sale). Every bit as reliable (and more accurate) as a Ruger 10/22 at $100 less

  30. I miss my mosin. Paid 100 bucks for it, now they want 300+ in most places. Pisses me off.

  31. just curious, where is a good place to pick up military surplus firearms?

  32. nice choise bro and it is just the same wat i want to do , but belgium has a super big selfish law and is saying that you can't walk outside with agun to protect ure self.
    here i belgium u only can have a pistol in house with license (i understand of course) but u cant go outside and they do annoying about stronger guns higher than pistol.
    here in belgium people want to protect them self but we cant becaus of the law.
    sow in belgium i think here it wil only be a pistol.
    wat do u advise as a pistol in budget and easy to use (no rovolvers) .

  33. so what caliber is of that nagant? not familiar with it.

  34. Just ran into this video scrolling. Nice job brother.

  35. where you find a mosin for that price? I'm finding all of them now well in the mid 200s

  36. There ought to be a law AGAINST budget guns ! Just buy a Glock 19, a Colt M4 6920 and a Remington 870 Police magnum !

  37. Mosin, a Stoeger side by side, and a carbine pistol round also gives many good options.

  38. shotgun can reach out and touch someone at 200+ yards with practice and scope using slugs.mossberg 500 !

  39. an fn five seven is useful at the same distances most people max out on their little ARs all while weighing less, feeling better, allowing you to carry more ammo ect ect than a glock

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