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Published on June 30, 2016

In this video I break down the top Bug Out Bag mistakes I have seen in others bug out bags on youtube.

The top mistakes are:
-Bags and gear looking to militaristic and causing you to stand out
-Not having a bug out plan and a back up plan
-Not having medicine for stomach problems
-Packing to much survival gear
-Not Testing your survival gear


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  1. Janah

    Sleeping on the ground…. what if a bear comes , wolfs , snakes ? wouldent it be best to sleep up in a coupple of trees in a hammoc or something elivated from the ground ?

  2. I think your right in a lot of cases in regards to the bug out bag when in a Urban or City environment. But I Live in a tiny town of 2,000 people and the closest city to us is a 2.5hr drive away. Well city of noticeable size anyway. There is a town of 30,000 an hrs drive away. But that's still 80 miles. And we are surrounded by nothing but rough rugged hill country here. So the camo stuff and larger more prepared packs would work better in this environment because its all wilderness and dirt roads going to my bugout location. Knowing where to go and a plan is top of the list so that's a given. And living off the land is what we do here so that's easy for us, I go fishing or hunting every weekend. I agree on the 1st aid kit and actually took your idea on this one and modified my kit. I also agree most people pack too much weight. In the army 60lbs was pretty normal but the advice is no more than 25% of your body weight at the most. Oh and tent is a great idea but a debris hut or super shelter is the way to go in a cold environment. much more insulated than a tent. Great video bud keep up the good work.

  3. it's not really a matter of minimizing your gear (to a point), but packing more than you can carry. your pack should weigh no more than 1/3 of your total body weight and you need to be physically fit enough to not only grab it and go, but have the endurance to carry it for a long distance without fatigue. as it is, my pack weighs, give or take a few hundred grams, 12 kg (close to 27 lbs) and i can easily carry it for a 7 hour/20 mile hike. that's only because i trained myself to be able to hump it that far and it's even a primitive external wood frame with the sack from a trapper nelson frame. if your endurance is shite, even an 8 kg pack will be too heavy.

  4. I don't care what color your pack is: cammo, black, white or pink. Unprepared mauraders will only see a possible pack full of supplies and try to take it. And as far as the cammoed up people and "war lords." Personally I believe the thieves and marauders are going to prey on the weak and easy targets. Period. Little chance of of a fight. Sheep can be easily overcome. Say what you want mauraders are going to steer clear of any hard targets. They see a fully armed, in shape, confident man walking hard and constantly aware of his surroundings they are going to steer clear of him. Unless of course they back shoot him. But no prepper is going to be just hanging with the crowds anyway. I will be breaking with ANY people from the word go and moving solo, fast and hidden as possible. I totally agree its best to blend in and not stand out but in the end EVERYONE is going to be a potential target.

  5. Well keeping yourself Busy is actually pretty essential or else you'll have nothing to do so you might get paranoid of stuff and go crazy there been lots of reports of that

  6. people that wanna dress like war lords will be murdered immediatly.

  7. tactical bags are good cause they have more room and pockets to organize your bug out gear better depends on the situation getting your stuff out faster could save your life and make things easer

  8. Dag Ut

    This all depends on your location. Do you live in a city or rural, do you live in a very cold place…and so on. Your equipment, type of bag and such should refelct that. Pack big, you could always drop things as you go, but not so big that its to heavy for you to carry. Any experianced hikers would know what he/she can drag with them before its to much.

  9. i have not seen one video including urs that was a perfect bugout out all had issues with their bag.
    1: do not get big bag makes u huge target also do not get colored one stick with black one. and tactical bag is not entirely bad idea as its sturdier also gives off deception as people do not know if u have military background.
    2:avoid urban/cities/towns as theyll turn into warzones
    3:use active charcoal tabs
    4:smaller bag just enough for ACTUAL essential goods
    do not do research on internet for essential items use ur instincts ur knowledge ur intelligence because people like this will give u idea u need all this extra over complicated goods.

  10. there's a fine line between "ounces equals pounds and pounds equals pain, and pack light freeze at night" lol

  11. Good video man, but, people don't do these because they want to battle zombies, or need to survive, they do it (well, at least I do it), they do the bug out bag, leave it, and forget it. Hoping that you never need to use it, and knowing that if you need it, it will be there for you. Bet really good video! Good opinions. Congrats!

  12. You can't stand out in a crowd if you're not following the crowd ("following the highways like everybody else".

  13. Police and SWAT will be the first target because they look the most tactical. Then the people blending in.

  14. CrArbon

    How does this channel not have 10,000 – 100,000 Subscribers yet? This channel is awesome!

  15. soo secretive huh??
    you can't tell if u have a tent or a log hut, wtf is that homie?? your our advice guide. what do you have?? lol

  16. he'll yea diarrhea could kill you!!

  17. I disagree with number 1. a lot of people will look to him for help Wichita would COMPLETELY go with what you said.. although if your not Fucking around, pop off a round or two in the air or at someone, lol. and EVERYONE leave you the fuck alone… I'm a sick person that's done some violent shit, but even in the case of that I'd NEVER attempt to approach a guy looking like he's about to blast anything sketchy,…. lol

  18. "Scared and unorganized people…
    …he's got his M16 sticking out…" … that guy is gonna be a target!"

    Oh come on dude! My M16 sticking out and then make me a target? try me! hahahaha
    come on!

  19. Mistakes of this video,
    1. If you look like a bad ass, the sheeple will leave you alone.
    2. If you run with the rest of the flock you deserve to get mauled.
    3. Not telling your mother that you are posting on You Tube.

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