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Published on June 30, 2016

A video tour of my basement food storage area


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  1. You should consider adding a row of wire across each shelf to keep the jars from falling off the shelf in an earthquake.

  2. Your storage is a thing of beauty. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What temperature do you store your potatos and other foods ?

  4. That is simply incredible ! I have never seen such a display of home grown foods. I'd love to see the garden that all of those vegetables came out of. Hopefully theres a video in here somewhere.

  5. @CHEECHAKOSMONTANA That is a great question. It is best to let the beans fully mature on the plant and dry naturally if your season allows time for that. Our season here is short so sometimes I need to harvest the beans and finish drying them in the dehydrator. The beans can be harvested and dried anytime after they are fully mature and the pods start to turn a little leathery. If you are getting a lot of rain in fall then harvest the beans and dry them inside or they may mold on the vine.

  6. Amazing. Your canned foods are just beautiful.

  7. @MsCountrywitch I am working on the room to start my plants in now. I will try to make a viseo when it is done. My biggest problem is that our internet is so slow that it takes forever to upload a video. I try to put them on the laptop and go to the library in town to upload them.

  8. @roxiexd We had a pretty good harvest last year. I had over 250 tomatoe plants and sold a lot of tomatoes also.

  9. @SustenanceNCovering Thanks, I've been checking out your vids too. Some good stuff there.

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