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Published on August 2, 2016
A video showing how easy it is to use a PTO generator (tractor driven) for backup or emergency power. If you have a tractor it


  1. Running for hours under nearly no load on that engine is abusive. A pulley system to get your rpms down would be nice. I am offgrid, and although it took years of figuring it all out, do not rely on any generator except the sun.

  2. Just a note there are other PTO Gen Sets out there.  Central Georgia  Generators has a 24kw combo pto gear box and gen set (540 rpm) for about 1200 plus shipping.

  3. Personally I'm not a fan of a PTO genset… Lot of wear and tear on a tractor and last time I check a tractor like your NH isn't cheap…. And then when you need to power your house AND use your tractor, you have to pick… Thanks but, no thanks… Nice video however!

  4. Does your tractor have a 1000 RPM PTO? If it did you would be able to run your tractor at nearly half the RPM's and save fuel too.

  5. im2501

    Dude, your temp setup looks better than my permanent install <lol> what kind of tractor is that? and roughly how much did it cost? 

  6. Just realized who you remind me of, been driving me nuts, Russell Crowe.

  7. One comment as a farmer and owner of tractors- If you're running the generator for any period of time, have the generator on a platform (or hold the three point arms up) so that the PTO shaft is aligned straight with the generator. Will reduce wear on the needle bearings inside the PTO crosses, plus a PTO shaft running at an angle has an internal oscillation that will affect the tractor PTO seals and potentially the generator gearbox over time. Keep up the videos!!

  8. Could you do a video explaining the pros/cons between AC or DC and 12volt or 24volt, what is the best way to go off-grid?

  9. Really nice set up. I have three questions, if I may. First, would you consider a shed roof over your parting spot for the tractor and genset a practical idea? Second, if you haven't got a tractor, is there a practical way to use a stationary engine to run the genset? And, Third, do you have any way to be alerted when utility power has been restored, so you know when to shut down and switch back to the grid? Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oops, auto spell correct… that was vid and not bid. Lol

  11. I've always wanted one… however, i haven't saved enough bottle caps to buy one. Unless you make a video making one out of a paperclip, a juice bottle and a pipecleaner it may be a while before i can get one… great bid as all yours are!

  12. How about a video on tractors for the prepper/homesteader? I'll be in the market soon and could use all the info I can get. I wouldnt say I dont know anything about them, but it has been awhile and would appreciate pointers and helpful tips and things to look out for when both spec'ing to purchase and about maint. 

  13. I have a old 1986 Ford 6.9 Mechanical Diesel with a trans hooked to it, and an 1939 9N Ford Tractor, which one if ether would be in your opinion a good candidate as a power supply to run a generator to power the whole home? Electric Stove, Hot Water Heater, ect. The whole home is electric.  

  14. so your talking about a number for the tractors pto. where would i look to find the pto's number of my tractor. it's a ford 3000 also a 3 cyl. and rated around 25 hp.

  15. It all depends what your needs are say if you need to keep a dairy farm up & running 24/7. The one we had was 25kw. The one at my job is 250kw. Make sure you get the rpm's right for 60hz or every load will run faster, hotter and the lights will be blinding white. That could cause damage, fire or blown capacitors in motors but i've never seen it yet. You can use the 1000 pto output shaft on the tractor (i did many times 24/7 for days) and it will run the alternator 60hz around idle and take a fraction of the fuel not to mention it's quiet. Most important is to remember to switch off the grid line before starting anything.

  16. Is this a single phase generator, and does it provide sine wave power to your home?  I have read that sine wave power is better for electronics and motors.

  17. John S

    Hurricane Sandy destroyed my town, I was up and running in a NY minute. My16 HP 1800 rpm 4k generator ran for 12 days straight. Preparation, Synthetic Lubricants and low RPM's was key. Accomplished much with 30 amps 120 v. Got that generator for my wife, as best trade I ever made.

  18. Love the video it nice to see all the things you've been doing

  19. I like the concept of a PTO generator, but are there any problems with the tractor RPM wandering? Also, any problems with the generator being out in the weather, since it's not under cover?

  20. So……… what size town can you power up with all your gadgets combined?

  21. Built a new home back in 1990 and used a PTO generator to keep the heat going in the foundation until we were hooked to the grid.  Found the Ford 3000 diesel tractor runs the hydraulic pump continuously generating excessive heat and that contributed to a breakdown in the hydraulic pump oil.  Keep an eye on yours if running for extended periods.

  22. phatkd

    Great idea actually! I never thought about this. What sort of PTO genny would a small 24hp diesel tractor be able to run? Just check my PTO specs and divide that by half you said right? 

  23. This is crap, really why a PTO gen when you can cover outage with NG, PG or gas generator.  And, you don't need to fight snow/rain/wind to get tractor in position. Really, I mean really, I've been in storm situations many times, and I would never buy this crap.

  24. I have a 10KW that makes 47A @ 220V although it really doesn't matter; I will be in a dump truck spreading salt and plowing snow. Good times ! I have been looking at the pto style gen sets for use with alternative drive sources, using straight solar through a dc motor and a large flywheel for inertia.

  25. Very nice , you have back ups for your back ups.
    Is all your equipment shielded from EMPs ? ( either natural or man made )

  26. Eric G

    I thought you had a couple of whole house generators that run off of wood gas. So if you are already off grid why this extra PTO gen? Triple redundancy?

  27. If the cord was long enough could you still do some mowing?

  28. Rickugg

    Hello: Its 7 degrees tonight around SW  Va.

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