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Published on July 2, 2016

In this video, we take a quick look at trout lily, a very nutritious wild edible plant that grows as a ground cover in many eastern woodlands of the United States. In this video, we’ll get super up close to help you ID the thing in the wild. The entire thing is edible, even the bulb that grows beneath the ground.

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Intro music for this video was written and recorded by myself.

Other music in this video came from the YouTube Creator Studio.


  1. u show the leaf without the identifying flower ?

  2. We have them here in Hokkaido, Japan also, called "Katakuri" I prefer the corm/bulb?, it's crunchy and tastes like water chestnut, but quite deep in the ground most times… here in Japan it used to be dried and used as a starch and thickener,  they are now apparently on the "almost" endangered list – but I still see plenty in spring, eating too many acts as a laxative…

  3. Thanks for posting David, I've always seen those and wondered what they were. I love learning about Gods grocery store. Everything we need, he provides. Keep up the good work.

  4. i think you're very very intelligent since i have watched below video


  5. Hi. Are the yellow flowers edible too?

  6. Got to look for it in our area.

  7. I recently found some trout lily, tho i dont know much about it so this video is alot of use thanks man.

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