Trout Prep: Sustainable Fish Plan

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Published on June 30, 2016

A pond can be a beautiful and a practical solution to your food resupply plan.

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  1. Where does he get the trout to start his own pond?

  2. I suspect that you overestimate your powers of perception. Good day.

  3. So, there's there's this thing called "being a fan" as in I'm a fan of engineer775 and the way he explains things. After all, just how did you end up watching this video about a Trout pond when there are so many other vids and reports on the subject, like u point out. I suspect u r in a rut and need to lash out on anyone in an attempt to feel superior and better about yourself. I hope you feel better soon. I'll say a prayer for you and some peace of mind.

  4. On this pond that is in this video with Engineer775 doing and commenting the video? Great! Where?

  5. Two words. SEARCH BAR.

  6. So…there is thing called a search bar. This is weird, but if you type in "backyard trout pond," a number of videos come up on the subject! Crazy, I know…

  7. here in Oz (great southern land) carp are a real problem. its illegal to put any in water they're not already in, and you are supposed to kill the ones you do get out. they even have a place that makes fertilizer out of them. they have a river called the murray river in my state that is seething with them. this river is also home to a massive cod that is renowned for pulling ducks under and drowning them (very territorial).

  8. was at a alternative farming expo a while ago, and there were expert trout breeders there who sell you ones to stock your pond/dam. there are certain temps and depths they said but coz they eat water animals, you can throw a bunch of hay/old grass into the side near the edge and if you can keep in under water it will start a whole heap of water bug activity, and hence give the trout food. need a big pond/dam though.

  9. We have 3 ponds on our farm and all 3 have been dried up for a couple of years due to the drought. We can't keep carp alive, forget something tasty as trout. Looks fantastic for those with water.

  10. Trout are some really great fish to eat, but they're not always easy to keep alive unless you have the perfect set up. They require a lot of oxygen and cool water. Don't get me wrong, if a person can provide what they need to thrive then that's the way to go. However I think catfish are a really good fish to raise for a long term survival situation. They're really good to eat and not hard to provide for. I have seen catfish survive in mud puddles only a few inches deep, feeding on top of that.

  11. Trout don't reproduce very well at all in a pond. How does he resupply when the trout truck stops running?

  12. The only way to prevent turnover is for it to not get so cold in the winter where you live. Turnover occurs when water at the surface gets colder to the point it is more dense than the water below it and the pond turns over. Top water to the bottom and bottom water to the top. Water is at its most dense at 36 degrees. That's water temperature, not air temperature.

  13. Had trout for dinner tonight! Right from my back yard 🙂

  14. Bass Pro Headquarters at Springfield MO has indoor trout ponds. I would love to be able to do this outdoors.

  15. The background sound made me think about, Trout fishing in America. An old recordinding I found on a tape I got at a garage sale.

  16. I agree. I think an entire video looking at the whole pond-building-for-trout process would be a great value.

  17. Great job, as usual ! The 'whole story' of raising trout takes a bit of 'homework' , research will save a lot of trouble in the long run ! Thanks for the share ! 😉

  18. sts02b

    I too would like to know more. Even if you just drew out the concept on a white board.

  19. 1 More here in sunny S.C. { Already have over 3 inches of rain today } God bless …

  20. you got to love trout, when their fried!

  21. Hey engineer775, cool videos. What have you done to protect against wild fire?

  22. I keep a pond full of catfish.

  23. Fish is an awesome back up plan – Thanks for sharing. Shalom.


  25. Harvest fly's and road kill and feed them maggots ???

  26. I sure would like to see more about his filters. Could you show more on them and how they work please?

  27. docdcox

    You don't even need bread, just someting white that looks like bread.

  28. greetings from maine, i really like your videos. buy the looks of it so does everyone else! just subscribed. good detail when you talk. quick too.

  29. Very nice to see. With the amount of unceasing rain we have had here in South Carolina it is interesting to see how clear the water has remained in his pond.

  30. ScubaOz

    Thats a good addition to a back up plan for sure, plus can be fun for the kids or adults!

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