ULTIMATE SURVIVAL CHALLENGE – 2016 – $1,000 in PRIZES / July 11th – July 14th

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Home Survival ULTIMATE SURVIVAL CHALLENGE – 2016 – $1,000 in PRIZES / July 11th – July 14th
Published on July 2, 2016

Discover – Explore – Survive – Win / July 11-14 / 2016 Ultimate Survival Challenge – Level 1. DISCOVER MORE @ http://ultimatesurvivaltips.com/ultimate-survival-challenge-level-1/
Instructors: David, Craig and Clint take these Men on a Path of Personal Growth and Self Reliance at the Ultimate Survival Tips – Survival Essentials – Level 1 Course.

How to Train to Survive – Register Now for the NEXT Course – Summer 2016: http://ultimatesurvivaltips.com/survival-essentials-level-1/


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MORE on the Training

The Ultimate Survival Tips Level 1 – Essentials Survival Course is a practical, hands-on training designed for anyone who wants a fast track to learning vital survival basics… or for more experienced folks who want to expand their current knowledge and sharpen up the skills they already have.

David will be joined by Craig Caudill, founder and Chief Instructor of Nature Reliance School, and Clint Jivoin, Survival Trainer and Writer for the American Survival Guide.

We’ve boiled down decades of experience to bring to you only the most practical and effective – survival methods, strategies and gear.


Survival Skills You’ll Discover:

– How to Build Improvised and Modern Survival Shelters

– 6 Steps to Increase Your Chance of Surviving Any Crisis

– How to Find, Collect and Purify Water through Primitive and Modern Techniques

– 7 Priorities of Urban and Wilderness Survival

– Survival Self Defense Basics

– How to Obtain Food through Survival Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Methods

– Basic Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants

– How to Build and Start a Fire Using a Wide Range of Methods
BONUS Sessions Will Include:

– Everyday Carry, Bug Out Bag and Emergency Kit Essentials

– How to Select the Right Survival Gear

– Survival Weapons and More.

PLUS! See Today’s Top Survival Gear and Knives

Don’t worry, even though this course is jam packed, you’ll have plenty of time to check out David’s extensive personal collection of TOP survival gear and knives. If you’re nice, he might even let you try stuff out so you can discover which gear is the best for you!


Where Is It?

This training is hosted in the Beautiful Endless Mountains of Wellsboro Pennsylvania – from August 27th through August 30th 2015. NOTE: You will be provided with the location of the training following registration.
When Is It?

Training Starts August 27th 2015 at 1PM Eastern Time and ENDS on Sunday August 30th 2015 at 2PM.

Cost / Food and Lodging:

All meals are provided… And the cost is $495 for Tent campers. If you have any special needs that require other lodging – please contact us / we can likely accommodate you.

Note: There are restroom and shower facilities available to all at the training.

Who Should Attend?

This training is open to men, women, and responsible, supervised youth (with accompanying parent or guardian) ages 14 and up who want to learn a wide range of essential survival skills in short period of time.

What Should I Bring?

After you register, you’ll be provided with with directions to the training location and everything else you need to know to have a fun, safe and fulfilling experience – including what gear you should bring.
Don’t Wait…

We are limiting class size to ensure that everyone gets adequate hands-on experience and one-on-one time with our instructors. I don’t want you to miss out – so don’t wait – register today!

Get More Info Here: http://ultimatesurvivaltips.com/survival-essentials-level-1/

I can’t wait to meet you there!



  1. already have a survival competition with air cadets tomorrow… wish me luck!!!

  2. Learn to live off the grid and take your kids camping, invest in a small homestead and try living off the grid.. It will bring your family closer together and you can have fun learning together ..

  3. hi comeing from the uk i love seeing you guys doing your survive course one day i hope to come and train with you keep up the good work

  4. When is the next one I'm not 14 but I can assure you that I probably know more than some of the adult call David please respond back from ultimate survival tips

  5. Also do you use Adobe Premier Pro to put these videos together? I've been considering it for my own youtube channel

  6. Is there room still in this course? If so with the coupon it would be $395.00 correct?

  7. i love survival i go scouts and imbeing ivested tonight at long sutton

  8. You should do a review on the gerber gater knives

  9. We recently trekked out the Nova Scotia just to do a survival video…it's on my channel if anyone wants knowledge for that area. Anyways, this is a really neat kind of video, where it is everyone's ideas and such. It would be cool to be a member of this kind of training

  10. i always wanted to go to your survival trainings, but i'm not from america, so is imposible for me to go, why not travel around the world and maybe 1 day come to malaysia and do a camp here

  11. Have you seen the les stroud/survivorman knifes and gear I was thinking you should do reviews on his gear 

  12. Thanks man for all the help and inspiration I make sure to get out into the woods almost everyday whether it's for a hike or some form of bushcraft and your the one who keeps me inspired! Thanks and keep up the outstanding work!

  13. Hi David.  Is there any chance that you'll be offering this type of course somewhere on the west coast?  I'm in CA & I'd love to be the first woman to sign up but the cost to fly out there makes it way too expensive.  I noticed a few other comments from people in the west that are interested as well.

  14. Isn't Clint from naked and afraid?
    Didn't he fail?

  15. Can you set up a survival camp in Jacksonville Florida please??????????????????????????

  16. I hope you get a chance to offer something like this on the west coast!

  17. I have an ultimate survival tip.
    If you are black in America stay away from all cops.
    That, Or learn to dodge bullets.

  18. Hello David, I live in Australia and it is difficult to use some of the skills you show in your videos in the bush but I still love your videos. It is a shame this program doesn't run down under.

  19. I see survival from a different perspective. I suffered a stroke 6 years ago that disabled my right side. I've had to learn to use my left hand to do simple tasks. Knot tying, fire starting, and shelter building, formerly a two handed job, can be done with one hand. I walk with a pronounced limp, slowly but surely. Trekking long distances is not an option so I will bug in not out. I seriously wish  there was a survival course for disabled folks, wounded and disabled veterans, and those who are not ready to give it all up and bug out to parts unknown.

  20. The forests need to know
    How to survive from humans

  21. There are not going to be
    More forests to survive
    If it keeps like that

  22. i just became a eagle scout not to long ago and i learned so much from boy scouts and after watching this i thought this as "Manscouts" haha

  23. This looks amazing.  Wish I lived closer, I would love to participate in this. There is nothing like this in Nevada.

  24. Please make a review of the silent hero knife!

  25. sadly no women…I would love to bring my wife

  26. Wish I was there! I love you guys! I never miss a post and have purchased almost everything David has said good things about. It's the only way I could help. 

  27. No offense, but I'm seeing a lot of big bellies! Sorry, but you need to get in shape first before attempting to survive.  While I don't mean you need to have a six pack, you just can't be walking around like you got one under your shirt!

  28. Sign me up! I'd love to participate in one of these!

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