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Published on August 13, 2016

Ten alternate uses for hand warmers. Aside from being extremely useful for warming your hands, feet, and body in cold weather, these chemical reactive “portable heaters” can be utilized for a multitude of other uses; running the gamut from drying out wet gear while in-the-field, to potentially life-saving first-aid items for preventing and/or treating hypothermia. While some of the applications shown here are well known, hopefully there are a few that are new to you and may help you achieve a higher level of comfort and protection in cold Winter weather. If you have any unique uses for these warmers, I would love to hear them either in the comment section below… or better yet, via a video response 🙂
IntenseAngler’s “Tip Of The Week” – Episode 31
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  1. why not use a sodium acetate hand warmer it can be used over and over again

  2. ddd228

    One more tip: IF you have access to a microwave,6 seconds will start it up NOW.I tried a lighter,not so much.

  3. The gel silica packets you get in random packages like shoes and purses are also good for drawing out moisture when it comes to your electrical equipment.

  4. Has anyone tried using hand warmers to heat up MRE's? I was able to get ahold of some separate MRE entrees but they didn't come with the warmers. I was thinking a warmer against the entree and wrapped in a towel? Just thinking I already have the hand warmers in my car emergency bag and if that would work I could throw a couple MRE entrees in there.

  5. Attach a couple hand warmers around your French Press (coffee maker). This will keep the coffee warm for a while longer!

  6. Quick side note, the foot warmers are designed to work in a lower oxygen environment (I.e your shoes). So when they are used in a higher oxygen environment (like out in the open), they heat up warmer and quicker (but they will burn out quicker). Great for the drinks and drying out options you mentioned.

  7. My only issue with those warmers is that they are not reusable. That's a lot of trash for small conveniences.

  8. ddd228

    I toss the ones that still have heat on my dashboard overnight.The inside of the windshield is not fogged up in the morning.Yes,they will help a fire to burn if you toss 'em in.Cool colors,too. The sleeping bag install is the BEST!

  9. The contents of a Hand-warmer mixed with cotton wool can be used to start a fire using the Rudiger Roll (aka Fire Roll) method.

  10. Thanks John. Yet again some really useful top tips :). Stay warm brother

  11. Can anyone tell me how hot they get? I want to know the degree? Like 60 degrees?

  12. I tuck 1 in the "pouch" formed by the overlapping access flaps in my lower long johns, keeps me toasty warm in the cold with out wearing heavy cold weather gear. I will also put 1 in my stocking/knit hat on really cold days. I work construction and have done this for many years.

  13. wow great stuff thanks & merrychristmas

  14. You can also use them to help heat your car battery in the winter. Attach to each side of the battery and take a towel or blanket and wrap over the battery. You can use this to do over night or while you're at work so when you are ready to go home, your battery is already warmed on a cold winter day.

  15. I just might add them to my divers helmet to keep my head warmer.

  16. another use tuck t-shirt in your trousers and drop one down back of t shirt to keep a bad back warm. great seeing other tips many thanks.

  17. I keep some in my vehicle in case I get stranded on a cold day. It was below zero when I got to test that idea, and I was very glad to have them, and a small blanket I also carry in winter. I was so grateful to have them, that I bought hand warmers for everybody on my Christmas list and told them to stick them in their cars.

  18. What song is in the intro? I think I might know it but I can't place it for the life of me!

  19. Put on some thick warm socks, them slip thin ankle socks over those thick socks and then put a hand warmer in the outer sock so it's on top of your foot and toes. Then put your over sized snow boots on and it will keep your toes warm.

  20. Read the warnings on these handwarmers.  Most warn about diabetics, do not use in snoes, boots, gloves.  This is very true.  I am diabetic and have gotten mild burns from these packets.

  21. I could use suggestions on the following. I'm trying to find a way to leave water to a feral cat colony that stays unfrozen for 6 hours in this frigid (near and below zero) weather. We've tried metal and plastic dog bowls that have recessed bottoms, and we tucked the hand warms in the recessed part underneath so they'd stay dry but would still have the oxygen they need to stay warm. The result? — within an hour the hand warmers had no heat and were stiff. I've tried the same experiment but putting the hand warmers in socks before tucking them in the recessed areas underneath. Again, the hand warmers were cold an hour later. I used warm water and used a rubber band to hold the hand warmers in place. Any suggestions.

  22. dont pay more than 50 cents each for ones bigger than those

  23. Your videos are always instructive and useful, keep them coming.

  24. Question: Is one allowed to take a hand warmer along with igniter fluids into a US football stadium?

  25. These warmers contain 4 main ingredients
    Fine iron powder, a moisture trapping substance, salt, activated carbon. The salt water helps cause the iron to oxidize and in the process it produces heat. The carbon is there to even out the heating.

    And these packs will stick to a magnet. I'm going to attempt to wash out some of the impurities but I have already placed 3 used up packs in a bottle and was able to stick a magnet and drag piles around the container.

  26. ckat13

    I put two in a stock for a cozy warm bed for my new rats to help on cold nights. 

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