Using Lethal Force in WROL/ SHTF?

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Published on June 30, 2016

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  1. If people are close enough to you so you can shoot them, you are close enough so they can shoot you.  If hostile people are getting that close to you, you will die.  I am not familiar with Canadian law.  The general rule which varies from state to state is that before you can use lethal force, you must be in reasonable fear tat the person will kill you or cause you to suffer great bodily harm.  A problem may occur if things go to WROL, and then revert back to the old law.  In WROL you may not want people to get close enough to determine if they are a threat.  Decisions you may make under WROL might make you criminally liable under with the rule of law.I would not want to do it. Depending on the geography of where you were, stringing up a dead body may well help someone with bad intents to go elsewhere.Depending on a lot of factors, I think after a couple of months the  distinction between preppers, looters, scavengers, and marauders will become blurred to the extent you won't be able to tell them apart.

  2. Jeff P

    Ive watched most of your videos and we have the same mindset. The decision to use lethal force on someone is all circumstantial whether there is law or no law. If shtf or not i will only use lethal force if my life is being threatened.

  3. Jeff P

    Ive watched most of your videos and we have the same mindset. The decision to use lethal force on someone is all circumstantial whether there is law or no law. If shtf or not i will only use lethal force if my life is being threatened.


  5. I think in a WROL situation, most of us will have some form of PTSD..If I am trying to keep my family and group safe, I would have to be agressive towards anyone coming into our space without being invited. I hope it never comes to that, but we won't know til we know…**III**

  6. based on personal experience of getting into a fight, people who are scared tend to use excessive force like me. Although I had the upper hand coz I punched someone and send him 1m away I had to make it an over kill and use pepper spray on him, sent him straight to the E.R. Pretty regretful but a lesson to learned there just the hard way though.

    Before I sent the blow my entire body felt so shaky and this feeling of… like "electrifying" sensation all over my body. I guess that was the feeling of breaking through my "humanity" barrier as its something no one around me does normally. Though there wasn't any serious damage it did caused the both of is quite the trouble. I… No, my family had to may his family some hospital fees and it was quite the bother as they had to come to me. It was a college fight, I was young back then, never really wanted to do it, but it taught me to mentally condition myself to fight. But I do hope that the day where I'll have to use lethal force never comes.

  7. tony

    Speak softly shoot accurately…

  8. tony

    if you are protecting yourself, or more importantly your family it is not really hard to kill in defense of your own, it is a function of the human mind to compartmentalize life and death, given the current circumstance of a given situation.

  9. A lot of us preppers stockpile guns and ammo for the fact that someday it may be very hard to acquire said items. Guns and ammo are constantly under assault and I like to make sure that I have a lifetime supply for me and mine. Besides, the stuff isn't getting any cheaper. So wouldn't that be a form of prepping for the future?

  10. 90JULDA

    Well spoken, we are conditioned by our culture not to kill, people just don't realize the stress in our mind if we ever put down a person. That's why you need a conditioning aka military training to by pass our moral code. Without that I don't think our mind can take it.

  11. John G

    Holy cow. You're talking about a SHTF situation were people are running around and will kill you for your food (or guns) and you're thinking there's going to be some philosophical inner debate on the ethics of killing the moron with a machete breaking down your door.

  12. I don't know what to tell you, this summer I want to go hiking for 3 weeks, so yes when tenting in absolute wilderness I'm going light a fire with a ferrocerium rod. Do I have to put myself in that situation? probably not. Can I use matches like any other human? sure but matches are a consumable and that is redundancy.

    About the lethal force stuff : In the country I'm from SHTF could happen very easily, and if it does, (lets hope not) it won't just be about the grid falling or economic collapse. its more likely that what will happen is widespread terror and factions that are kept in check or seemingly peaceful would pick up arms and turn hostile because they smell the blood in the water. When that happens If I would hesitate to use lethal force , if I would be paralyzed by the fear of the monster I might become or mental suffering I might endure, If I would hesitate because of that, I would die because they would shoot first or stab me first or worse they would go after the people I love.
    So I'm not really obsessed with guns but I recognize that I might have to use them. I should also mention that In a ROL situation, pulling out a gun is like chekove's pistol : people don't pull it out unless you are 100% sure you are going to shoot someone, because if not then all that intimidation just paints a target.

  13. good video all in all, obviously some people are a little over the top however i feel there is a difference, as soon as someone has many guns and a bunch of ammo they're labelled a gun nut or person with that "military" mindset. obviously your kit has to be well rounded but i personally think if someone wants the extra firearms and the versatility it brings all the power to them, personally i see a merit in having a good variety for different applications which is natural for me being as i hunt a large variety of game, do a variety of target shooting and plain out just enjoy firearms as a hobby. I think in general we need to be accepting and open minded as folks concerned for the future and with similar mindsets because guys that are big into guns don't necessarily have a bad mindset attached. Good video again i really enjoyed it, tough topic and no doubt its a serious matter

  14. no one who ever served wants to brag about what we did or did not do.

  15. Great common sense advice. I agree. What's going on in the background? Sounds like your in a airplane.

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