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Published on August 11, 2016



Keep track of your Voltage, Amps and Watts with this digital meter. It can connect to a PC or Mac to show you a detailed view of what your power is doing. One of its most useful features is the ability to give reports of power consumption over time.


  1. size of the conductor, position of the conductor or the thickness of the insulation through the hall effect sensor would not make one iota of a difference. one of the two just is not calibrated. I would make sure things are calibrated before making a video. you get too much negative feedback is showing that you really don't know what you're doing.

  2. must be very embarrassing having 2 devices reading different currents, 3.4 amps compared to 3.2 amps. must be nice to be able to afford all that expensive equipment. Why don't you just buy the electricity?

  3. Hey, so I own Skywire Electrical Systems here in springfield, mo. We specialize in large and small solar installations, the largest we just got done with the 10 radian system on the Pensmore 72,000 square foot home, and the recent smallest is just a 2 battery 1 panel remote site. there will be ethernet capabilities at this site, and the Outback power smart harvest charge controller I designed into the system communications/monitoring is still in development at outback. I love your work and have been following you for years now, and after watching this video I was a bit sad to see a direct computer hookup was required. Do you know of any other monitoring products that might broadcast over ethernet to a cloud based monitoring system or anything of the sort that would allow me to keep tabs on the system remotely?

  4. Bubba

    For $350 I would expect better accuracy! 6% off is pretty bad.

  5. rember when this channel taught how to make prep and homestead stuff?

  6. the last vid of some guy with your channel /?

  7. Wooo now u r a talkn jejeje,,,, supr sweeet,,, yepprs beena lookn 4 1 like that 4 years now ,, yea exactly that,, just simple and recordn,, now just ogtta get the data on up ta adafruit.io or at least in a db so i can do diff comps 4 system analysis,, hey u r doin a gr8 job dont let anybdy tell u any diff ~Tim

  8. Would you ever consider doing a series on RV solar options/setups/recommendations? Thanks.

  9. where do you get your 8d batteries at.

  10. Me Too Scott Even If i do Live in Western Australia you always provide us with Great informative Videos
    A question for you
    Are you running 12v at home or was that only for this demo ?
    Do you normally run 24 v if not why not ? 

    I wonder if you could set this up near your batteries and electronics and some how hook in a wireless dongle to be able to pick it up on a remote computer IE I run my Puter 24 x 7 my stand alone 24v solar is on the back verandah ( Under cover) that is about 8 – 10 meters away from the computer , USB extension cables aren't reliable over 10 meter run, rather than having a dedicated computer on the system


  11. Another excellent video. I, amongst many, really enjoy all the great information you provide. Thank you!

  12. Maybe you should run the software on a Raspberry PI with a dedicated display?

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