Wetterlings Axe ***VS*** Pine, Spruce And Birch.

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Published on January 28, 2017

The battle is on, Wetterling Swedish forest axe VS a pine a spruce and a birch, guess who the winner is.


  1. liam b

    ive just ordered one, can't wait to try it out

  2. it is legal just cut out a random tree?

  3. John Le

    You should probably try to cut down only dead trees.

  4. If your from the states, how would you get a hold of an Wetterling's Swedish Forest Axe?

  5. I hope you warmed the sucker up before you let er rip! I chipped mine out pretty good at -30!

  6. hey fat ass shut up this guy is much better at anything then your just making yourself look stupid so shut you retarded mouth

  7. I gave it time to dry and than i have a lot of firewood.


  8. after u cut the tree, u just leaving it for good. or u take it for woods??

  9. This was a video about the axe, and not how to fell a tree!


  10. cutting 1 meter above ground, a bit ridiculous..

  11. I'm just jealous that you have that freedom…

  12. Everything becomes more brittle when it's very cold outside, like last winter when it was – 43 degrees celsius, the steel becomes up to 40 percent more brittle.


  13. Yes, if i need that tree for something.


  14. It is a very good axe, the best axe i have ever owned. You can take twigs and things like that but not take down trees (if you don´t own them).


  15. Are you more likely to chip an axe head or break a handle when it's that cold? Is it best to cut wood during noon or peak sunrise, or does it take a while after that for the temperature of the tree to actually warm up? Thanks for your videos and information.

  16. that is how i chop trees down , and where are you in alaska

  17. Yes, because it is a hard wood, pine and spruce are soft woods.


  18. faron27

    Birch took longest to chop?

  19. Hi, I hold the axe so that it feels comfortable for me and i have worked with axes and felled trees since I was little, so I know what I'm doing. There is no measurements for how to hold the axe, the most important thing is that you get a lot of power in the strike/chop, and that I get. I can say without bragging that I cut down trees faster than most people with an axe. Merry christmas to you.


  20. I would recommend a Wetterlings swedish forest ax, that has a 65 cm handle.


  21. What size axe you recommend for someone who is 5'7

  22. I was in a dense forest, and knew that the trees I felled would land on other trees, the purpose with this video was to demonstrate the AXE and not to fell trees perfectly. I know very well how to fell trees with both axes and chain saws. And yes, it gets more complicated to process the trees when they are felled like this.

    Thanks for the comment, still.

  23. The answer is yes I know what I'm Doing and it is not the question, I just saw a Guy Hang up Three trees in areas that had what looked to be Clearings is all lots of drift in the cut too If you want an observation If you have to run in a area that tight you my not of planned it out to well is all oh and I cant stand waist high Stumps. OK I'm Done.Not Hating just commenting
    Be Careful

  24. same i just generally hate every bug other then bees and i now have a dream home

  25. I am not a treehugger either, but i used the trees, i use a lot of spruce rice to make shelters and i came back one year later and chopped up the trees to firewood.


  26. I am not a treehugger but what did you do with the trees? Did you use the for something or just cut them down for the sake of this vid?

  27. In winter time there is no insects at all, but in the summer there is mosquitoes, gnats, and horse-fly. But mostly mosquitoes. I love the winter most.


  28. Thanks, yes you need both an axe like this and some power in your chops.


  29. northsurvival how often do you come across insects in your area because after seeing the snow and the trees its my dream home haha

  30. Great vid… and again, this is showing the brute force of the Axe, if you know how to use it

    // Roar

  31. Yes they are great axes, and my felling skills are excellent, I have worked with axes and felled trees since I was little, so I know what I'm doing, the question is if you know what you are doing.


  32. Thanks, yes it is, i live near this place.


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