What Would You Do With This Tank Part 2

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Home Food Storage What Would You Do With This Tank Part 2
Published on July 2, 2016

Now that the tank is sandblasted, it needs some angle iron supports welded in for a floor and shelving. We will bury it as a front room to my root cellar.


  1. Well done Sir. I would love to see the finished product.

  2. Wow! I see a bunker here. Nice job, thanks for sharing your work with us. Merry Christmas. Brum

  3. figured you covered this but recent intel says this is how were going down

  4. A recent debate among preppers….and nothing to do with this video. Nobody is giving good guidance here.Question…Are solar panels damaged during an EMP [NOT a solar mass ejection], and are all the electronics downstream tied to batteries suspect….inverters, controllers….etc. If so how can one prepare?

  5. reat project just be careful for lead residue in the tank scrapings and dust.

  6. Great project, was a absolute bargain at the price you picked it up for. Looking forward to seeing the progress. Atb Murray (Wales, UK)

  7. you might want to look into a needle gun scaler,at the ship yard we used them in there water tanks.plus you can use it for other jobs as well.

  8. WOW I wish I have just the small root cellar you have.  Totally jealous.  Keep up the good work love the videos you do to keep us prepared.  Thank you.

  9. So, your going to install racing seats and roll it down a hill?

  10. can't wait to see more .thanks,rudy

  11. If you run a 4 cycle gas generator inside this, then extend muffler portal with steel pipe. Eventually, with 1 of the air holes, you can have a totally silent operation (no muffler, no combustion noise, only fooing of exhaust air 10+ feet away, only engine bearing spin noise), and no one sees or smells your generator in action. If you have some shelving, then the engine and exhaust pipe heat will provide indirect heat into the tank building. Maybe have multiple wrapped copper tubings around the exhaust pipe and you can have a warm/hot water cycle for a fish tank, hydroponics, underground (lighted) vertical shelving sub-surface irrigated veg/herb garden. Same exhaust and warm/hot water copper tubing and you can have a warm/dry heated storage pantry.

    Large, but metal shelving and floor … easy to clean chicken/duck/goose/rabbit (lighted and insulated) roost.

    Otherwise, take up to hillside ridge. Invite your local leftist gun control utopian elitist politician or supporter inside. Give a kick down the hill. Might help them regain their sanity.

  12. bit spooky,maybe you going do something like the move, Saw😅

  13. Nice. Almost like a bunker in a way. This build would make a great series!

  14. Strasznie mi Ciebie szkoda- dzień i noc się boisz. Pokochaj ludzi- pomagaj im a oni pomogą Tobie.

  15. So cool! Can i come hang with you for a week? lol

  16. Great work mate,going to serve you and your dependants well. I made similar and was lucky enough to get a cut out door and frame from an old ship being scrapped. Waterproof,insulated and fitted with amazing locking mechanism, welded to my tank and serves me well. Not sure how far you are from water but it worth the trip,cost was just above scrap value and bit for labour. Option worth checking out. Ships also good source of parts, portholes,seals,piping,pumps,filters,decking, etc. Think of it as you building a life boat on land with the same purpose,to sustain life.

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