What Would You Do With This Tank?

Home Shelter What Would You Do With This Tank?
Published on August 20, 2016

Is it a water tower? Water storage tank for the Ram Pump, An underground cache, scrap metal? Addition to the root cellar? Bunker?
What would you do with it?


  1. My only concern is will it rust inside. But I'd turn it in to some kind of aquaponics set up. use a bull pump and you could have a massive amount of fish. Grow duck weed for fish food with with one foot high by 4 wide by however long plastic lined troff and have the water flow in one end and have an auto syphen out the other. can't spell it. anywho thats what I would do. the larger the tank for fish the better by far. if you can dig a hole to put it in thats the best way to go.

  2. Man! That tank is perfect for the outer casing for an incinerator. Now, just find a smaller one to place inside it, fill the space with water, and fire that baby up! Cold water in, hot water out, and almost no ashes or smoke! Give it to me! :)

  3. great deal man I would use it for the same purpose from my gravity feed spring

  4. Not to be critical , but why didn't you curl the bucket so the forks didn't dent the tank ? Just saying. Nice tank for the price.

  5. Wouldn't it be cool if a person had enough land and access to a shitload of these to build an entire underground system of tunnels connecting various chambers. I know, really reaching here.

  6. A giant clothes dryer or just bury it an grow some pot in it…shit I don't know.

  7. A culvert (ALWAYS cheaper than building a bridge!) for a road or driveway to cross a fairly good sized creek (for extra strength you cast a layer of ferro-cement on top of it if the road needs to handle heavy vehicles). For smaller culvert? cut it in 1/2 lengthwise and cast the bottom cut edges onsite into concrete footings. Also, a top, earth supporting roof for an underground tunnel. Up on end and elevated: A dry storage Silo for bulk grains or wood pellets or any similar bulk dry goods (oversize tank for a big supply of chips for your wood gassifier!). Make an enclosed spiral stairs inside of it to get up into an observation tower mounted on top of or built inside of it. I'm a fabricator and have made a number of spiral and/or curved stairs. It is difficult and expensive to get the outer stringers rolled at the right pitch angle and radius to fit your stair plans. You could cut a tank into several long uniform spiral strips perfect for your "outer stair stringers"! Several combined would make a stairs a lot taller than the length of the tank (I've wished I had a tank to cut up when I was building metal spiral stairs!). Standing up on end on top of a building or barn it could be a "solar convection chimney" that would create a draft on sunny days, pulling cooler air into the bottom of the building from a buried air tube cooled by the earth (energy-free air conditioning!). It could also still double as the enclosed stairs up to the observation tower. A slice off one end (a flat end + 3 or 4 feet of the circular part) can be set open end down into a dug hole and buried for a cheap (no inspectors!) septic system in places where you aren't worrying about contaminating your well or ground water. Weld ribs inside or outside the flat end for strength and longevity, a cleanout hatch, and a stub of heavy wall steel pipe for a sewer inlet. A shoestring cost homemade septic for an RV pad or quick guest house (or a buried survival bunker) a sewer or greywater drain for the (remote) bug out location. Painted and tarred inside, and buried right, it could last a lifetime. Amazing what a fabricator and a backhoe might do with a tank like that. What a score!

  8. It will be interesting to see just what you do with such a large water tank. Keep us posted.

  9. You could never hade to much water stored. So, a watertower, definitely! And of course raised!

  10. cut the ends off and use it as aculvet to cross card creek

  11. Hey there Engineer 775, I'm thinking dual purpose BBQ smoker and syngas generator. HAHAHAHA sweet hickory smoked bbq brisket and, electricity with a slight hickory after taste.

  12. can be used for an underground bunker
    complete with cache

  13. Or stand it up and make climbing walls and rappelling towers on the outside and a jungle gym inside

  14. I would make a clubhouse out of it. Bury it and make a clubhouse/bomb shelter.

    Or it would make a cool submarine.

  15. To slow down or stop further rusting of the tank… consider cathodic protect with a sacrificial anode connected to the tank and electrically isolating the tank from galvanically high potential metals… This should allow the tank to outlast you and me put together.
    Google for many examples of this…
    Let me know if you have any other questions:-)

  16. You are a 'Wild & Crazy Guy' my friend!

  17. Personally I think it belongs to w/e you are going to do with that shipping container, not entirely sure what function it would have in relation to the container, but I do know that once you figure out what to do with the container (beside just using it for storage), you will find a use for that tank as well…

  18. Ha! You asking me?

    Water cistern, underground cache, underground emergency housing, 1/2 underground, black painted, cut out windows subsurface ground grow hot house, aquaponics tank, growing catfish/crayfish/small mouth bass/grass catfish, mobile (!) raised bed garden, rain catchment tank, side hill brewing beer/making cask wines/growing mushrooms room, underground meat smoking/meat storage bunker, BIG ASS DOG house for a BIG ASS DOG!, cut in half with hinge and coals – crematorium or super BBQ (talking with Wolfe Pit or TROY Cooks), duck/geese/chicken SECURE predator house with fitted aeration lid-door, goat house (super easy to clean and sweep out and put in new silage bed), inhouse jacuzzi hot tub, inhouse super fishy aquarium, inhouse swimming pool, south sided, elevated, black painted, solar heated water heater – gravity fed water system for house, homestead elevated well water gravity fed water system for house. Upright aerated top, upper level metal water container, below fire heated water heater for gravity fed hot water system for house. Super charring/briquet/coal making unit. Charring and composting leaves and twigs unit. Horizontal tank with elevated legs and cut out drain hole – super compost bath tub tea making device for farm animal silage. Vertical tank with elevated legs and cut out bottom aeration hole – super aerated compost tea making-processing device. Elevated gravity fed veg/herb garden/fruit/nut orchard/vineyard compost tea subsurface irrigation system (or surface spraying). Elevated gravity fed subsurface water irrigation system. Green wood alcohol/methanol fuel production unit. Grain alcohol/ethanol fuel/drink production unit (with cooling coiled tubing). Mother in law house …. Chopped/welded/sanded edges children's play house/jungle gym. Dug in subsurface marshland (hinged top) duck blind – warm! Vertical windows cut out hunting blind and stand. Cut into 2 ends for livestock feeder rings or garden beds, duck/geese swimming pool, other rings for additional livestock feeders, BBQ/fireplace rings. Put a super huge handle on it and have as a new lawn roller. Put on motorized roller base, industrial composting bin, or industrial (with internal paddles) laundry washer. Roller base and supersized gemstone polishing unit. Roller base and internal paddles – whole animal meat tenderizing unit.

    Super unit … see comments EatAllTheBirds patio pottery BBQ device and options. Supersized here.

    Trailered mobile fuel depot tank attached to bug out vehicle. Get out and away from SHTF areas, and have a sizeable fuel volume for sale/barter/trade for other products, and extended fuel/energy source. Excellent elevated gravity fed pressurized flame throwing unit against marauders, mobs, and zombies.

  19. Now comes the work, cleaning it out…

  20. can't wait to see what you do with it

  21. There are many things I would use that tank for, but the first thing that came to mind, is put Hillary Clinton inside and weld it shut. Then to make it more fun, take the tank to a nice big hill, and let er roll.

  22. I like the underground water storage idea, the Doomsday shelter idea, and the storage idea.  But if you cut the round ends off and make one cut along the length, you would have a very large steel rectangle that would make a great roof for a garage or large shed.

  23. I take it that was non potable water, you could use it for garden water. Probably better for underground storage or bunker. I'm not sure I would post a video if you were to use it for that though.

  24. you need pants like these for a sewage septic system for a fallout shelter.. A great great buy for two hundred bucks

  25. Pour a concrete pad, turn it on end and make a water tower. I'd say you'd get some wicked pressure

  26. If you cut it in half it would make 2 nice ponds for raising fish of different types.

  27. Well,if shtf there may not be any beer to be bought.So I propose filling that tank with beer!

    It will be interesting to see what you come up with.


  28. Borrow a credit card and have it filled with diesel!

  29. A really big fish tank for growing out catfish? 

  30. Turn it on it's end and use it as a water tower. Water is everything, as you know. Then build a rail om the top with a canopy and use it as an observation tower, or mounting base for antenna for emergency HAM or CB radio. It can also double as a deer stand.

  31. 8585


  32. $200? That's a heck of a deal!!

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