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Published on July 2, 2016

In today’s Mailbox Monday we talk Wild Dogs and Food Storage. Please join us as we discuss Walmart’s food grade buckets and some thoughts and techniques for wild dogs after TSHTF!

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  1. super squirter water pistols filled with 100% ammonia will take out a pack, and they won't be able to track you after.

  2. @Hanz- Use baking soda! Pour in a heavy dose of baking soda into the water, and allow it to sit for a day or two. Repeat, if necessary. That should get rid of residual food smells. 🙂

  3. Suggestion re dogs: I have carried HALT brand dog spray for 40+ years. It's a pepper spray that shoots a thin stream about eight feet to the target and is easy to use. It is also a good item to carry everywhere you go, and as an alternative to a firearm when deadly force is not appropriate. It's a good equalizer for disabled persons or weak v. strong. And it's cheap, so easy to keep multiple cans around. Can find at bike shops and industrial supply stores and online. I have no affiliation with.

  4. Suggestion re dogs: I have carried HALT brand dog spray for 40+ years. It's a pepper spray that shoots a thin stream about eight feet to the target and is easy to use. It is also a good item to carry everywhere you go, and as an alternative to a firearm when deadly force is not appropriate. It's a good equalizer for disabled persons or weak v. strong. And it's cheap, so easy to keep multiple cans around. Can find at bike shops and industrial supply stores and online. I have no affiliation w/.

  5. any advice on getting rid of that odor.

  6. Hi KWO, we have personally retrieved and used foods in excellent condition after 6 years of storage in food grade buckets. Not all manufacturers and distributors of "food grade" buckets are truthful, some are merely cheap plastic buckets being sold as food grade. I do not place foods directly/loose in a bucket, but first in sealed Mylar bags. Regarding your remark about glass, glass containers came into use around 3200BC, while earthenware containers have been in use for more than 19,000 years.

  7. continued… I wanted to mention that they are as safe as any plastic. The unfortunate reality is, that anything, even some glassware, can pass chemicals on to your food in long term storage. The best route will be to store foods that are least likely to quicken the transfering process (non acidic, cool transfered foods).

    Thanks again my friend. Brings up great discussion. We are firm believers in keeping as many chemicals out of the body as possible!

  8. KWO – industry Food grade plastics have been rigorously tested for as long as 8 years of shelf storage in proper conditions. The testing was done to label foods in accordance with current food/product expiration date regulations.

    We agree, it is not the best idea to store food for long terms without proper cyclying and usage but the plastics themselves, if they remain in tact and undamaged are safe.

    Thanks again for the comments my friend. Hope you check back often!

  9. The ONLY thing proven to be safe for food storage is glass. So called food grade plastics have never been tested for more than one year of storage without some out gassing of chemicals. The numbers refer to the recyclability of the plastic and nothing else.

  10. Obama is coming after your tomatoes (sic). Get a grip Gray Eagle48. And stop being an NDN wannabe.

  11. You mean he got out of ham's way, don't you?

  12. On FOOD grade buckets. In addition to checking the number on the bottom, try to make sure and buy 90 mil buckets and not 70 mil. This refers to the thickness of the walls. 90 is better for long term use. 70 mil will be cheaper cost, but it is also too "cheap" to rely on for years of use.

  13. HanaM, I am very glad to hear that you were alone and able to get out of harms way. No matter the size of the pig, you would have spent hours worrying about whether it was rabid, get it and yourself tested, and having that much more to think about. Thanks for sharing with us. Hope you job with some form of defense.

  14. Too bad .22 LR ammo is scarce now, for those who didn't stock up some time back. People in good times, let their roaches with fur and fangs run freely and menace others. In bad times, they will be turned loose and begin to "pack". A .22 revolver or semi-auto carried on the belt might be a good way to deal with the dogs, while keeping larger caliber guns for two-legged predators. Of course, a determined or large animal with little pain sensitivity might need the .40 or .45 treatment.

  15. Hana M

    Thanks for this video, I was chased last week from a pig which is funny because I live in a big city. I thought it was funny but if I had my wife and kid with me I probably would of had to try fight the pig from attacking them, this pig was some ones pet but it was at night and no lights where I was jogging. thanks for the video because this isn't for only when things happen this video could be use now for those out walking their dog or going for a run in the park.

  16. Great tip Rachel – I know if one local to call and see if they reuse or are willing to sell or offer them.

  17. I get my buckets from Shipley s donuts they are food grade i got about 50 for$10 check your local donut shops

  18. Those reasons my friend, is why skill building is the number one priority to preparedness. Thanks for coming by and thanks for commenting.

  19. What ya gonna do when tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, tsunami's, wildfires, sink holes earthquakes in divers places, destroy or scatter, your supplies over the next fifteen counties. Or the government confiscates those supplies?

  20. Healthy, that is a great point brother. Coyote's habitats are moving closer and closer to mainland population. In researching the videos for this Mailbox episode, we saw a pack of coyotes come right up to a persons doorstep and attack their dog at night.

    Make sure you keep your eyes open with them close my friend! Although you could surely fend them off, a worrying trip to the ER to make sure they didn't transfer any nasties would not be any fun!

  21. Hope – great tip on letting the icing harden! I bet a good bake in the summer's sun would do the trick! Thanks my friend!

  22. Tom, great tip on hitting the deli for used buckets. It is a shame for the world that they discard the empty buckets but a great find for everyone like us who knows the truth of reusing.

  23. We currently have wild coyotes in our suburban area. They are becoming more and more aggressive overtime. The local sheriff's department recommends making a lot of loud noises to scare them off. I have personally seen them at about 530 in the morning when going to get the newspaper. They have been known to steal small dogs write off the leash is from their owners. The only get worse during a shtf situation. Great video!

  24. I used 5 gallon plastic jugs made for water storage to store grains in, which I purchased from Walmarts in the sporting goods section, but this was years ago before plastics were considered hazardous. You can also get food grade (I would guess) from the deli at Walmart, the ones icing comes in and pickles. You might also be able to use the newer water jugs made for water coolers if you could find a good seal for a lid. Soda and sports drink bottles might make an alternative as well.

  25. NzMaze

    The biggest thing with dog attacks is they will act like lions and will try to surround you, Don't let them ever see your back or show fear as they take it as show of weakness. I know its hard to not show fear but its the same with horses don't show them fear it empowers them.

  26. GREAT VID!


  27. Thank you Naturl for coming by! We are glad that you enjoyed the video!

  28. Good and informative video.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Greetings Tito

  29. Thanks Jmary! I will try and get a few buckets and give the wash/sun dry a try.

  30. NZ, thanks for sharing with us. Now that you mention it, I think a few of the videos I caught in research of the question had the appearance an Australian backdrop.

    We too saw that children were the focus of the attacks, most likely for their weaker appearance but we were surprised to see a few larger males give up without much of a fight.

    Thanks again for sharing!

  31. Glad to and couldn't agree more! Thoughtfulness prior to an event if what preparedness is all about right!

  32. NzMaze

    wild feral dogs and cats are a massive problem in rural area's of Australia, they cause massive damage to livestock and there have been a few cases of packs attacking people mainly children.

  33. Thanks a ton for answering my question. Hope we don't encounter any wild dogs, however in the event we do, we will make sure we are prepared.

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