Winter SHTF Survival: Traction/ Footwear

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Published on June 30, 2016

A look at some SHTF traction accessories for winter. Yaktrax, Kahtoola Microspikes and Tubbs snowshoes.


  1. Thanks for putting out all this great content on stuff like winter that us Canadians specifically have to deal with.  There are a lot of preppers on here that have some great info but very few seem to live anywhere where the mercury hits below freezing by more then a few degrees or what passes for spring weather where I live. lol

  2. Just some thoughts on snowshoes.  Personally I don't think anything beats the old traditional wood and rawhide ones.  Many different styles and they can be repaired.  If those fancy synthetic ones break how the heck will you fix them?  Plus in a Manitoba winter plastics get very brittle.    Another good thing to know is your choice of snowshoe should also reflect where you are.  Bear paw snowshoes have a smaller footprint but are designed for woodland areas and were invented by woodland tribes.  They are round so that they don't get hung up on roots and branches like the longer designs will.  Does not do you any good if you have to abandon your shoes because they got hung up and tangled in the underbrush.

  3. Good overview, thanks.  I have a cheap pair for traction, which work pretty well but I may look into the yaktrax for an upgrade since I don't think my cheapies are going to last this full season (I've had them for a while).  
    I really like snow shoeing (generally out of the city) and there is something amazing about snowshoeing or cross country skiing down what is usually a busy street before everything is plowed after a big storm.  
    I'm going to check out how to make snow shoes, sounds really interesting.

  4. Aloha CP.
    If I ever need snow-shoes here in Arizona, we all are pretty much F'd beyond recovery.
    Just as I am not much for hiking on dry ground, not much for hiking in the snow.
    Powered snowboard by markushuo
    Certainly faster than snow-shoes, surprisingly quiet, and quit compact.
    For those who do suffer with ice & snow, I can see why things like YakTrax would be as necessary as socks.

    Peace & Prepare
    Pax et Paro

  5. Footwear is most important gear -> Boots made of leather that can be polished(Polish waterproofs/protects and extends the life of the leather by years!) Preferably have boots that are waterproof with insulation. S.W.A.T. sells great boots at great prices. Also carry foot powder, not the cheap kind(it should burn/numb if you put it on your feet/in your boots) From an ex soldier, cheers.

  6. I highly recommend the Yaktrax as an addition to your winter footwear. It can really help with your traction on ice. So many people take an unexpected spill in a parking lot and end up with a fracture or head injury.

  7. For sure for a winter bug out scenario snow shoes are a must at least here in quebec… next buy !!!! And thanx for the weight tip !!!!

  8. Very good video. As I type this I am living in the Southwestern USA… it's a desert that receives little to no snoallfall every winter, rarely ever dropping below freezing. People here would have absolutely no idea the significance of what you're discussing in this video. In this part of the country, if the grid ever went down, literally millions of people would die of dehydration… I just mention all that to reiterate the significance of self sufficiency.

  9. Spiked tree planter boots are pretty bad ass too.

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