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Published on August 3, 2016

This video contains, how to take care of your ice fishing hole, I make a fire in a different way, and some craftsmanship with one of my knives.


  1. I was gonna guess Potassium Promaginate but everyone says sparkler bits, that's neat.

  2. These are sparklers, here in the Netherlands we call them: sterretjes. Great video ;)

  3. Haha yes it was sparklers, have a nice day.


  4. 1fanger

    Funny, that`s what it reminded me of- sparklers! My second guess would have been black powder, only there was no smoke. Good show and tell! Thanks

  5. Misstänkte att det var tomtebloss. Rätt fränt sätt att tända brasan på detta sätt 🙂

  6. Tack, det var faktiskt bara krossade tomtebloss, haha.
    Ha det fint.


  7. Riktig läckert sätt att tända brasan 🙂

  8. @sockmonkeymatt
    Thanks, i like that you like them, haha. Thank you for watching!

    Best Regards

  9. I do know that. I was being sarcastic but you probably knew that and we're also being sarcastic. Is that stuff in the bottle magnesium bits?

  10. @ShoeManShoe68
    I add the words that i point at after, that's why it's so accurate, haha.

  11. Great video, love the pointing at the words and wow what accuracy. Hehe thanks for the info and comedy. I try to comment on all the videos but for some reason YouTube is not letting me. It says YouTube not available but I can still watch.

  12. @Waldhandwerk
    Thank you, I will try to catch some fish out of that hole later.

  13. Another great video! I am always glad to learn something. You look like a Ninja setting there… Kool!

  14. @NorthSurvival very cool we will be tuning in..good luck with the fishinng.

  15. @djclarky1982
    There are both pike and perch in this lake, but the perch taste best to eat. I will soon try to catch some fish out of that hole and cook it over the fire.


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