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Published on August 5, 2016

Becky shows you how to winterize a chicken coop. She starts by demolishing her old chicken coop and rebuilding it using corral boards. Corral boards are great because they’re pressure treated for the outdoors and they’re pretty affordable.

The whole idea to winterizing your chicken coop is to protect your chicken from the wind, rain, and snow. They’ll grow in thicker downy feathers, so as long as you can keep them dry and safe from the wind they can make it through the winter.

Becky also talks about how if she lived in a colder climate she would put a window in her chicken coop because chickens need sunlight. And she would keep the chickens in the coop all the time during the coldest months.

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  1. Do you have to put hay in you're nesting box or can you just put pine shavings?

  2. You're gifted. I would love to have the health and energy to do as you're doing. Great job.

  3. Becky, you're hilarious! Thanks for the tips.

  4. oh looking for a small incubator with a Turner that would hold maybe 12 eggs..any ideas? thanks..I live in Maine..

  5. good job on building..but I wonder if you had a tad bit of help holding boards it would of gone faster for ya..I take it you live in warm climate cause if the flat roof..Good job..I'm not receiving your monthly up dates?

  6. how cold does it by her? isnt she in florida?

  7. I love this! Good on you Beckie. Just found your channel. I've still got to learn how to use a power drill. Gosh it makes life so much easier 🙂 subscribed. Kind regards Kay

  8. I wish people read the comments… like.. all these complaints and senseless questions were answered by becky in this video if only they watched the whole thing through… btw love the video becky, nice to see your personality really shine in the beginning.  so funny!!

  9. Your chickens will love the bugs! Chickens are pest reduction machines! Bless you.

  10. Sage 15

    I'm completely obsessed with your videos!

  11. Becky! !! don't you LOVE THAT FENCING TOOL/PLIER!?!….AAAGGHHHH!! indespensible!!!!

  12. I have a 8' x 16' coop made of 3/4 plywood, totally enclosed. I treated the plywood with Thompson's Water Seal and then painted. It is 2' off the ground so the hens can go under it when they want to. I have 2 automatic chicken doors that open and close with the sun. I call it my chicken penthouse. I have 50 chickens (3 months old) 25 leghorns (2 roosters) and 25 black jersey giants (3 roosters, I plan to eat one). My coop is separated into 2 areas, 4 x 8 brooder area with automatic chicken door and separate yard. The other side is for the laying hens with roosts for 30 hens and 10 nesting boxes. Yes I have a automatic chicken door on this side also going into a 40' x 40' chicken yard with 6' fence. I'm 76 and live out in the sticks. That is why I built an armor plated coop. There are all kinds of varmints around here. In fact the street I live on is called Possum Walk. I plan to add automatic chicken feeders and waters in the spring. I have a 50' x 50' "back to eden"  garden. This is about all the off the grid that I can get.

  13. Hey Becky! – you know why a chicken coop has only 2 doors? Because if it had 4 doors it would be a chicken sedan!!!!!!

  14. where I live there's snow and its -3°F which is pretty warm for where I live. Egg laying has gone down dramatically no matter what I feed them. what do I do?

  15. Dee Gee

    Note to self: buy a cordless drill. Then: take over the world.

  16. Becky, I see you don't have roosters with your hens. Why ? Or don't you have roosters at all ?

  17. Awesome Becky! Wish your chickens a warm winter.

  18. at what point (temperature wise) would you put a heat lamp up for them?…..if ever

  19. How come we never see or hear your husband?

  20. Ever thought about moving to TN?

  21. Just went out to the coop and there were three perfect small first Buff Orpington eggs in one nesting box. Beautiful light brown color eggs. I just couldn't resist……….I ate the first one and it was great. I actually thought my wife was playing a joke on me by putting fake eggs in the nesting box, but she didn't. They were real. The eggs are small but I'm sure they will start to lay bigger eggs as the weather gets warmer and as the flock matures. It's the middle of December. It's been a mild winter in Indiana so far. My Orpingtons are all 5 months old and I have 6 of them. Their skin color has been getting redder as the days go by and their combs and waddles have grown rapidly over the past few weeks. I'm surprised they have started laying in December, but I just changed their food and added lights for the shorter days……….. Love your channel, keep up the good work

  22. Hi Becky, I love your videos but I have a problem, I decided to grow my own chicks last May. Only one of the 5 hatched but it was a beautiful cream leghorn. She has been growing up with 3 other hens, one 1 and a half years old and the other two were born in January last year, the three other hens are laying loads of eggs but the chick (Dino) hasn't started laying yet and it is already december. Do you have any idea why she is not laying? Thanks Eoghan BTW I know that she is definitely a girl. I feather checked her on the day she was born.

  23. You are loosing so much weight – 🙂 loved the coupe! I was cheering you on!

  24. Thanks for the video. My wife and I are fixing to start a chicken coop . This will help. We live in Central Florida. It does not get too cold, but it got down to 38 last night. Going to be about the same or colder tonight. We appreciate all your videos. Thanks

  25. you should be here in Florida. i hate spiders. that is all i can not take. big ones

  26. Hi Becky now I know what you do in your spare time!! You are a good person Becky!!

  27. Could you make a video about how to feed your broody hens? Getting my chickens in March

  28. Thanks Becky. We put up plastic that we'll take down in the spring — just like I used to do when I lived in apartments in college in Chicago.

  29. Becky, I'm looking forward to your step by step on building the coup. The dimensions of yours appear to match what I already have. It's time for me to re-vamp the interior features (roost area, nest boxes) so I'm very curious to see what you have going. Thanks for your videos!!

  30. You and your partner, who I assume is filming this, are fascination women. I have watched you build your cabin and do all the other things you've done to build your homestead. I always feel a thrill that women can do such things. I have taken on a number of big building projects myself and have built up my place quite well. I dug out a pond, turned a shed (which I bought at an auction) into a chicken house, fenced in a chicken yard, worked nearly one year on our large garage building 3 work benches so I can build bird feeds, bird houses, and have three tall cedar logs which I'm going to make into totem poles using a 12" electric chain saw. Watching you inspires me.

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