Wise Food Vs. Mountain House Taste Test (Chili Mac with Beef)

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Home Food Storage Wise Food Vs. Mountain House Taste Test (Chili Mac with Beef)
Published on June 30, 2016

http://emergencyfoodwarehouse.com/emergency-food.html Wise Food and Mountain House are two of the biggest companies making emergency food storage products right now. There is somewhat of a rivalry and a customer fan base for each of the two. Many people believe in Wise Food, and many others believe in Mountain House.

Often times people say that Mountain House foods are better because they have less sodium. According to the nutrition labels, this is true. We thought that we would find out for ourselves and see what all of the hype is about with Mountain House.

After a blind taste test of the Chili Mac with Beef from each company, Mountain House came out on top with more of a chili flavor, while Wise tasted more like mac and cheese with beef in it. However, both of them tasted very good. Wise was not noticeably saltier through the taste test. Wise also had a little more spice in it than Mountain House. Wise packaging is more compact due to the food having to expand as well.

Both of these companies make excellent emergency food storage, and it really leaves it up to personal preference. Buy them both! Why not?! You cant have too much food stored! 🙂

To get Wise Food go here: http://emergencyfoodwarehouse.com/emergency-food.html


  1. So you sell Wise on your website and you have never cooked it before?? Which if you had you would know what it looked like, big difference between the two visually.

  2. thank you for the video.

  3. I really appreciate the disclosure at the beginning of the video. Thanks for the review.

  4. awesome review I have just started hearing about Wise Food Storage; I hadn't heard of the second one you reviewed. I watched your video as I'm trying to watch & learn more about wise; it's funny I thought the lighter one was the one I hadn't heard of and the darker was wise.

  5. Wesson Research states the opposite!

  6. Mountain House definitely…..also the MH spaghetti is excellent.

  7. When finally tasting, you keep saying, this one and that one.  It would be easier if you called them by name as you have moved the packaging.  Otherwise very descriptive of the products.

  8. Nice vid, but lose that libturd peace crap shirt…..

  9. One step below hamburger helper, but it comes all in one for the Armageddon or zombie Apocalypse. Long storage life. Not bad at all

  10. They look very good.. Don't know if they are doe

  11. Having just had the Wise yesterday, I have to say the Mountain House is much better

  12. OJalmay

    I work at the plant that makes Mountain House. I don't know if it makes it taste any better, but they sure are great folks there!

  13. are these the 100gr packs or the 166gr?

  14. I've matched up several of the wise and mountain house meals and mountain house has always came out on top

  15. I read the reviews on Wise chili mac at Amazon and they weren't too good. One reviewer said it was better than eating rats.

  16. eyeball

    Amazing you didn't even take a drink of water between tastes. Even a caveman would know to do that.

  17. pdxyota

    Today I had the Wise Food Savory Stroganoff and it was very tasty. Their 4-serving portion is more like 2-serving for my manly appetite. I split it in half and cooked it up on my Trangia and it cooked quickly. Good food.

  18. Wise has to much SALT.And why do these food places have so many noodles in them instead of regular food. It's a LOT of money for that stuff, unbelievably high priced and the majority is JUST NOODLES, OR SOUPS. Ridiculous. Thanks for your review however. :)

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