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Published on January 30, 2017

Sensible Prepper Presents: Zippo Hand Warmer Review. This technology has been around since the 1920’s and continues to be a great way to keep your hands warm when your out in the cold.

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  1. you can just make a normal zippo warm and use that

  2. I have owned two of those and to be honest they are rubbish. As soon as you put them in your pocket they go out especially if you are wearing synthetic fibres. Also they cost a fortune in lighter fluid to the extent where they don't really offer a saving over disposable hand warmers. And if you fill them up the night before for use in the morning they will dry up overnight and need filling again. A far better option is to use the hand warmers that have pieces of charcoal that go inside them. They will run super hot for hours and they won't go out either and the charcoal is pretty cheap.

  3. Does it let you know if your pregnant and if so do you pee in the cup and put it back in the sack

  4. the newer gloves are great
    . you'll stay warm. and they have an excellent smooth fit! just put the gloves on! take them off as needed. why mess with fuels, measuring pouring? refueling' etc.

  5. i put my hands to my balls and i stay warm

  6. I have owned this zippo hand warmer for years I love this product. Hand warmer YES it is and a darn good one.If all you are using this for is warming your hands well he with little too no cognitive abilities can do just that. However we in special operations would drop a zippo into a bivouac sitting up under a tree blind on a cold nite of reconnaissance keeping toasty warm. Sense then I have used zippo' hand warmer in conjunction with SOL survival bivy and woobie blanket on a 35 degree night and I'm a tell'n ya it was freek'n too warm to stay cinched up all night. JFYI … THINK! ITS NOT against the law….YET..

  7. i once owned and used a charcoal stick type pocket warmer it put out quite a bit of heat

  8. Excellent review and very professional looking camera work.

  9. Bu ne işe yarıyor video nun sonuna kadar bu adam bunu ne zaman yakacak diye bekledim a.g bilen varsa yazsin size zahmet

  10. Wish they would make the box to hold the warmer while being filled.

  11. I still need to try one of these out. I'm very curious about them. Do you mind if I link to this video on

  12. Can anyone tell me if there is an odor as it burns and is it tolerable? Thanks in advance.

  13. You don't even light it with a Zippo lighter – how is that? :o)

    Apart from that: Great tutorial, that probably will get me started fast, when i receive the one i ordered today.

    Thumbs up.

  14. can u sent me zippo lighter plz…!

  15. Michael

    Do you know if these can stop working with time? I've had mine since 2011 and recently rediscovered it and I can't get it to light!

  16. bigguy8

    i bought one two years ago it never really felt warm enough imo i kept it in my hoodie pocket and never felt it maybe a bad burner in mine idk

  17. Once for each back pocket…behold The Zippo Ass warmer.

  18. how can you light it with a bic…lol

    get a zippo lol

  19. Just wondering…

    1) What temperature does it reach, in the real world not under ideal conditions in a zippo laboratory?

    2) Sooch did you let it burn untill it ran out or fluid? if so how long did it last, as you said 12 hours (manufacture text) just wonderedwhat you got from a real world test.

  20. scdevon

    Hardware store naphtha works great since that's all Ronsonal and Zippo lighter fluid are. Use it in your regular Zippo lighter too. I've even used 90% isopropyl alcohol in my Zippo lighter and it works great. Dirt cheap, too. (Don't use isopropyl in your hand warmer).
    Don't overpay for naphtha in those little Zippo and Ronsonal bottles. Buy it by the quart at your hardware store.

  21. John S

    Have three working at all times. One in bin overalls chest pocket and one in each pants pocket. Keeps heart warm in pumping blood and other two keeps major arteries to the legs warm, can be outside all day.

  22. _fenixz

    My grandpa has a couple of Jon-e handwarmers from the 40's.

  23. G56AG

    I don't know that you really need to pull the cotton felt back up, as long as it isn't pushed way down since its burning the vapor from the fluid, and the vapor would easily bridge that gap. If it was packed way down it would hold less fluid. I've had one of those ever since I was a kid, pretty nice to have that warmth in your pocket when its brutally cold.

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